Costco Pizza Delight Garlic Cheese Fingers Review

Garlic cheesy bread you can make at home!

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We always get cheesy bread whenever we order pizza, it’s like if we order pizza we have to have cheesy bread or some other form of appetizer with it. There can never just be pizza. There’s only one pizza place in our city that calls their cheesy bread “garlic fingers”, I had to google what garlic fingers were when I was looking at this restaurant’s menu. They apparently originate from Eastern Canada and are made up of pizza dough, garlic butter, mozzarella and parmesan. I found these Costco Pizza Delight Garlic Fingers in the freezer section at Costco and the item number is 1350409.

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We had these for Superbowl Sunday! I have to say I actually liked the Costco Pizza Delight Garlic Cheese Fingers. Basically this is like a cheese pizza. The garlic fingers are not over the top delicious or the best cheesy bread / garlic fingers I’ve ever tasted but in my eyes there’s not much you can dislike about cheese and bread which is essentially what this is. The cheese gets nice and golden brown in the oven and the pizza dough crust gets crispy. You can definitely smell the garlic as you bake this, the actual garlic flavor is not as strong as the smell. I feel like this is missing something but I can’t quite put my taste buds on what. It might be that this does not come with any marinara or dipping sauce which I always enjoy. You could definitely use your own though. Are these as good as take out? Not quite but they curb my cheesy bread craving!

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I paid $11.99 Canadian for the 1.06 kg box of garlic fingers that contains two separate garlic cheese finger pizzas.

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Bake the garlic fingers directly on your oven rack for about 16-17 minutes at 425 farenheit to get them golden brown then simply slice into 16 pieces. I think these definitely would do well with some dip! Maybe some Rao’s Marinara? Which is also from Costco. These are great for an appetizer or even a fun lunch. I think kids would definitely enjoy these. You could also add some bacon bits on top to add a little bit of extra protein if you like. There’s two packages of garlic finger pizzzas in the box and each one is separately packaged. I did make a bit of a mess removing the garlic fingers from the plastic wrap, a bit of loose cheese kind of got everywhere.

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1/3 of the pizza is 460 calories, 52 grams of carbohydrates, 970 mg of sodium, 23 grams of protein, three grams of fibre, two grams of sugar and 18 grams of fat. I’m actually surprised by the 23 grams of protein, that’s decent!

This was tasty enough but nothing amazing, it was fun to try but I think this is a one time buy for us.

Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 9.5/10

Nutrition: 1/10

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16 thoughts on “Costco Pizza Delight Garlic Cheese Fingers Review”

  1. Holy cow people! What is wrong with some of you? If something isn’t to your liking simply say so, don’t buy it again and move on. There’s no need to “advise” or “warn” everyone else against trying it. There’s no need to question the credibility of this blog. Please remember that taste is personal and what you may find bland or tasteless can be just perfect for someone else. Your personal tastes don’t make you a better person. Why should your opinion be held in higher regard than anyone else’s? My goodness, as much as grace and tact seem to be lacking these days, it appears that a lot of folks could sure use a healthy dose of humility as well.

    For what it’s worth, we really like these cheese fingers. Our neighbors like these cheese fingers. All of our friends like these cheese fingers too. We’ve had them in lieu of garlic bread at various dinners over the years. We find the kiss of garlic is perfect and the amount of cheese is quite generous for the price. They bake up all hot and golden and delicious – what’s not to love? Again though…this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt (as you should with everyone else who has commented).

  2. This is something you should NOT buy. Garlic …there was no garlic flavour. Cheese …really? ….there was some? This was bland, bland, bland …read ..’awful”

    Probably the first time I have tried a product that was so bad I had to warn my FB friends to NOT buy it.

    I think I will do like the other person …and return the second one to Costco. The more people that return it …they’ll figure it out …NOT good.

  3. The Pizza Delight Pizza (or Garlic Fingers) is absolutely delicious. It bakes the crust to a golden brown (not burnt) and the smell of garlic as it bakes fills the kitchen. I view it as a pizza and I like to dress it up with extras (black olives, onion…OK you get it😀). I have bought this product many times and have never been disappointed. If you see it at your local Costco store, just give it a try and you too won’t be disappointed.

  4. This makes the best pizza base ever! I topped it with Canadian Bacon and pepperoni and it made the best home-baked pizza I have found. I’m trying to find a way to have it shipped to me, since our Costco does not have it in stock.

  5. I tasted it at Costco one day I tasted and loved it I bought for something new to eat I think it had the perfect amount of garlic in it so I hope they keep it in stock I might have to buy more then one box the next time I am there

  6. This is one of Costco worst products… extremely disappointed, absolutely no garlic flavor. contacted the manufacturer to see if was just a simple mistake in the assembly line that they forgot to include garlic by mistake, never got a reply… Costco should never had put this kind of very bad product on its shelves. AVOID at all cost!!!

  7. Had the pizza delight frozen garlic fingers for lunch today. My son chipped his tooth on something under the cheese. Not sure what?
    Not too pleased with this.

  8. This is exceptional food to eat while high. Simply exquisite. It is the perfect combination of flavour and texture. The crust and top get crispy and each piece become a cheesy sandwich. I WILL be buying this again.

  9. I agree with some of the other reviews. Picture is deceiving, they are Pizza’s, not Garlic Fingers. I expected a puffy garlic stick but got a flat piece of cardboard crust with something on it. When I cut into it the grease came bleeding out.
    I am taking the one I have left back to Costco for a refund. This is one item they can get rid of.
    Don’t waste your time or money. You’ll be sorry.

  10. Advertised as “authentic” but comes with zero garlic flavor, and no sauce. Not even cut into fingers. Very bland product. The fact that this got a 7.5 for taste in this review throws the entire credibility of this site in question.

  11. The picture on the front of the package is misleading. I was expecting the fingers to be already cut, and I could just throw some in my microwave or air-fryer for a snack. But instead its just a pizza, you have to cut yourself. Very disappointed.

  12. I live on the West Coast and on a whim I picked up a box of these. I thought it was funny after opening that they were really just pizzas and re-branded as “garlic fingers” encouraging the consumer to cut them into 16 pieces. Very funny!

    Anyway I cooked up a pizza and … you know what? It’s not good. It’s very bland. The bread has the distinctive taste of saltine crackers.. the cheese rubbery and very oily and the garlic taste is nonexistent. I sprinkled some garlic salt on top and hot sauce but the taste of saltine crackers is still pervasive.

    I recommend to anyone reading to simply not waste their time with this product.

  13. At a Pizza Delight restaurant, Garlic Cheese Fingers are generally served with their Donair Sauce. As former Maritimers, we were so happy to find these at our local Costco. (We make our own Donair sauce at home to use as a dipping sauce for the garlic cheese fingers.)


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