Costco Nonni’s Limoncello Biscotti Bites Review

Lemon lovers these biscotti bites from Costco are so zesty, crunchy and delicious!

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I’ve reviewed biscotti about two months ago when I reviewed the Mom’s Best Almond Biscotti from Costco. I didn’t love that product but a lot of readers gave feedback that they liked the Mom’s Best Almond Biscotti. Today I’m reviewing Nonni’s Limoncello Biscotti Bites.

I found the Nonni’s Limoncello Biscotti Bites can be found in the snack section at the front of the store. The item number is 1459977.


These biscotti bites were such a pleasant surprise! They’re a light and crisp tangy cookie with delicious lemon-flavored icing drizzled on top. Some biscotti are almost too hard to bite and seem made for dipping but these were just nice and crisp and could be enjoyed without any tea or coffee. They’re also the perfect size! About three bites worth of delicious biscotti.

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I absolutely loved the strong lemon flavor and lemon drizzle on the biscotti! Not too sweet, super zesty, fresh and light tasting. If you love any kind of lemon cookies, you’ll really enjoy these!

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These would be perfect to have with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee or enjoy as a light dessert.


I paid $10.99 Canadian (regular price) for the 794 gram bag of biscotti bites which isn’t bad at all!

I think the Costco is reasonable, you get quite a few biscotti bites in the bag and they’re pretty high quality tasting!

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These are perfect for dessert or snack. The best before date on the bag is about eight months from the date I purchased the crackers.

The bag is resealable which I totally appreciate because it keeps the biscotti fresh longer.


These have no artificial flavors or colors and are made with real lemons.

Three biscotti is 120 calories, four grams of fat, 12 grams of sugar, two grams of protein, 100 mg of sodium, 20 grams of carbohydrates and zero grams of fibre.

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You don’t have to be a biscotti fan to enjoy the Costco Nonni’s Limoncello Biscotti Bites, you just have to love lemon! I definitely am a lemon fan so I adore the taste of this biscotti and so did Sean!


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 7.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 2/10 (not too many calories for three cookies)


Give it a try!

If you love lemon and like cookies or biscotti, definitely give these a try!

Biscotti fan? What’s your favorite flavor? Have you tried these? What did you think?

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24 thoughts on “Costco Nonni’s Limoncello Biscotti Bites Review”

  1. Please bring Nonni’s lemoncello biscotti back to Costco in Ontario?
    It’s the best biscotti my family ever had! We were super sad to not find them again!

  2. Please bring the Nonni’s limoncello biscotti back. I keep checking for them. It is such a delicious biscotti!!!!! Everyone I know loves them!!!!!

  3. I’ll add my request to those other customers who would like to see the return of these biscotti bites. What is the problem? There is obvious demand!

  4. Please bring the Nonni’s limoncello biscotti back. I keep checking for them. They featured an article in Costco magazine & haven’t found them since. Such a great product!

  5. Costco has ben doing this for ever, bringing in a product that is delicious and once the customers are all hooked they stop carrying it. This is very disappointing but this is what they do.

  6. Please bring them back! They are soo good every time I go to Costco meadowlands it’s the first stop to see if they are in and disappointed every time

  7. They are coming back in mid-Feb 2022. Call your local Costco to see if they are back in stock. Ask for a merchandise manager to lookup item 1459977.

  8. Costco needs to start listening to their members. When you have a good product that people like, it is pretty simple. Keep it stocked! Not going ro renew my membership if this keeps happening.

  9. I have been looking for the Nonni’s Limoncello Biscotti Bites at all the Costco’s that are close to me and I have not been able to find them. Will you getting them back any time soon. They are fantastic. I buy them for home and for the office my staff go crazy for them.

  10. Just found these the other day in Costco. I rarely buy sweets but I have loved lemon anything since I’ve been a child and figured $10.49 was a good price to pay to have something sweet and lemony with my afternoon coffee.

    They’re not too sweet which is a good thing, have a good lemony flavor and pair exceptionally well with a cup of black coffee in the afternoon.

    I just hope they keep them around for a while otherwise I might have to buy several bags the next time I’m there as a hedge against them disappearing.


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