Costco Kirkland Signature Chocolate Yule Log With Vanilla Cream Review

This is sooooooooo rich!

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Sean and I had a plan last Friday to go to the Costco Liquor store strictly to pick up some ingredients to make Christmas Moscow Mules. When we got there I decided I wanted to quickly run in the store to get a salad kit and maybe some fresh berries.

Big mistake, we left $300 dollars poorer and a huge Costco Kirkland Signature Chocolate Yule Log With Vanilla Cream richer. Today I’m reviewing this yule log that you might consider picking up for the holiday season!


Okay this is rich like…really rich. You only need a tiny slice. There’s a lot going on in this yule log! The bottom is a layer of chocolate cake, then there’s a chocolate mouse, in the middle of the chocolate mousse there’s a vanilla pudding and below that vanilla pudding is chocolate fudge. Then the whole log is encased in chocolate ganache with whipped cream piped along the edges.

There’s also a white chocolate mistletoe garnish on the top of the yule log. The first couple of bites tasted really good but it’s so rich that it was too much to handle after a few bites. Had I served myself a thin slice and not 1/8th of the log I probably would have done okay.

The chocolate mousse is really enjoyable and flavorful, the cake is great (probably the same cake from the tuxedo cake, the ganache is good and the chocolate fudge under the vanilla is yummy too. I didn’t love the vanilla pudding.

It’s like the vanilla custard or pudding from the large slab vanilla birthday cakes they used to make, just not my favorite. I dropped off some pieces for my parents and they found it rich as well.

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I paid $19.99 Canadian for yule log. This could easily feed about 16 people so the price is very reasonable. Lots to freeze and enjoy at a later date.


The best before date is about five days from the date this was packed on. It freezes really well and is great for a holiday season dessert.

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Definitely not healthy for you but you already know that! 1/16th of the log is 350 calories, 24 grams of fat, 65 mg of sodium, 30 grams of carbohydrates, three grams of fibre, 21 grams of sugar and four grams of protein.

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This was fun to try but if I only had to pick one cake from Costco for the holiday season I’d pick the Costco Kirkland Signature Tuxedo Cake.

Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10

Do you have a favorite yule log that you buy or bake? What’s in it?

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6 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Chocolate Yule Log With Vanilla Cream Review”

  1. Also expected this to be more of a traditional roll cake, so was quite disappointed. Costco shouldn’t really call this a Yule Log, it’s more a mousse cake. I’m unsure if it was just the one we bought but the texture was grainy and the cake was falling apart while trying to cut it into slices. It tasted good but not what we wanted. It’s also been bumped up to 22$ Canadian now.

  2. Way too rich. I thought it was a real rolled chocolate cake with vanilla cream. All the family was disapointed. It will end it the garbage.

  3. Sooo rich. I agree! I bought this thinking it was like a jelly roll cake (aka giant Swiss roll). Sadly it was not. Glad my parents have a sweet tooth so it didn’t go to waste!


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