Costco Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds Review

Something new I tried for breakfast!

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If it’s a work day I’m definitely not a savory breakfast person. If it’s a weekend I’m always down for some good old fashioned bacon and eggs but when I’m eating breakfast before work I always need something slightly sweet. Last time I was at Costco I noticed these Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds and I could smell the strong scent of blueberry seeping out of the bag, I decided to try them.

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These are pretty tasty! They taste like a softer, flattened, less chewy bagel. They’re VERY flavorful and there’s a generous amount of blueberries and raisins in each round. The blueberry flavoring isn’t very artificial tasting and not overly sweet. The rounds are less heavy than a bagel and toast up nicely. Although they’re super thin I still cut the rounds in half to get the maximum amount of surface area that I can slather butter on to (if I had a list of my top 10 favorite foods, butter would be on it). I also prefer toasting each half rather than toasting the whole round to get the inside extra crispy.

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12 morning rounds cost $6.49 Canadian. More than a loaf of bread but about the same price as 12 Costco Kirkland Signature Bagels.


I’ve been bringing these to work and they’re really easy to toast up and eat in a pinch. I prefer to eat them with butter but you could also spread almond butter or jam on top or even just eat them plain. The rounds also freeze well. One thing I find a little inconvenient is that these aren’t pre-sliced and every time I tend to cut them in half I get a really thin half and a thicker half.

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Each round is 190 calories, one and a half grams of fat, 220mg of sodium, 40 grams of carbohydrates, three grams of fibre, six grams of protein and nine grams of sugar. If I compare the nutrition to half a Costco Kirkland Signature Imitation Blueberry Bagel (62.5 grams) versus 75 grams for a morning round. The calories in a whole round are a little more, the sugar is almost double, the protein is the same and the carbs are about the same. The sodium is quite a bit less though. The question is would you rather have half a bagel or a full flat morning round?

These were fun to try and they’re very tasty! I definitely enjoyed them enough to repurchase them but I tend to get tired of things quickly if I eat them all the time!

Taste: 8.5/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 9/10

Nutrition: 7/10

What’s your go to breakfast carb? Would you try these? Why or why not?

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6 thoughts on “Costco Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds Review”

  1. Superior Colorado Costco
    I used to buy the morning rounds with seeds and cranberries. I liked them so much that I would buy 2 at a time and slice them horizontally then freeze. The last time I went to Costco I wanted to buy 2 more and all they had on the shelf were the Blueberry Morning Rounds. I was so disappointed because they tasted like a boring plain flat bagel with some dried blueberries! I guess I will have to go to Sprouts to buy the delicious heartier variety.

  2. Jessie
    March 27, 2023 6:45 pm

    Love these Ozery Morning Rounds. Every since my roommate brought these home this is our breakfast and sometimes lunch. Went to my Rusty Rd location in St. Louis, MO and No More there. Hopefully they will be brought back into the store. Hate to have order them and would much rather go into the store. Please bring them back.

    • Costco stopped procuring them because of low local interest. I asked Costco management 3 times already ( Ohio Midwest Team), they brought them once a few months ago and stopped again

  3. I love these and my Costco store in Columbus, OH doesn’t carry these any longer. Will these be back on the shelves soon?


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