Costco Kirkland Signature Cranberry Orange Muffin Review

These muffins were a huge treat as a kid!

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

Costco Kirkland Signature Cranberry Orange Muffin

So it's time to talk Costco muffins. I remember as a kid we would get the assorted pack of these muffins and my brother and I would fight over the different kinds and who was allowed to eat what.

My husband was the one who suggested we pick these up for me to review. I honestly have not had these in years. The reason why I think I haven't had them in years is because I somehow heard or found out that one muffin was like..800 calories. Although they don't post the nutritional information on the packaging. I'm willing to try anything and everything so I told my husband to go pick them up.

Costco Kirkland Signature Cranberry Orange Muffin

These cranberry orange Costco Kirkland Signature muffins actually taste really nice. The muffin part is like a yellow cake with orange flavoring. They have a strong orange-cranberry flavor that is slightly tart. On top there is a sweet crumble that balances out the tartness of the cranberry and orange flavor. These definitely get points for having real cranberries in them and not being overly sweet. We purchased them on the day they were packaged and consumed them up to two days later. Two days later I found the cake part to be slightly dry and due to this I was tempted to slather my muffin in butter. The taste is not completely artificial, I was surprised that the orange-cranberry flavor actually tasted somewhat natural.

The muffins are priced reasonably, I think that's one of the reasons why so many people buy them. They're huge and you get 6 muffins for either $3.99 Canadian or if you buy two packs you get two packs for $7.50 Canadian. These are far less than muffins at your local coffee shop or even local grocery store.

Costco Kirkland Signature Cranberry Orange Muffin Ingredients

Buying these muffins is obviously more convenient than buying all the ingredients and making your own. For those concerned about the large size and large amount, they do freeze well. The best before date is 5 days after they are packaged so they also last quite a long time but I always recommend freezing as soon as possible to maintain freshness. As mentioned these do seem to dry out.

Should we just skip talking about the nutrition? You can google the nutrition info and find a lot of results but that's not coming from Costco. Next time I'm at Costco I plan to ask for the nutritional info. I will say 2 things about the nutrition of these. One, these are not healthy, low calorie, low fat or low sugar. Two, there are additives/chemicals in these.

Costco Kirkland Signature Cranberry Orange Muffin

Overall, I can see kids absolutely loving these like I did when I was young. I will probably not repurchase these just because I like to make my own muffins and also have a million other bakery items to review (bagels, anyone?). They are delicious though, I have no complaints about the taste and I could probably easily eat these daily but I think the nutrition for these is not the greatest.

Taste: 8/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 1/10

What's your favorite kind of muffin? Butter on your muffin or no butter?

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