Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 Review

UPDATE! The Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar has been RECALLED! Please do not feed your dogs these treats and please get a refund from Costco!

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 dog standing in front of calendar
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

I reviewed the Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar back when it first came out. It has now been recalled as of December 10, 2021. After doing some sleuthing, I have seen online that people had found tiny worm-looking bugs in their advent calendar treats. Please don’t feed your dog these treats and please return your calendar to Costco for a refund.

Today I’m reviewing the Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar! I picked one up for our dog Mocha and new puppy Kiwi to share. My dog Mocha has previously done a guest review for the Costco Pedigree Dentastix.

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 selection of treats on paper towel
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 Treats

Location in Store

You can find the dog advent calendar either in the section with all the dog food, the front of the store right by the entrance or in the Christmas aisle. The item number is 2462182.

Various Treats Included in the Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021
Various Treats Included in the Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

What’s included in the Costco dog advent calendar?

You get 25 days of different dog treats for a total of 80 single dog treats! There’s six different varieties of dog treats. There’s no toys in the advent calendar for dogs, just treats.

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 dogs in front of Costco dog advent calendar
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

The different kinds of treats in the calendar include chicken breast jerky smoked flavour, surf n’ turf recipe, beef recipe patties with quinoa, turducken recipe, chicken jerky recipe and turkey recipe pumpkin spice flavour treats. If you have small dogs like I do there’s enough treats in the calendar to last a really long time.

How much does the dog advent calendar cost?

The dog advent calendar at Costco is $22.99 Canadian.

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 photo of the box showing where the advent calendar is made and discussing some of the positive nutritional aspects of the treats.
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

Are the ingredients in the Costco advent calendar safe and healthy for dogs?

The treats in the dog advent calendar don’t have any artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, sugar, soy, corn or wheat. After doing a little research it appears all the ingredients listed are safe for dogs.

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 recommendation on box of how many treats to feed your dog based on weight.
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

The calories and nutrition information is included for each treat. There’s even a recommendation on how many treats to give your dog based on their size.

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 box with storage instructions
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

How long is the Costco dog advent calendar good for?

The best before date is about 14 months from the date we purchased the calendar. The box recommends storing the calendar in a cool-dry place.

Where is the Costco dog advent calendar made?

The treats are made in Ireland and packaged in the US. It does not say where in the ingredients are sourced but I trust Costco to make sure they were sourced from a safe place.

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021  with dog standing up smelling the calendar
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

Do dogs like the Costco dog advent calendar?

Yes! Both Mocha and Kiwi enjoyed treats from the advent calendar. Kiwi got small little pieces as she’s still a puppy. Mocha stole a few treats when we weren’t paying attention while taking photos for this review. I also shared some with my parents dog Bailey and she also enjoyed them.

Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 - dog eating treat from calendar
Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021

No matter the size of dog I think your furry family member will enjoy the dog advent calendar! I just recommend smaller pieces for smaller dogs.



Give it a try!

If you like to spoil your dogs like I do and you think they can handle 80 treats, pick this up for Christmas 2021! They’ll love you for it.

Would you buy this for your dog? Why or why not?

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31 thoughts on “Costco Irish Rover Dog Advent Calendar 2021 Review”

  1. Official Press Release just issued from Irish Rover regarding the dog advent calendar recall:

    Naas Industrial Estate, Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland
    December 14, 2021
    Following concerns expressed by a small number of customers, Costco took immediate steps to withdraw the Irish
    Rover 2021 Advent Calendar for Dogs, item 2462182 from sale. Costco has contacted customers who had purchased it
    and will provide a full refund on return.
    Irish Dog Foods has commenced an immediate investigation into the quality issues raised and have opened a helpline
    for customers who may have further queries. If you, or someone you know has purchased the Irish Rover 2021 Advent
    Calendar for Dogs, item 2462182, at a Costco warehouse or on between October 1, 2021 and December 8,
    2021, out of an abundance of caution, please stop feeding the treats to your pet immediately.
    At Irish Dog Foods we follow very strict food safety & quality measures in the manufacturing of our products. We are a
    leading manufacturer in own-label and branded pet foods and treats. Located on the food island of Ireland we supply
    to over 30 countries around the world. From farm to feeding bowl we supply Quality Assured products.
    At Irish Dog Foods we test 5 individual samples per batch, selected at random. In total there were 285 individual tests
    for Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella carried out for the component treats of the advent calendar and all showed NO
    DETECTION. Irish Dog Foods is confident that the treats involved were microbiologically sound leaving their facility and
    were all within their required strict specifications.
    Although, a small number of the advent calendars were reported to have bugs present, it is not a widespread event. As
    per above, our rigorous microbiological testing was conducted successfully for each and every individual batch of the
    treats contained in the calendar. There is no reason to believe there is any food safety issue. However, as such the
    calendar falls short of Costco’s and Irish Dog Foods high quality standards and therefore we recommend that you
    return the calendar for refund.
    There is no reason to believe this would cause any type of illness on consumption.
    This item was sold exclusively to Costco in Canada and is not being sold in any other retail outlets.
    Costco has very strict quality control practices and requires all vendors to adhere to all such requirements. Vendors
    must provide proof of a third party audit certification for any facility that is used. These inspections were completed
    and passed all necessary requirements.
    This is a voluntary recall, and is not being recalled for safety issues, but “quality” issues.
    If your dog is unwell, it is likely that the treats don’t agree with your dog, or perhaps have ingredients that are new to
    your dog. Whilst all the ingredients are approved by AAFCO, every dog is different and may be intolerant of some
    Again, you may return the Calendar to a Costco warehouse for a full refund on your next visit. For more information,
    please contact Irish Dog Foods by telephone at 888-671-8851 (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm) or
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask you to please pass this information along to anyone to
    whom the product may have been given.
    Irish Dog Foods

  2. A staff at COSTCO assured they were safely sourced treats….Now under recall and the parent website of Irish Dog Foods has no notice about the recall.

    Such trusted sources

  3. If it has been recalled why is it not listed on Costco’s recall list? It is also not listed on the Irish Dog Foods site or on the Government of Canada site. Looks like a hoax at this point

  4. these treats have been RECALLED. Just received a recorded message from Costco stating that they didn’t meet their quality control. What does that even mean? My dog threw up a couple of days ago after eating them. And a handful of dog moms I know had the same experience. Please discontinue use and return to Costco for a full refund

  5. I have looked for this calendar for months. Bought last year and loved! Never got them at my Costco (North Palm Beach, Florida). Only sold the one with the toys included and was very expensive. And cannot see that they are sold on the. Costco web site. I so wish I could find!

  6. We got a little Boston terrier boy. He definitely likes to chew everything including ourselves. We have pushed furniture etc in front of any cords, it’s pretty hard to watch them all the time! Good luck to the Christmas tree🤣 Thanks again for your reviews, I’m so happy to have found this site. Both your pups are too cute! Someday they’ll be couch potatoes 😉

  7. Max loves them! We opened it early because he can smell the box and whines for it…. Other treats don’t cause this reaction! I’ll get another (because he’s spoiled) for December.

  8. I just got a puppy too! Mini Schnauzer. And as you both say – lots of work. More than I remember. But she’s also bringing my life much joy and fun. Good luck both of you.

  9. A puppy!! We have recently added a puppy to our household. We both just turned 60 and not sure we’ll survive! I may buy this calendar just to see if he can entertain himself for a few moments. Just kidding, we love him. But man, puppies are a lot of work 😂🥱

    • They are SO much work! We thought we picked the calm, boring one out of the bunch. Boy we are wrong! She plays ALL day, harasses her older sister and loves going under our deck to make me crawl on my stomach to retrieve her. What kind of puppy did you get?


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