Costco HBF Kiwi Berries Review

Everything you need to know about the Costco kiwi berries that people are obsessing over!

Costco HBF Kiwi Berries package of kiwi berries
Costco HBF Kiwi Berries

This weekend I bought a new, unique and exciting fruit from Costco that I’m loving! The Costco HBF Kiwi Berries. I hadn’t ever even heard of Kiwi berries or tried them so I knew these needed to go in my cart.

Another Costco fruit review I’ve done is for the popular Costco Cotton Candy Grapes.

Location in Store

I found the kiwi berries in the produce room, the item number is 7910.

Costco HBF Kiwi Berries package opened with kiwi berries shown
Costco HBF Kiwi Berries


You’re probably wondering, what are kiwi berries and what do they taste like? Kiwi berries are a small, mini kiwi with a smooth edible skin that doesn’t require any peeling. There’s no tough, brown, fuzzy skin so you can just pop the whole kiwi berry in your mouth and enjoy.

In summary, these are basically like a bite sized kiwi with an edible skin! I know it might seem odd to eat the whole kiwi berry and leave the skin on but trust me, it tastes great.

Costco HBF Kiwi Berries bit into
Costco HBF Kiwi Berries

The taste is pretty similar to a large Kiwi but not totally the same. The softer kiwi berries are sweeter than the harder ones so you want to eat them when they’re quite soft and squishy.

Kiwi berries have a bright, sweet and acidic flavor. I find them sweet with a bit of a sour aftertaste that leaves your mouth a bit dry and makes your lips pucker.

Costco HBF Kiwi Berries washed and in a bowl
Costco HBF Kiwi Berries


I paid $5.99 Canadian for the 454 gram package of kiwi berries. Usually exotic and unique fruit is really expensive at Costco so I was pleasantly surprised by this price! They were cheaper than the raspberries I bought.

Costco HBF Kiwi Berries whole kiwi berry before biting into it closeup image
Costco HBF Kiwi Berries


If you fall in love with kiwi berries the sad news is that they’re only available for a really short period of time, usually late September and early October. If you see these at Costco pick them up because they’ll likely be gone by the time you go back.

e kiwi berries are from the cold produce room so I store them in your refrigerator. They last for about seven days in the fridge.

Kiwi berries can be added to a salad or you can use them in a fruit salad, you can top a cake with them or make tarts or just enjoy them alone. There’s a lot of different ways you can use kiwi berries. I think they’d also make cute cocktail garnishes!

Costco HBF Kiwi Berries label on plastic container they come in
Costco HBF Kiwi Berries



According to the HBF website a 170 gram serving of kiwi berries has 130 calories, one gram of fat, 30 grams of carbohydrates, eight grams of fibre, 13 grams of sugar and two grams of protein.

Health Benefits of Kiwi Berries

The kiwi berries are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin E and Magnesium, potassium and fibre.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 10/10


Must buy!

The kiwi berries from Costco are unique and delicious and aren’t around all year so pick them up while you can!

Have you tried kiwi berries? What did you think of them?

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9 thoughts on “Costco HBF Kiwi Berries Review”

  1. I bought these today at the Costco in Clovis, I tasted one when I arrived home and they are hard and awful! Will they ripen Quito should I just return them, because if the entire package is this bad it’s definitely a waste of money and both time and fuel by the time I return them. Yuck 🤮

    • Laurie, the kiwiberries need to sit out on your counter for a few days until they soften. Once they soften they are incredibly sweet and delicious! They are picked and shipped under-rip so you can enjoy them at their peak ripeness and flavor.

  2. I just got these at my local Costco this past weekend and we love them. They are so tasty, I honestly do prefer these now over a regular kiwi.

  3. I found these in Waitrose in UK. They looked so tasty and yes they were tasty. A little fiddly removing the stalk but the berry was a great breakfast addition to my overnight oats

  4. I bought these because we are a kiwi loving family!
    All three of us that ate them had a reaction. Numb lips, scratchy throat and coughing for hours. I threw the entire package away and won’t be buying again.
    Plus they tasted awful! Nothing like a kiwi!

  5. Haven’t even heard of them before. But will definitely give it a try. Thank you for all your reviews. I spent around 8 hours in the past a few days browsing your website, haha…

    Which Costco did you pick them up? I’ve been to the one in Northwest twice this month and also the Northeast one yesterday, but didn’t see them at all.

    • Hey Cecilia! Thank you for checking out the blog! I bought these at Costco 91st in Edmonton, however I think they were only available for about two weeks! I bet they’ll be back next year though.


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