Costco Lakanto Sweetener Review

Eryhritol Monk Fruit Blend Sweetener!

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I’m trying to reduce the amount of processed sugar I eat currently so last time I was at Costco I picked up this Costco Lakanto Erythriol and Monk Fruit Blend Sweetener to try!


I actually really like this sweetener. The first thing I noticed is that it’s not as sweet as other sweeteners such as Stevia or Splenda. So if you want something super sweet you probably need to add more sweetener than you would with those other two. I also like that there wasn’t an artificial/chemical after-taste with this sweetener.


I paid $11.99 Canadian for the 800 gram bag, This is not overly expensive in my opinion but definitely not as cheap as regular white sugar.


Great for baking, to add to plain yogurt or even put in your coffee. This is a 1:1 sugar replacement. The best before date is about three years from the date I purchased the sweetener! That’s a long time!


Zero calories and fat. Four grams of carbohydrates. The ingredients list is short and sweet! Great for someone watching their sugar intake.

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I used this to sweeten some plain Greek yogurt recently and really enjoyed it! It lightly sweetened my yogurt without an artificial/chemical tasting aftertaste. I would definitely repurchase it but I think this bag will last me quite some.

Taste: 8/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 10/10

Have you tried a monk fruit-based sweetner? What did you think?

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  1. When this went on sale at Costco, I bought 2 bags. A regular grocery store sells this size for $28!! I got it on sale at Costco for $9 (I think). I like this sweetener better than Splenda and Stevia. It doesn’t have a weird after taste and tastes just sweet enough. I sometimes bake with it, swapping out half regular white sugar so that the consistency of what I was baking wouldn’t be affected.


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