Costco Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba Review

This convenient noodle dish from Costco is really tasty!

The box of the Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba.

When I’m not eating healthy Costco salads, I eat a lot of frozen items from Costco – which are usually super yummy and usually super high in sodium, haha. When I saw the Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba at Costco, I couldn’t resist trying it to see if it was worth adding to my list of frozen, high sodium, convenient meals that I occasionally purchase.

Location in Store

The Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba can be found in the freezer section at Costco.

Text on the box describing the dish and providing some history on the Ajinomoto brand.


This Vegetable Yakisoba is actually really, really yummy. Maybe it’s all the sodium? Before I go on talking about the amount of sodium in this, it actually doesn’t TASTE very salty. My taste buds decided there was just the right amount of seasoning added to these thick yakisoba noodles. If you prefer really thin noodles like chow mein or vermicelli, you might find these noodles a little on the thick side.

The Vegetable Yakisoba in a bowl.
It doesn’t look quite as pretty in real life as it does on the box, but it’s close!

Although it’s called, “Vegetable Yakisoba” there’s way more yakisoba noodles than veggies in this. I added a few of my own veggies, which took care of that problem right away. The vegetables in the Vegetable Yakisoba (according to the ingredients list) are broccoli, Chinese pea pods, edamame, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts. In my bowl, I was able to find one mushroom, edamame, one broccoli, and Chinese pea pods. I didn’t find any asparagus or water chestnuts in my particular bowl. Although this is a frozen and reheated noodle dish, the noodles came out with just the right texture and consistency; not too hard and not too chewy. The vegetable yakisoba is flavored well and you can taste notes of garlic and sesame. Overall, super yummy.

The Vegetable Yakisoba in a bowl in front of the box.


This isn’t the cheapest item, but it isn’t that expensive either. You get six packages of vegetable yakisoba in the box. I paid $15.99 Canadian (regular price), so just over $2.65 per bag. You’re definitely paying for the convenience factor. I’ll point out that one bag of vegetable yakisoba left me quite full!

One of the servings of the Vegetable Yakisoba in the plastic bag the discs come in.
Each serving of Vegetable Yakisoba comes individually packaged.
One of the servings of the Vegetable Yakisoba removed from the plastic bag - each serving comes as a frozen disc.
One of the servings of the Vegetable Yakisoba removed from the plastic bag – each serving comes as a frozen disc.


The Costco Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba is super convenient to prepare. You cook can either cook the noodles and vegetables using the microwave or on the stove. Either way, you cook them from frozen.

To cook the Vegetable Yakisoba in the microwave, you tear open a corner of the bag, cook it on high for three minutes, then just pour the noodles and vegetables into a bowl. This is perfect for those really busy nights when you need something in a few minutes that will fill your tummy and leave you feeling satisfied.

The instructions for cooking the Vegetable Yakisoba in the microwave.
The instructions for cooking the Vegetable Yakisoba in the microwave.

To cook the Vegetable Yakisoba on the stove, you heat one cup of water to a boil in a non-stick pan, place the frozen disc of noodles and vegetables in the pan vegetable side down, heat on high for six minutes, flip the noodles, then stir for three to four minutes or until the water has evaporated. Not quite as easy as using the microwave, but still pretty simple!

The instructions for cooking the Vegetable Yakisoba on the stove.
The instructions for cooking the Vegetable Yakisoba on the stove.


Here we go. One package of the Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba contains 450 calories, 12 grams of fat, nine grams of sugar, 15 grams of protein and…. 1090 milligrams of sodium. The numbers for everything except the sodium aren’t too unreasonable for a whole bag, but the sodium is definitely quite high. If you’re closely monitoring your sodium intake, definitely steer clear of this product.

Nutrition facts for the Vegetable Yakisoba.
The nutrition numbers aren’t too bad aside from the large amount of sodium.

The ingredients list for the Costco Vegetable Yakisoba is fairly straightforward. Some of the ingredients may not be super healthy (e.g., flour, corn starch, salt and sesame oil), but they’re all things you’d expect to find in a stir fry style noodle dish like this.

The ingredients list for the Vegetable Yakisoba.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 4/10


Must buy!

The Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba is a tasty and extraordinarily convenient bowl of noodles. I think kids would really enjoy it too. If you’re worried about the nutritional information (especially the sodium), I recommend adding additional chicken and vegetables and eating less than a whole bag of Vegetable Yakisoba; maybe split it between two people.

Do you prefer thick or thin noodles? What extra vegetables or other ingredients would you add to the Vegetable Yakisoba?

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36 thoughts on “Costco Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba Review”

  1. So we bought a box of these like normal earlier April 2023. My fiance was putting the groceries away and he came to get me and showed me the yakisoba box. It said something like new! more umami flavor! So we looked at the nutritional information and there is even more sodium in it now! All they did was dump soy sauce into the recipe. If I wanted to add soy sauce I would have. Now these are just another quick Asian dish way too high in sodium I’ll probably pass by. These were perfect before because they were lower sodium than a lot of stuff I used to see and then I could choose what I added to it. Very disappointing now.

  2. These are very tasty and I’ve been buying them for a while. However, I just noticed they are made in China. Don’t think I’ll be buying them again!

    • I just saw the China on the top of the box too!!
      I like this product but will not BUY again. I try very hard not to buy
      any product made in CHINA!!

  3. I eat these all the time for work lunch with a bao, eggroll, or lumpia on the side. Winco has an Ajinomoto brand chow mein that ends up being the EXACT same dish as this yakisoba, no difference at all.

  4. Don’t eat these noodles if you have a slow gastrointestinal track. The noodles may not digest well and can cause stomach discomfort. They are extremely high in salt.

  5. I didn’t realize I needed to keep them frozen so I left them in the shelf overnight. The box was unopened. Is it still okay to warm it up and eat it?

  6. Today I sauteed Peppers, Mushrooms, and Garlic to add to the package.
    I added chicken and a bit of ginger. Split it with my mom for lunch and both of us were satisfied. I like to keep these in my freezer for times I don’t have leftovers or the time to make a lunch for the two of us. Quick, easy and delish. A little high in carbs and sodium for everyday, but once in a while yeah.

  7. I love this product and haven’t been able to get it for a while 🙁
    It’s the perfect “instant” or fast food in our house. I usually also have a bag of coleslaw in the fridge (straight cabbage or the kind with broccoli and carrots… I can quickly stir fry it… often just with some water instead of oil in the same three minutes that the package is in the freezer. I usually add some tofu (if I already have some grilled) or edamame from the freezer for the the protein. Mix together and voila. As I told my vegetarian kid… it’s faster than Kraft dinner! lol.

  8. J’aimerais savoir si ont va avoir ce produit dans les Costco du Québec,je suis obligée d’aller aus état unis les chercher ce serait un bon produit pour le Québec vous en venderiez beaucoup,je ne comprends pas pourquoi il y en a juste aux usa merci pour votre réponse Denise Rioux

  9. On of my all time favorite meals .. add veggies and chicken .. a tablespoon of Yashida sauce (no longer available instore for me) and I am happy. A full pouch is 14 pts on WW blue plan – but the points are soooo worth it! I have gotten so I add a lot of veggies and make two servings. Save the points, but the meal is so satisfying.

  10. Looking forward to trying this tonight. I intend to add some stir fried chicken. Can you advise on what cooking sauce would best come close to the “savoury sauce” in the noodle packages?

  11. Bought the Ajinomoto Yakisoba Chicken and veggies today 18 Jul 2021. Do NOT buy this product!

    It is almost entirely rice (which can be made or bought for FAR lessJ with maybe 15 minuscule pieces of veggies (impossible to tell at this size if they are “crisp”) and 5 small pieces of chicken. I mean less than .5” in all directions. All the clories are coming from the surfeit of rice.

  12. I cannot find this in Costco anymore, or on their website. I LOVE this stuff, but, NOPE..GONE! Anyone know where I can get it now?

  13. Though this is not yakisoba and closer to what I consider Chinese style stir fried noodles taste and noodle texture, it is very good with few adjustments. For simplicity, I stir fry a small amount of bagged coleslaw mix like broccoli coleslaw and add already cooked protein. I like adding surimi ie crab sticks to the vegetables and stir fry for a minute Just to soften a bit. Microwave the bag and add that to

  14. What a great idea to add your own veggies! I’m eating a bowl now with an extra cup of steamed broccoli thanks to your helpful suggestion. The possibilities are endless!

  15. Thank you for this review, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I really wanted to know about the noodle thickness Before getting these as they looked thicker than traditional yakisoba I have loved in the past, which is quite thin. However, I may go ahead and try this anyway thanks to your review since I am now not going to be disappointed in expecting a completely different type of product.


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