Costco Président Petit Brie Review

Brie, which is named after a region in France, is a soft cheese made from cow’s milk. This Costco Président Petit Brie has an edible, snow-white rind and comes in a wooden box. Is this the best Brie from Costco, or does it lose out to the Kirkland Signature Double Crème Brie?

Top down image of the Costco Président Petit Brie wheel sitting on a dining room table.
Costco Président Petit Brie.

I planned to make a cheese board this past weekend and decided to buy some Brie for it from Costco. Brie isn’t something we normally have in the house, we stick to cheddar and mozzarella but I think a good charcuterie board or cheese plate needs Brie!

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Top down image of the Brie unwrapped from the packaging and with the rind on, served on a wood charcuterie board.
The Brie is fully covered in rind.

Location in Store

You can find this in the deli section at Costco, near the cold-cut meats, dips and other cheeses. The item number is 1188673.


The Brie is just okay, it’s not my favorite. The flavor is bland but that’s to be expected with Brie and I actually think this brand has more of a cheese flavor than other brands I’ve tried. I tried the Brie two ways. On a cheese board with crackers and melted onto a baguette with a drizzle of honey on top. I prefer it with the baguette.

Closeup image of a hand holding one slice of Brie with a cheese board in the background of the image with cheese, crackers, nuts and grapes on it.
The texture is quite soft and smooth.

The rind is edible unlike some other brands of Brie but I can’t say I like the flavor or texture. I find it a bit bitter and pungent. The texture is very smooth and soft. It’s really easy to spread on crackers or bread. I don’t mind this Brie but after trying both, I prefer the Kirkland Signature Double Crème Brie.


The 500-gram wheel of Brie costs $8.99 Canadian. That’s not too expensive for such a large amount of cheese and it’s also a product of France!

Top down image of a cheese board with Brie, crackers, almonds and grapes on it.
My pre-dinner snack board!


The Brie is a wrapped large wheel of cheese that’s covered in an edible rind, it’s not pre-sliced so you can cut it any way you’d like. The best-before date is a month from when I purchased it and it needs to be kept refrigerated.

When I was picking up the Brie from the refrigerator at Costco I noticed that the box it comes in doesn’t close. I thought maybe only the one I picked up was like that but all of them were so there were a lot of tops and bottoms of the boxes scattered about. My husband even accused me of buying an open one!

Top down image of the Brie wheel in its individual packaging.
The box doesn’t seal but the Brie is individually packaged inside the box.

Brie tastes amazing with crackers, bread, grapes, peaches, plums, honey, walnuts and prosciutto.



It’s hard to know how big a three-centimeter cube or 30-gram serving is when you’re just out enjoying a cheese board. A 30-gram serving size contains 100 calories, nine grams of fat, zero grams of carbohydrates, fibre and sugar, five grams of protein and 150 milligrams of sodium.

Image of the nutrition facts label from the packaging.


The list of ingredients is short and simple, as it should be! Although this is a soft cheese it’s made with pasteurized milk.

Image of the ingredients label from the packaging.


Taste: 7/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 4/10


Give it a try!

The price is right for a huge wheel of Brie that’s made in France but I find there’s something lacking about this Brie compared to the Kirkland Signature Brie.

Have you tried this Brie? What did you think of it?

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5 thoughts on “Costco Président Petit Brie Review”

  1. All your reviews state that most things have little nutritional value, how do you come to that decision and what would you suggest that has more than 4/10 for nutritional value? This review is the highest I have seen you give for nutritional value and it doesn’t seem very high.

  2. I bought 2 last week and both were too ammonia-smelling. Have to return them.
    Have bought before and it was fine.

  3. Hi Natalie,

    I love your reviews! I found a few of your older ones and I’m happy to see you’re still going strong.

    Thanks for making these informative, concise yet thorough, cheery reviews for the rest of us to enjoy and consider!

    • Yes, thank you from me as well. I look forward every week to reading your review. I love the format with 3 items per review. Not too many. I can tell you that if you say “walk on by”, I actually do. In addition to all the ones I would never even considered anyway.

    • That’s so kind of you! These comments make my day. I really appreciate you taking the time to write it. Have a wonderful weekend.


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