Costco Kirkland Signature Nuts & Berries With Pumpkin Seeds Review

A simple new snack – perfect for the spring/summer!

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I recently noticed a few new snack items at Costco, including the Kirkland Signature Nuts & Berries with Pumpkin Seeds. I love trying new snack foods, so I decided to purchase a bag to review.

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The bag of Kirkland Signature Nuts & Berries with Pumpkin Seeds contains a mix of cashews, salted dry-roasted almonds, dried blueberries, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. The nuts all tasted really fresh and the amount of salt was just right. I’m not a fan of dried fruit that’s rock hard and difficult to chew, so I was a bit worried about how the blueberries and cranberries would be, but I was happy to discover that they were nice and soft. While the cranberries and blueberries tasted fresh, you can definitely taste the added sugar. The sweetness of the berries and the saltiness of the nuts complement one another – they combine to create an almost peanut butter and jelly-like flavor in your mouth. The pumpkin seeds don’t add a ton of flavor to the mix, but they add some extra crunchiness. Overall, this is a simple, tasty and slightly addictive mix.


Costco’s regular price for the bag of the Kirkland Signature Nuts & Berries with Pumpkin Seeds mix is $11.99 Canadian. This is a similar price point to the other snack products in the same section. When I picked the bag, I was surprised at how heavy it was for its size. It isn’t a huge bag, but it contains 794 grams of the nut and berry mix. The mix itself is mostly the cashews and almonds, so that helps justify the price since nuts aren’t cheap.


This mix is great to munch on at home and is easy to bring to work for a snack. It would be a good choice to bring on a road trip or to a day at the park or beach. The bag is re-sealable, which I’m always a fan of since it makes storage easy. The best-before date listed on the bag is about five months after the purchase date.

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A ¼ cup (30 gram) serving of the Kirkland Signature Nuts & Berries with Pumpkin Seeds mix contains 150 calories, nine grams of fat, two grams of fibre, eight grams of sugar, four grams of protein and 35 milligrams of sodium. If you stick to eating that ¼ cup serving, that’s not bad at all. As you might expect, the tastiness of the mix makes it easy to eat far more than that, so if you’re trying to watch your portion sizes, you might want to measure out your snack-sized serving and then put away the bag! The list of ingredients is simple and short, but one thing I’ll point out is that the dried berries contain sunflower oil and added sugar.

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This is a tasty snack mix that people of all ages will enjoy! Although it seems very simple, the nuts and pumpkin seeds are plentiful, fresh and crunchy, and the sweetness of the dried cranberries and blueberries combines well with them to provide a satisfying combination of taste and texture.

Taste: 8/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 7/10

Where to find it in Costco: Snack food section

Would you buy this mix? Why or why not? Do you like dried fruit with your nuts?

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