Costco Ajinomoto Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice Review

A tasty, quick and convenient chicken, rice and vegetable dish from Costco!

A box of the Ajinomoto Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice from Costco.

I generally try to make healthy meals for dinner most nights of the week. We often eat salads, and when we do have carbs, we try to stick to healthier options like sweet potatoes, whole-wheat pastas, etc. However, for those nights where I just want something quick, convenient and delicious, the Costco freezer section offers quite a few good options. This Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice from Ajinomoto mostly fits that description.

Location in Store

The freezer section with the other frozen meals.

A bag of the Yakitori chicken and fried rice.


I really enjoy Asian food, and the Costco Ajinomoto yakitori chicken sounded good and looked super easy to make, so that was enough to sell me on giving it a try. Overall, it tasted pretty good! As you might expect, it basically tastes like a typical chicken fried rice dish. The chicken was slightly on the rubbery side, but not enough to really bother me. It’s definitely well-seasoned.

The Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice on a plate.
This doesn’t quite look like the shot on the box – definitely more rice than chicken and vegetables here!

Let’s talk a bit more about the vegetables. To put it simply, I wish there were more! The variety of vegetables included is good – you get carrots, corn, peas, edamame, red pepper and onion, to name some of them, but the volume is lacking. This is something you could fix by adding extra vegetables yourself, but that really hurts the convenience factor.

Some background information about the Ajinomoto brand from the box.

Even though the yakitori chicken is the star in the title, the fried rice dominates; there’s more rice than chicken or vegetables. I found that a bit disappointing as this definitely seems like more of a side dish than an entree. That’s fine, but the box doesn’t necessarily make this super clear; the photo makes it look a bit heavier on chicken and vegetables than is actually the case.


In my opinion, the price of the Ajinomoto Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice is a little on the expensive side. I paid $15.99 Canadian (regular price). You get six 255 gram bags in the box. That works out to about $2.67 per bag. One serving was enough for me, but my husband probably could easily eat two bags for dinner. We also had some other food along with it. I could definitely see some families of four going through a whole box in a single meal, and they’d probably want to serve something else with it (maybe extra vegetables or protein!).

A top-down view of the fried rice on a plate.


This fried rice and yakitori chicken definitely scores high marks in the convenience department. All you have to do is take one of the plastic bags of rice, chicken and vegetables out of the box directly from the freezer, tear a corner off, microwave the bag (with the seam side up) for three minutes on high, cut open the bag (carefully, as it will be hot!) and pour it onto a plate.

Cooking instructions for the fried rice, chicken and vegetables.

There is one more optional step for the keeners out there. If you want your Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice to look like mine does in the photos (kind of like a rice sandcastle), you can follow the presentation instructions. Instead of putting the cooked fried rice directly onto a plate, you pour it into a bowl, pack it down, put a plate over top, flip the whole thing over and lift the bowl off. I do think it looks cooler this way!

Instructions for creating an authentic Japanese restaurant style presentation with the fried rice.



One thing that immediately annoyed me was the fact that the nutrition information is given for 206 grams of the fried rice, chicken and vegetables when the bags contain 255 grams. Why do companies do this?! Who is going to carefully measure out 80.78% of one of these bags? Anyway, I calculated the calories, macronutrients and sodium content for a full 255-gram bag and here’s what I got: 446 calories, 10 grams of fat, 69 grams of carbohydrates, 19 grams of protein and 904 milligrams of sodium. When I look at the calories, fat and sugar, it actually doesn’t look that bad. What’s not good is the amount of sodium, though a lot of frozen meals are high in sodium.

Nutrition facts for the Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice


The ingredients list is pretty much what you’d expect for a relatively unhealthy frozen meal like this. There are the ingredients that are obvious and self-explanatory (such as rice, chicken, salt, vegetables, etc.), and the ones that you can barely pronounce but sound like they might be out of a chemistry textbook. This meal doesn’t fall into the high-in-calories-but-full-of-nutritious-ingredients category. It’s worth noting that it contains soy and wheat, so that might keep some people away.

Ingredients for the Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 9.5/10

Nutrition: 5.5/10


Must buy! (as a side dish)

I enjoyed the taste of the Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice, but I found it slightly expensive and wish it had more vegetables and meat and less rice. I would buy it again, but I would plan to use it as a side dish or as part of an a la carte type dinner with some of the other great Asian-style dishes from the freezer section at Costco. Another good Ajinomoto one that you might want to check out is the Vegetable Yakisoba!

What’s your favorite frozen meal at Costco?

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48 thoughts on “Costco Ajinomoto Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice Review”

  1. Was reluctant on trying this because how can it be tasty in 3 minutes? In the microwave? But boy was I wrong ! It’s super tasty and so easy to make im so glad I tried it, I really hope Costco doesn’t get rid of this item ):
    It’s really a must have ! For a quick and easy meal when ur feeling lazy lol

  2. Excellent review. I agree entirely about the paucity of vegetables. I have started mixing it with some frozen vegetables. Unfortunately Costco doesn’t sell frozen vegetables in single serving sizes, so I have started going to Aldi to pick those up. I don’t know why Costco has items like this but then frozen vegetables are in a large bag. Even their broccoli is in 4 large steamable pouches. It’s too much and I eat fewer vegetables as a result. Aldi to the rescue. I rarely spend over $50 at Aldi but I never leave Costco without spending at least $100.

  3. I really like this for a quick lunch. I normally eat this with salad with onion vinaigrette dressing and toss everything altogether. Makes it a bit more healthier in my opinion

  4. Two bags worked great for my husband, our teen girl and me. We had tofu with peanut sauce and cucumber salad with it to increase protein and veg. Convenient side dish.

  5. We have been eating this rice dish forever. We have always liked it for a quick lunch choice. Lately, the chicken seems to be below standard with some fat still on the chicken. This interferes with the taste, and with our enjoyment of the dish. We are going to stop buying it due to this issue, and we will miss it, because other than that, we loved it.

  6. An excellent review! I agree with your comments, and as you said, one could improve this item by adding a few more vegetables. It would be helpful if you could be more explicit about what kind and what quantity of vegetables you would add. Adding veggies would be less convenient than eating it “as is” but still more convenient than making the whole thing from scratch.

  7. I always keep these on hand for last minute lunches. When I’m home, I add a scrambled egg for extra protein. Delicious!

  8. I have been eating the Yakatori chicken fried rice for years now. The portion size for me as a 155lb senior is just the perfect size serving, as I lead a sedentary life style because of injury. Since I do not burn much energy in a day, I do not require the huge caloric intake of a young man. I love the chicken, and for me meat without fat does not have any flavor, so I am very pleased with the mixture of vegetables, love the flavor of the rice and I am very happy with the portions of meat as well as their composition. So for me the value per serving is much less than a Smart Choice bowl here in the Interior of B.C., which is $6. Overall I give the Yakatori 5 out of 5 on every point, Price, value, serving size and the overall contents of the Yakatori chicken. I have to drive 5 hours to Kelowna Costco, so I like to stock up.


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