Costco Garden Fresh Gourmet Mango Peach Habanero Salsa Review

My favorite salsa from Costco!

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When you find the perfect combination of sweet and spicy in a salsa it tastes like Heaven. I was completely reluctant to purchase this salsa. I always purchase “normal salsa”, you know like Old El Paso Medium Chunky or something like that. This salsa caught my eye at Costco last time I was there and I have to tell you I’ve repurchased it 3 times! YES 3!

Why is it so good? This salsa has the perfect amount of heat which is balanced out by the sweet pieces of mango and peach. We’re not talking about some fake tasting mango substitute here. This salsa has perfectly diced, firm pieces of mango, I try to make sure I have a few pieces on every bite. I also may purposely tell Sean to “finish the salsa and chips” I put out after I’ve discreetly taken every bit of mango out of the bowl for my own chips and all that remains is liquid. This salsa tastes FRESH and the nutrition is great, ¼ cup is 25 calories and only 5 grams of sugar. My only complaint about this salsa is that it comes in a pretty large container and because they are FRESH ingredients with little preservatives this doesn’t last that long. So for those people who like to keep their salsa in the fridge for a year, this is not the salsa for you.

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Nutrition: 9/10

Taste: 9/10

Convenience: 7/10 (You eat it right from the jar, but it doesn’t last long before it expires and comes in a big tub)

Cost: 7/10 (I got this for 6.99 at Costco, so not bad but more expensive than the cheapest salsa you can buy)

Do you like a bit of sweet in your salsa? Favorite salsa recipe? What do you put salsa on that others might not? Is there another salsa from Costco you want me to review?

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