Costco Something Special Red Chili Pepper Spread Review

Who else brings home random things from the store when you haven’t had dinner?

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I rarely eat Costco samples, but I recently found myself at Costco on a Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. I hadn’t had supper yet, so I was all for eating the samples. I probably never would have bought this had I not tried the sample. As I ate it in front of Sean while discussing the holiday treat selection, he was giving me one of those kind of grossed-out looks. Eventually I convinced him to try it, and he really likes it too.


If you serve meat, cheese, bread, charcuterie or crackers over the holiday season, you absolutely need to add the Something Special Red Chili Pepper Spread to your shopping list. It’s an amazing accompaniment to all different types of cheeses, goes well on crackers and would make an already-awesome charcuterie board outstanding. The taste of this jelly is both sweet and savory (though not as savory as I originally expected) with a little bit of heat. It’s not overly hot though. It pairs well with so many different items. I could even see it going really well with fresh-baked biscuits and a bowl of chili.


This definitely isn’t the cheapest spread available; one jar was $7.89 Canadian. That would seem more reasonable if I didn’t picture the spread disappearing in two seconds after all of my guests slathered heaping tablespoons of it on their crackers and bread. It’s that good. In a specialty store, I think this product would sell for a few dollars more than $7.89, so I don’t think Costco is overpricing this. It’s also kind of a novelty/specialty item, so I think that contributes to the price.


The spread requires refrigeration; the refrigerated, unopened the expiry date is about a year from the date of purchase. If opened and refrigerated, it will last about 90 days. If opened and served to about five adults, you’ll be lucky if it lasts an hour though! This is a super convenient item to have on hand because of its versatility. You can do so much with it. I think this would go great on a turkey sandwich and would make delicious turkey meatballs in the crock pot. I know I already talked about uses and combinations, but I just keep thinking of new ones. Something that’s that easy to find uses for is pretty convenient in my books.


This is a jelly spread, so there are high quantities of calories and sugar and little nutritional value. One teaspoon contains 25 calories, three grams of sugar, zero grams of fat and barely any sodium. Who’s going to eat just one teaspoon of this?! Multiply that by four and that’s probably more in line with what I’m thinking people will consume.

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I’m glad I found the Something Special Red Chili Pepper Spread so that I can enjoy it over the holiday season. I’d love to hear what others think about it and how they would use it!

Taste: 8/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 1/10

I’m curious – do you have any great ideas on how to use this tasty spread?

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24 thoughts on “Costco Something Special Red Chili Pepper Spread Review”

  1. It is very yummy. I have a recipe that has the exact ingredients as it lists on the bottle. I’m going to try making it. Wish it was available all year round

  2. LOVE the Red chili pepper spread at CostCo. Wish they carried it year-round!!!
    I grill a lot and use it on chicken wings! Cook the wings to temp (165 degrees), remove from grill, kick grill up to hottest temp, toss wings in red chili pepper spread, put back on grill for ~1 to 2 minutes per side (for char) and serve. OUTSTANDING!!!

  3. Bought the red chili pepper jelly after Costco offered a sample on multi-grain crackers and their pimento cheese spread. Wasn’t crazy about the frozen Wontons but didn’t want to waste. Decided to add the jelly on them just to finish them off. Needless to say, it tasted so good I bought another bag of Wontons. lol

  4. I love the spread sooooo much!!!! I’d like to know when the spread will arrive at Costco, Clarkston, WA. I have to travel about 220 miles to get there. My friends beg me for this when I pick up several. Thank you!!!

  5. I just bought a jar today. I wish I’d have purchased twenty of them…. or so. I hope they never stop carrying this as it’s entered into one of my favorite food groups!! I will put this on everything!! I ate it with Ritz crackers and hummus dip…. heaven!!!! I may but it and give it as gifts… it’s crazy good!!!

  6. They say it’s a ‘Seasonal Item’. I agree it’s crazy they don’t/won’t carry all year. I’ve told my family that this is all I need for Christmas!

  7. My wife and I experienced the same during a pre-dinner excursion through Costco. Needless to say when we tried the pepper jelly with Brie on wheat crackers we were hooked. Now we give this as gifts to family and friends and they all love it!


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