Question: Are you associated with Costco?

Answer: No unfortunately I am not at all affiliated with Costco! I am just a Costco food loving FAN who wants to help others pick out the tastiest items at Costco. This is a fan blog. 

Question: Are the products you review found at every Costco?

Answer: Unfortunately not, while Costco does have a lot of the same products in each Costco I cannot guarantee that every item I review will be found at your Costco.  If you’d like me to review a certain item that I can find at my Costco or you want to send I am happy to do so!


Question:  Where can I find the products you review on your blog?

Answer: You can try to find the products I review at Costco or your local grocery store.  The products I review are products I have found at Costco but it does not mean they are strictly carried by Costco.  Kirkland products I review are only found at Costco as Kirkland is Costco’s brand name.

Question: When will you post reviews?

Answer: I plan to post reviews at least 3 times a week!

Question: Do you have a Twitter or Instagram?

Answer: Yes! Please follow Costcuisine on Instagram and Costcuisine on Twitter!

Question: Do you respond to emails and comments?

Answer: Yes! I love emails, comments and chatting with others!

Question: Are the products you review available online?

Answer: Because I review food most items will not be available online, however there is talk of Costco offering grocery delivery from online ordering!

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