Costco innofoods Golden Nuggets Review

These are deliciously ADDICTIVE! Watch out!

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My husband and I stocked up big time when we were at Costco last week! I opened up a few of the snack items we purchased over the weekend and one of the items we tried was the innofoods Golden Nuggets.


So what are the innofoods golden nuggets? They’re pecan pieces that are coated in caramelized white and milk chocolate. They’re sweet, crunchy and oh so very good! The caramelized chocolate gives the golden nuggets a strong, sweet, smooth caramel flavor with a hint of maple that compliments the crunchy pecans so well. These have a really unique flavor and are absolutely yummy. My husband commented that he could easily eat the whole bag so watch out!

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I got these for $9.99 Canadian on sale. The regular price for the golden nuggets is $12.99 Canadian. $12.99 is a little expensive but none of the snacks are Costco are exactly super cheap. Plus these have pecans and pecans are not cheap!

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The resealable bag keeps the golden nuggets fresh although who are we kidding? These won’t last long in our house! The best before date is a about a year from the date we purchased the golden nuggets.


So not healthy for you but that’s okay because the taste makes up for the lack of nutrition. Pecans are healthy though, right? A 20 gram serving (3-4 nuggets depending on the size) is 120 calories, 70 mg of sodium, one gram of protein, six grams of sugar, one gram of fibre, seven grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of fat. That’s healthy fat! The ingredients list is mainly chocolate, sugar and pecans. These are gluten-free.

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I was told by my husband to rate these high for taste. We’d probably purchase them again, I don’t think the bag will last us very long!

Taste: 9/10

Cost: 7.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 2/10 (for the healthy pecans)

What’s the most addictive snack you’ve found at Costco!?

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7 thoughts on “Costco innofoods Golden Nuggets Review”

  1. Grocery Outlet has them right now! At least the one near me in California does. They probably won’t be around long, so stock up.

  2. Where can you find these? Our closest Costco used to carry but no longer. They used to be available online but no longer. It’s disappointing when you like something then no longer available.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are the most delicious thing. My partner brings then back from Costco but I find it almost impossible to stop myself getting more.

    I pop them in the fridge now because it’s a bit warm so keeps them from going a bit mushy.

    If you’ve not tried them…please do…unless you’re allergic to them off course!

    • I stored mine in the pantry but they did get a little soft! I ate them too quickly to mind too much. You could definitely store them in the fridge now that summer heat is upon us.

  4. THESE ARE AMAZING! It’s so hard to not eat them all in a short time. I wish they had a sweet/salty version with pretzel or something because that would go amazing with the flavours in these!


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