Costco Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon Tea Base Review

Sweet and comforting honey, apple & cinnamon tea base from Costco!

A jar of Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon Tea Base.
The Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon Tea Base – it’s a big jar!

Just a few months ago I reviewed the Costco Vonbee Honey, Citron & Ginger tea base. I received a ton of messages from readers saying how much they loved and enjoyed it! During my most recent Costco trip, I noticed the new Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon Tea Base and picked it up to review today! The tea base is made in Korea and is a pretty unique product because the jar states you can use it to make hot or cold tea, to make salad dressing or as a jam.

Location in Store

This can be found at Costco in the aisle with syrups and jams and the item number is 1497834.

The jar of tea base alongside two of the things you can make with it - toast covered in the tea base and tea made from the tea base.
You can make a complete breakfast out of this tea base!


This is so so sweet but delicious! If you’re a huge apple pie fan or love anything apple, I think you’ll like this. I used it to make hot tea and also tried it on toast. As a tea, it tastes very similar to apple cider. You can taste the honey and you get a little bit of warmth coming from the cinnamon. There are chunks of real apple in the tea base so this was a bit different than other teas or apple cider, you get tiny chunks of apple in each sip, kind of like having a snack with your tea! For some reason, I found that this tasted a lot sweeter when I used it as a jam, still really tasty but almost too sweet! On toast, the honey flavor stood out and the flavor reminded me of apple pie filling put on a slice of bread. I had it on plain whole wheat toast and didn’t put any butter on it, I think it definitely didn’t need any extra butter because the jam is flavorful enough.

Another photo of the jar of tea base alongside the toast covered in the tea base and the tea made from the tea base.


I paid $10.99 Canadian for the 2 kg jar of Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon tea base. This is a MASSIVE jar! I totally recommend sharing some with friends or family.

The ingredients list and illustrations of the different uses of the Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon Tea Base.
The ingredients are pretty simple. As you can see, there are a few other uses for the tea base as well.


Suggested ways to use this are to make salad dressing, as a hot or cold tea base or as a jam, so it’s very versatile. The jar is really, really big therefore if you have bad arthritis or trouble lifting things, this jar may be super inconvenient for you. I also had to get Sean to help me get the lid off but I’m definitely not the strongest person in the first place. I can’t even imagine how long it would take us to finish the jar so I will be sharing this with my parents! The best before date is just under a year from when I purchased it, I oddly couldn’t find anything on the jar about refrigerating after opening but I did anyways just to be safe.

Nutrition facts for the Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon Tea Base.


Three teaspoons is 40 calories, zero grams of fat, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of sugar, zero grams of protein and fibre and 35 mg of sodium. The ingredients list is pretty short and sweet with apples being the first ingredient and sugar being the second which is to be expected. This is basically just sugar and carbs so not really the most nutritious product.


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 9/10

Nutrition: 1/10


Give it a try.

I love the flavor of the Costco Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon tea base. So warm, cozy and perfect for winter. I do find it a tad sweet thought and the jar is way too huge for two people!

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15 thoughts on “Costco Vonbee Honey, Apple & Cinnamon Tea Base Review”

  1. I have been searching for this one and the honey citrus, I finally have the honey ginger citrus but where can I get the honey apple cinnamon?

  2. I bought this from Costco once and loved it. It was very soothing and relaxing s a warm tea before bed. But have not been able to find it as they have not had it. Is there anywhere else to find it?

  3. This stuff is AWESOME! I add it to tea, it’s like adding lemon, but with some warm spice flavor. But, wait, I used it in Curried Chicken Salad! I’m not crazy! I use apples in my Curried Chicken Salad, and the apple tea was like adding chutney (Thanks to Ina Garten!) Try it, the sweetness, the apple flavor, and the spice make for an astoundingly good Curried Chicken Salad.!

  4. Has anyone found a source for this? Our Costco no longer carries it and I am unfortunately almost out. What a shame Costco doesn’t carry it anymore.

    • I find the lemon ginger jar is going far too quickly and it is no longer at my Costco. Anyone know if it will be back soon?
      I see it on line and at Amazon but about four times as costly.

  5. Sad that it’s not available anymore. It’s delicious. I’ve put it on vanilla ice cream. (I had a hard time finding the “refrigerate after opening” too, but it is on the label.) Would love to know where else it can be purchased before my one jar is gone.

  6. This is wonderful stuff.
    I use the ginger one on fish, chicken, pork (with spices) and on pancakes. Put some in your ginger cake or cookies. It is actually wonderful on top of strong cheddar cheese when making grilled cheese sandwiches.

    The apple cinnamon one is delicious. Put some in the porridge pot just at the end with extra cinnamon. Yummy on and in pancakes. On cinnamon buns and of course French toast. Put it on a roast pork with a savoury maple spice.

    Sad news. Our Costco no longer has it. I do have 2 extra ginger jars but no apple cinnamon.

  7. I came across Vonbee Honey Apple and Cinnamon at Costco, Guelph Ontario. I almost returned it to the shelf as such a large jar; but my love for apples with cinnamon prevailed.
    I’ve gave small jars to several friends who have also bought some. I’ve used it for many cups hot tea, ( I limit myself to one cup per day due to sugar content) a spoonful on top of ( Costco’s) rice pudding, spread it on french toast ( very yummy) and intend to use it on top of waffles, pancakes, and ice cream!
    It’s now a clearance item so it’s $6.97 a jar. The expiry date is 18 months away so my friends and I grabbed a few extra jars.

  8. This looks so yummy! I’ve not seen it at my Costoco yet, but I have seen the Lemon Ginger one. Did you end up using it for anything else other than tea or toast? I would love to try it but there is WAY too much product for me to use and I’m not partial to making sauces and dressings.


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