Costco Kirkland Signature Braided Apple Turnover Review

Flaky, sweet, golden pastry with apple filling! Fruit filled flaky pastry!

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On my most recent trip to Costco, I decided to pick up the Braided Apple Turnovers. I’ve tried lots of different pastries from various bakeries and grocery stores over the years, but I’d never tried the turnovers from Costco. They definitely looked appetizing, so it seemed like a good item to review! If you don’t know already, a turnover is a pastry that’s made by placing a filling on pastry dough and folding the dough to seal it inside.

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The Costco Braided Apple Turnovers are made with a sweet, golden, flaky pastry on the outside with an apple filling (basically the same as what you’d find in an apple pie) on the inside. The pastry is sprinkled with large granulated sugar on the outside, which adds to the sweetness and also gives the pastry a bit of a crunchy texture. The pastry dough on the top of the turnover is slightly crisp, baked to a golden color and flakes apart easily when you bite into the pastry. The pastry dough on the bottom is a lot more dense and moist. If you like apple pie, you’ll like the filling; it’s simple and sweet. I wish the filling had a little bit of cinnamon or some other spice to give it a boost in flavor, but overall it’s quite tasty. I actually would have liked a bit more of the filling in the turnovers; the pastry/filling ratio seemed a tad too pastry-heavy. One thing my husband and I noticed while we were eating our turnovers was that parts of the filling seemed almost gelatinous, like an apple filling slime. This more-gelled filling didn’t taste off at all, but it looked a bit strange and also left the plate extremely sticky where it had touched (and was hard to wash off after). Overall, the turnovers were very fresh and delicious. We heated them in the microwave for a few seconds and added some vanilla ice cream on top and it made for a great dessert!

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The regular price for the Braided Apple Turnovers is $7.99 Canadian. There are eight turnovers in the container, so each turnover costs about a dollar. The turnovers are definitely the largest turnovers I’ve come across in a grocery store, so in my opinion, the price is reasonable. They’re certainly far cheaper than any baked item you’d find at your local coffee shop!


I can’t imagine the time and effort that would go into baking turnovers from scratch, so buying them is obviously much more convenient. I would also say they’re a convenient alternative to apple pie since you don’t have to worry about slicing and serving a pie, and turnovers are easier to transport to work or school. The turnovers come in a resealable plastic container, but the best before date is only two days after the packaging date, so you can’t really store them this way for too long. As the turnovers age, they get slightly softer and soggier, so if you can’t enjoy them within a day or two, freezing them is probably a better way to go. They taste just fine after defrosting.

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As you’d expect, the Costco Braided Apple Turnovers are loaded with sugar and fat. One turnover is 470 calories, 22 grams of fat, 340 mg of sodium, 44 grams of sugar and four grams of protein. Even though they’re not very healthy, I still can’t resist eating them for breakfast once in a while! I guess one way to think positively about the nutritional value of the turnovers is that they have apples in them? You could cut the turnover in half to reduce the number of calories as well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these turnovers again. They’re delicious and work well as a breakfast treat or as a dessert. I think I would like them even more if they came in cherry, so hopefully that happens someday! Seriously, try them warmed with vanilla ice cream. It’s just as good as a slice of apple pie.

Taste: 9/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 1/10

What’s your favorite Costco bakery item? Have you had the Costco Braided Apple Turnovers? What did you think?

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4 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Braided Apple Turnover Review”

  1. My husband craves & loves these apple turnover. However, the Costco in our local area … Beltsville, Glenarden/Lanham/Landover, etc. are not available buy.
    So what’s up? Can we get some fresh apple turnovers … soon? Please notify us. Thanks. PS: Can we get a discount, coupon or special offer for the inconvenience, please. Once again, thank you.

  2. Your statement that there are 44 grams of sugar conflicts with other ‘official’ websites that state there are 58 grams of carbohydrates (sugars). Diabetics can be mislead by your data.
    Dale Irwin


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