Costco Hampton House Chicken Strips Review

Not the Costco food court chicken strips but still pretty good!

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So up until a few years ago chicken strips were a major part of my diet! I ALWAYS ordered them whenever I went out for dinner and when I first started working as a nurse I would work evenings and come home at midnight and make myself chicken fingers and fries to eat while I settled down from work and watched TV (so healthy). I was pretty excited to buy these Hampton House Chicken Strips to review.

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These are similar to the Costco food court chicken strips but definitely not near as good. The strips come in all different shapes and sizes. They’re seasoned, breaded, raw whole chicken breast fillets. I like my chicken strips crispy so I baked them a few minutes longer than the package directions called for. These are flavorful and salty and could be enjoyed without any dipping sauce on a salad or in something. I recommend them with plum sauce those. Unfortunately both my husband and I found bits of gristle in our chicken strips which was disappointing. Oddly enough we both also complained of heartburn after eating these and I never get heartburn!

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I paid $19.99 Canadian for the two kilogram large bag of Hampton House Chicken Strips.

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Kids would love these for lunch or dinner. They’re also convenient for adult lunches or dinner. The bag is resalable which is a must considering how large it is. Most chicken strips I buy are already cooked so I was a little surprised that these are raw, You definitely have to make sure these are cooked fully. The strips need to be kept in the freezer. You need to practice safe handling with the chicken strips as well as they can’t be microwaved. The directions are to bake the chicken strips at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 to 22 minutes. I baked mine for probably about 25 minutes because I didn’t think they looked crispy enough at 22 minutes.

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1.5 pieces of Hampton House Chicken Strips is 170 calories, five grams of fat, 18 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, one gram of sugar, 14 grams of protein and 400 mg of sodium. The ingredients list is also very straight forward and has ingredients I’d expect to see. These aren’t exactly healthy though.

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I love chicken strips but I think I’d rather just get them from the Costco food court when I have a craving for chicken strips! If you haven’t had the Costco Canada food court chicken strips you must try them!

Taste: 7/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 9/10

Nutrition: 4/10

What is your kids’ favorite Costco freezer item?

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12 thoughts on “Costco Hampton House Chicken Strips Review”

  1. I made these in a toaster oven, and an air fryer. Big difference. Air fryer makes incredibly crispy chicken tenders that are so juicy on the inside! I had them with hoisin sauce and they were awesome.

  2. Just bought these at Costco. I have faith that Costco tries everything they sell. Not so with these I’m sure.
    These were disgusting. A thin strip of “chicken” the rest was batter. The chicken was liquid mush.
    Almost considering asking for a refund, just not sure it’s worth the drive.

    S. R.

    • AGREED!! They used to be decent but the amount of coasting is thicker than the chicken!! Which is VERY THIN!! We are not buying them anymore.

  3. Just bought some and they were the worst I have ever tasted. Usually they are good. These ones were huge, couldn’t even bite through them like they had a big band of gristle on them. So bad I don’t even think it was chicken. Never ever had a chicken breast strip with gristle. Rate them a 0 out of 5

  4. The top two reviews are very strange. I’ve been eating these things for years and I think they’re just fine, nothing wrong with them at all. Also, they’re like 90% chicken and 10% batter. I, sure don’t know what you people bought, but I don’t think it was these.

    • I agree Ryan, we buy these regularly and I don’t think we’ve ever had any bad ones. No complaints at all here. Batter is very light like you say and they crisp up nicely. I often turn them into Buffalo chicken strips by brushing them with Franks Buffalo Wing sauce. Works great.

    • Oh it WAS these!!We have purchased these for years too! Suddenly we thought we got an “off” bag. Heavy heavy coating 4 times thicker than the THIN piece of crappy ‘chicken’ in the middle…tried 3 more times… never buying them again!

  5. I just finished cooking some chicken strips for dinner and was very surprised when 3 out of the 8 I cooked were actually FISH!!! I guess we are fortunate we have no fish allergies! Very disappointed

  6. Just tried these and, much to my disappointment, the chicken breast strip consisted of 20% chicken meat and 80% batter! Unacceptable false advertising on the package photo!


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