Costco Erie Meats Jumbo Chicken Breast Bites Review

Little chicken tenders!

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

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I try to eat more fresh than frozen food but sometimes I just love to have something that only requires me basically turning on my oven. I picked up these Erie Meats Jumbo Chicken Breast Bites.

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These were quite yummy! The breading on the jumbo chicken breast bites is seasoned well and gets mildly crisp when baked in the oven. The meat inside is definitely all white meat and was moist and tender. Out of the 16 or so bites that I cooked up only one piece had a bit of gristle/hardness that I didn’t eat. The breading is only lightly seasoned which makes the jumbo chicken breast bites very versatile. I used them in a stir fry and coated them in a bit of stir fry sauce and they tasted delicious. You could dip them in all different kinds of sauce.

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The 1.5 kg box of Erie Meats Jumbo Chicken Breast Bites is $11.99 Canadian on sale at Costco. The regular price is $14.99 Canadian. If you can purchase these when they’re on sale it’s a pretty good deal! There was enough bites for about three meals in my bag and the bites are also all different sizes, some small, some medium and some large.

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The box comes with one big bag of jumbo chicken breast bites and unfortunately the bag is not resealable. These are very easy to cook up on a baking tray in the oven and they’re also versatile. 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. You can use them in a salad, in a sandwich or to make stir fry like I did! You could also eat them plain with some fries and plum sauce or serve them as an appetizer.

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Four jumbo bites is 230 calories, eight grams of fat, 17 grams of protein, 650 mg of sodium, one gram of fibre and 25 grams of carbohydrates. That’s a little bit too much sodium and fat but I do like the amount of protein! Obviously these are far less healthy than just cooking up a boneless, skinless chicken breast and the ingredients aren’t all that natural either.

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I try to limit my frozen food intake but when I’m having a busy week and need a quick dinner then I have no problem indulging in things like the Erie Meat Jumbo Chicken Breast Bites. They’re versatile and also tasty!

Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 8/10 (when on sale)

Convenience: 8.5/10

Nutrition: 3/10

How would you use these chicken breast bites? What would you serve them with?

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24 thoughts on “Costco Erie Meats Jumbo Chicken Breast Bites Review”

  1. Tried some today.. my god they are bloody terrible, it’s like the bad chunks of meat used in chicken balls from chinese places. I threw it out today.

  2. We bought a box from Costco and they were all delicious. No gristle at all. Various sizes and at least it feels like eating real white meat then completely processed. I would definitely buy again. Not often as we don’t eat processed foods too often but nice to have on hand.

  3. Not terrible. People seem to be very picky here.

    Honestly are not bad. The odd piece would have a tendon… but overall, not bad.

    FYI… for $10 they sell the exact same product in a cheaper style bag at Superstore under the name “Buttermilk Chicken Breast Pieces.”
    Big yellow bag, like most No Name products… says “Prepared by Erie Meat Products LTD” on the bottom.

  4. I tried these so called chicken nuggets, and every one of them had gristle in it! I thought maybe it was a bad batch. But after reading some of the other reviews, I’m shocked that Costco would sell this crap! Very disappointing. I’ll never buy these again. Do better, Costco!

  5. bought them today, cook them 15min-200 in the airfryer, I added 5 more minutes after tasting one because it was so crunchy but not in a nice way. at least my picky little one ate them. But I’ll go with the others and they are not so good 🙁 Sadly.

  6. I bought the Erie Meats chicken nuggets about 2 months ago figuring that since the Erie Meats chicken burgers were so good, why not give them a try…my mistake! These are the absolute worst chicken nuggets ever…they’re full of gristle and taste disgusting. So bad even my granddaughter who loves chicken nuggets, refused to eat them. Not to mention the bag is full of breading and very few large ones mostly bits of I’m certain isn’t chicken at all.
    Shocked that Costco would even consider selling such a terrible product.

  7. These are terrible! They are disgusting!

    My kids refused to eat them. Then, I tried and had to agree. It’s like you are chewing on nerves and cartilage in every bite.

    Please do not buy! I threw them out.

  8. I bought these on sale at Costco. I felt sick as I ate them because half of each nugget was gristle. So awful! I don’t usually complain and am not very fussy but you should know that these are not good at all!

  9. These are pretty good if you prepare them right.
    There is a secret to them:
    Cook them for 20min in air fryer or oven, when you remove them from the oven/air fryer CUT THEM IN HALF right away.
    This lets the steam out, the coating stays stuck to the chicken.
    If you don’t cut them in half, they are steamed inside the coating and are chewy and rubbery.

  10. I would not feed these to my worst enemy for two reasons, first being, karma and second, embarrassment. They are simply disgusting. I have a three year old who will eat drywall. Not kidding. They won’t eat these. They’re the worst frozen food I’ve ever tried. For fun, we try new things from different shops, some of which have been featured on fear factor… This chicken is objectively bad. Do not.

    • I agree.the quality has gone down over the last year and a half. I bought two boxes of this from Costco in Markham @ $16.99 a box. One box has Chicken crumble ( pieces about the size of a small green pea) in about 25% of the box. Definitely NOT JUMBO size,by any stretch of the imagination.

      Some pieces tasted like they had fallen into a bowl of salt before being coated.
      Some pieces inside the bag looked like turkey,not chicken.

      For that price,I expect to get quality product,not garbage. Am not going to buy this again.

  11. Probably will never buy these again. They taste ok but 1/4 of what was in each bag was just the crumble coating. I feel like I was ripped off paying for extra weigh that was nothing but crumb.

  12. I have tried your chicken bites in the upper photo yesterday at 5:30 pm Tuesday November 16/2021 and have very bad stomach crumbs and severe diarrhea just ended an hour ago
    We bought it from Costco Burlington Ontario (brant and North service rd)
    I didn’t go to hospital or reported to CFIA or need any compensation from you but I want you to check and call it after testing in your labs

    • You call yourself a doctor yet you aren’t intelligent enough to read this person’s disclaimer, she is reviewing the product, giving her experience with her purchase. Why would the idea of expecting compensation from her even enter the conversation? If you are that poorly read, perhaps you didn’t read or understand they need to be cooked!

  13. Every single bite I took had gristle and chewy pieces. It was not at all appealing, even my 3 year old toddler wouldn’t eat them

  14. I keep stuff like this in the freezer for when my teens get home from school. We cook them in our actifry. They are really good done that way and really rather crispy. My son, a fairly picky eater, loves them.


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