Costco Candy Snaps Grapes from Anthony’s Vineyard Review

They do taste like candy! I’m just not sure what kind of candy!

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Last Friday on a quick trip to Costco I found these Candy Snaps grapes by Anthony Vineyards and decided I needed to try them. Did you know Costco also sells Cotton Candy Grapes for a limited time during the summer? They actually do taste like Cotton Candy!

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These grapes are delicious. I’m not quite sure what kind of candy they taste like but when you take your first bite of a grape they do taste like some sort of candy. They’re ridiculously sweet, crisp and refreshing. I found there’s the tiniest hint of strawberry flavor in these grapes. Size wise they’re on the smaller size and they have the white, frosty “bloom” that grapes have. According to google that frosty/white coating protects the grapes from decay and bugs.

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I paid $11.99 Canadian for three lbs of red seedless Candy Snaps grapes from Anthony’s Vineyards The Candy Line. These were more expensive than all the other grapes of course!


I know grapes are convenient but I wanted to share that I find grapes stay fresh for longer if you wash them immediately after bringing them home and store them in airtight containers.


Grapes are definitely HIGH in sugar but they’re still healthy. I remember learning how high grapes are in sugar when I was checking a diabetic patient’s blood glucose and found it to be suuuper high. I asked the patient “what did you eat?” and was expecting to hear about some kind of soda or donuts they had consumed but nope, just a whack load of grapes! One cup of grapes has just over 100 calories and very little fat but over 20 grams of sugar.

I thought I’d let you know that these are available at Costco currently (probably only for a short period of time) and they’re quite delicious and taste different than just your regular red seedless grapes, they taste kind of like they’ve been infused with strawberry!

Taste: 9/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 8/10

Do you prefer red or green grapes?

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