Costco Buddha Brands Hungry Buddha Keto Bars Review

Sponsored review of guilt-free, delicious and keto-friendly bars!

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I was so excited when Buddha Brands Company reached out to me to try and review their Hungry Buddha Keto Bars that are now available at Costco! My husband and I both try to eat healthy and clean most of the time, so I couldn’t wait to try these bars and share my thoughts about them on the blog!


Although we don’t follow a keto diet, my husband and I both eat a ton of protein/snack bars and have tried our fair share of keto bars and other keto-friendly foods. Both of us agreed that these are pretty good! They’re soft, flavorful and not overly sweet tasting. The chocolate-based flavors are a bit different for each of the two different kinds of bars in the box, but they both leave you feeling satisfied and curb your craving for chocolate! My husband pointed out that the Chocolate Chip flavor really tasted like cookie dough, and that one was his favorite. I preferred the Coconut Cocoa flavor as I’m a huge fan of coconut anything. Even though these bars taste good compared to other snack/protein bars, I think they really shine when you account for the fact that they’re a keto-friendly product – it’s hard to make a great-tasting bar without carbs! If you’re following a ketogenic diet, these will probably taste like heaven to you! A good friend of mine followed the keto diet for a few months, so I know from her it can be.

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You get 14 Hungry Buddha Keto Bars in the box – 10 Chocolate Chip and four Coconut Cocoa for $22.99 Canadian (regular price), which is reasonable and in line with the price of other keto/protein bars. From June 22nd – July 5th, 2020, Hungry Buddha Keto Bars will be on sale with a $5.00 discount at Western Canada Costco Warehouses, so go pick them up if they look like something you’d enjoy!

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These bars are perfect for a quick breakfast, snack or even lunch! They’re really filling and have both fat and protein to curb cravings. They’re easy to throw in your gym bag, purse or car. You could also just keep a box in your office!


Did I mention that these bars are also vegan?! The Hungry Buddha Keto Bars have only one to two grams of sugar and nine grams of plant protein per bar. They use MCT coconut oil, sunflower seed protein and a bunch of other clean ingredients. When you take into account the ingredients and nutritional data on these bars, the flavors are even more impressive.

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In case you missed me mentioning it above, don’t forget that for the next two weeks (June 22 – July 5), Hungry Buddha Keto Bars will be on sale for $5.00 off at Western Canada Costco Warehouses!

Taste: 8/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 8/10

Which flavor would you choose? Chocolate Chip or Coconut Cocoa?

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3 thoughts on “Costco Buddha Brands Hungry Buddha Keto Bars Review”

  1. Great taste but even better nutritional value (ingredients with low sugar and low salt is what I always look for). Buy them all the time at Costco, they should carry all the flavors

  2. I bought a couple at a drugstore in Victoria BC today and much to my surprise I am liking them and looking for more. I just looked on the website and I don’t see them. At the drugstore they were 2 or $5 and Amazon has them too but price isn’t so good.

  3. I bought these from Costco and they are terrible. The main underlying taste is something akin to soap. It’s hard to find protein bars that are healthy and taste ok, but these miss the mark like so many others.


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