Costco Dolce Mia Chocolate Dream Champagne Flutes Review

SO sweet and rich!

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The dessert section at Costco has honestly been kind of lacking lately. No new cakes and not a ton of new dessert options. I did find these Dolce Mia Chocolate Dream Champagne Flutes the other time I was at Costco and decided to pick them up to review.


These are a combination of a rich, thick chocolate mousse/cream with chocolate cookie crumbs with a whipped cream (more like a whipped sweet icing) with chocolate curls on the top for decoration and a bit more chocolate-y goodness. Upon first bite I was like wow these are DELICIOUS. The second third and fourth bite are equally as good but you realize pretty quick just how rich these are. They look small but they’re extremely fudgy, rich and sweet. They fill you up pretty quick. I wish the “whipped cream” on top was more like an actual, natural whipped cream that didn’t have a lot of sweetness because It has more of a sweet icing taste. If it weren’t sweet and like an icing it would cut the sweetness of the chocolate mousse. I still really enjoyed the taste of the Costco Dolce Mia Chocolate Dream Champagne Flutes though.

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The box comes with six flutes and I paid $14.99 Canadian. Not exactly cheap, about $2.50 per flute. You can definitely keep/reuse the glasses after though!

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Six flutes come in the box and each flute has a plastic top you easily remove to enjoy. These are perfect for a dinner party or to enjoy when you make a nice dinner! The best before date is about a month from the date I purchased the flutes.

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These definitely aren’t healthy. These are UNHEALTHY my friends! Healthy for your soul though haha. One flute is 210 calories, 13 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of sugar, two grams of protein and 10 mg of sodium. I am SHOCKED there is not more sugar in these. Considering some small yogurts have 10 grams of sugar or more. Obviously these don’t have healthy ingredients.

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I actually would definitely buy these again as a treat. I probably prefer the Costco Delici Sea Salt Caramel Mousse though!

Taste: 8/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10

Would you try these? Why or why not? Do you think they’re overpriced?

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7 thoughts on “Costco Dolce Mia Chocolate Dream Champagne Flutes Review”

  1. Nothing Chocolate about these. The biggest waste of money. It is nothing but whip cream and MAYBE a half a spoon of chocolate. Complete scam of a dessert product and whomever is producing these knows it just as well! Do not bother wasting your money.

  2. “ ⚠️ CAUTION” be very careful with these . The flute glasses are made very cheaply. At the bottom of the flute where the stem is attached are very dangerous. They may have very sharp glass . I was unfortunately sliced very bad due to this defect. So be careful and check before handling.

  3. Went to my local Costco in Royal Palm Beach Florida. Not there. How do you buy Dolce Mia Chocolate Dream Champagne Flutes? Are they gone forever


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