Costco Wine Advent Calendar Day 11-15 Review

Some tasty sparkling wines in days 11-15!

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Scroll down if you already read this part from the first post reviewing days 1-4 of the advent calendar!

Days 5-10 is here.

Costco is carrying a sparkling wine advent calendar at their liquor stores which I recently purchased! Due to the fact I was super excited to try it and also that I wanted to review it on the blog I’ve already opened mine! The wine advent calendar costs $89.99 Canadian and includes 24 200ml bottles of sparkling wine. I definitely was disappointed it was all sparkling but I still thought it was a fun idea.

Okay so some people are probably going to think I’m a major party pooper right now by reviewing the Costco Christmas sparkling wine advent calendar days and taking the surprise element out of it. This is for the individuals who might be buying the advent calendar as a gift or are just curious about what to expect! SPOILER ALERT… if you don’t want to know which wines are on which day STOP READING NOW….



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So the wines are listed on the box and they’re listed in order so day 1 is the first wine on the list and so on.

Day 11 Costco Wine Advent Calendar J.P. Chenet Fashion Cassis

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This was too sweet. The only one who liked it out of the four of us was my mom but after a few drinks my mom likes pretty much anything and we saved this one for last because we thought it would be more a dessert sparkling wine. This tastes like black currant, kind of like a hard candy. Very, very sweet.

Day 12 Costco Wine Advent Calendar Just Bubble Chardonnay

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Very crisp. More dry than sweet, bubbly. Like a bubbly, dry chardonnay. I could definitely drink a bottle of this.

Day 13 Costco Wine Advent Calendar Calvet in! Pinot Noir Brut Rose

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Tastes like a bubby red wine, nice appearance, a little too sweet.

Day 14 Costco Wine Advent Calendar Veuve Olivier Brut Rose

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Pretty rose colour, dry and less bubbly, easy to drink. Very plain but I liked this one.

Day 15 Costco Wine Advent Calendar P.Dublanc Brut

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Crisp, bubbly with a floral or fruity aftertaste. Not bad, easy to drink.

Stay tuned for days 16-19!

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