Costco Aussie Bites Review

Costco Aussie Bites are a satisfying, somewhat healthy snack!

Costco Aussie Bites image of the top of the container and label
Costco Aussie Bites

Today I’m reviewing the Universal Bakery Aussie Bites from Costco. The Aussie Bites are an item that Costco has been carrying for quite some time and a lot of people seem to enjoy them!

Some items from Costco that are similar to the Aussie Bites are the Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks, the Costco Universal Bakery Keto Bites and Costco Universal Bakery Paleo Bites.

Location in Store

You can find the Aussie Bites in the aisle with the jam, peanut butter, crackers and boxed cookies at Costco. Sometimes they’re also in the middle of the store. The item number is 891394.

Costco Universal Bakery Aussie Bites image of the side of the container
Costco Aussie Bites


The Costco Aussie Bites by Universal Bakery have rolled oats, dried apricots, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, coconut, quinoa and chia seeds. They’re packed full of nutritious ingredients and are quite flavorful. The coconut flavor isn’t very strong if you’re not a fan of coconut.

Costco Aussie Bites image of three Aussie bites on a plate
Costco Aussie Bites

Aussie Bites remind of a little muffin, a soft granola bar or a healthy cookie. There’s a good amount of sweetness coming from the honey, apricots and raisins. Oddly enough they taste a bit salty, soft, crumbly. They have a bit of crunchiness from the seeds as well as the texture is a bit chewy.

The chia seeds can get stuck in your teeth so be mindful of that if you’re enjoying these. The texture of the Aussie bites is a bit dry and crumbly however but they still make for a tasty snack or breakfast.

Costco Aussie Bites closeup image of an  Aussie Bite
Costco Aussie Bites


The cost is $12.99 Canadian for the 850 gram bin of Aussie Bites. There are roughly 24 Aussie Bites in the bin I purchased.

Costco Aussie Bite close up image of an Aussie Bite with a bite taken out of it
Costco Aussie Bites

I feel like they’re slightly expensive, but not overly pricey considering all the ingredients are organic and if you just ate one a day, a bin would last you quite a long time.

Costco Aussie Bites view from top of Aussie Bites container without lid on showing all the Aussie Bites
Costco Aussie Bites


The Aussie Bites come in a resealable plastic container and the best before date is about two months from the date I purchased them.

They’re a convenient snack or breakfast. I freeze my Aussie Bites as soon as I buy them and they stay fresh. Aussie bites are great to bring to school or work for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack.

Costco Aussie Bites Nutrition Facts
Costco Aussie Bites Nutrition Facts



One Aussie Bite is 130 calories, seven grams of fat, 90 mg of sodium, two grams of fibre, two grams of protein, eight grams of sugar and 16 grams of carbohydrates.

If you can just eat one that’s not bad! Eight grams of sugar and seven grams of fat might seem high for a few folks considering how small these are.

Costco Aussie Bites Ingredients
Costco Aussie Bites Ingredients


The Aussie Bites from Costco contain oats and milk and may contain wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. They have a ton of healthy ingredients in them and just a few unhealthy ingredients like cane sugar and canola oil.


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 7.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 5/10


Give it a try!

Overall, they’re like dry miniature muffins that are loaded with seeds and dried fruit. Pretty tasty and satisfying for a somewhat healthy snack.

Have you tried the Aussie Bites? What do you think of them?

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32 thoughts on “Costco Aussie Bites Review”

  1. These make me very gassy. I took them to a girls weekend and they made several others gassy too. I really do like them otherwise! I have them on the counter and am just trying to eat 1 a day until they are gone. Do they really last on the counter that long? I keep looking for mold, but they look fine. Thoughts on expiration?

  2. Oh, yes, Aussie bites taste delicious! (except they have the canola oil!) So while I love them, will seek other options.
    Online recipes are exactly the same except they use Avocado oil!

    Come on Costco, help us all get heathier!


  3. It will be great when Costco gets products not using all the bad oils…like Canola (organic does not matter). We were so excited to see a bag of chips (first I have bought in long time) that used Avocado oil! We bought two of them!

    Do more with Avocado and Olive – forget the rest!

    Thank you,

    • Absolutely! They could easily get buy with half the sugar easily, But even more of a show stopper is the canola oil! The question I have is why? They had to go and ruin it. I didn’t have my reading glasses the day I bought them while they were being sampled and the sweet lady said there was only 3 grams of sugar and didn’t mention the canola oil in the run down of the ingredients..we all pulled one out on the way home and was shocked how sweet they were! they’re going back, things are to pricey to throw stuff away anymore!

  4. my 6 year old son had a major allergic reaction when trying one of these, I am currently sat in the ER with him as we try to remove the Aussie bites from the grips of his jaw

  5. I just discovered these and they are great for breakfast or a snack. I wish the sugar content and carbs weren’t so high. I might start to just eat them before a bike ride or hike.

  6. Love Aussie bites and have purchased them at Costco for several years. Yesterday while eating one I thought I bit down on a sharp rock. It was an elongated, triangular shaped nut shell that was extremely hard and caused my gum to bleed. This is unacceptable! I can relate to a few other reviewers who suffered broken teeth.

    • Yes! What’s up with the sharp, hard shells! I found a couple in the first one I ate in this new container I just purchased. I wonder if people have contacted the company directly and have made them aware as there is contact info on the packaging. I think I think I’ll send an email so they at least know.

  7. I love Assie Bites. They have been the solution to my IBSC. Eating one per day, I am now regular. No bloating, no gas, no constipation. Food is better than Medicine..

  8. I started eating these little gems about a year ago. Delightful is what I’d describe them as, be careful is my assessment. I have been a Diabetic for 30 years now and learned a lot about how to control my BGL. I also have a terminal heart condition that for some reason, other than my religion, the medical services plan, refuses to treat by accepted surgical practice. What does it mean for me? Apart from having a short prognosis, it means battling my hormones, looking after my teeth, and spending too much time on Google.
    Okay. Aussie Bites. I call them Kangaroo crap. Yes I know that sounds bad, but please tell me if you actually know of anyone who has tasted genuine Kangaroo you know what. The review is, in my opinion, true to form. The comments are also, if subjective, not out of line either. In my case, I only eat one. (The hardest thing to do.) I only eat very carefully, having scrunched on a seed or two. One box every month keeps me going. (24/box=2 people and an extra) I’m sure the Kangaroo industry won’t be much affected should I continue or stop. One thing is sure, mathematically, compared to my wife’s cherry bomb oatmeal muffins, there’s no competition, except for convenience.

  9. Twice, recently, when eating an Aussie Bite I’ve encountered very hard, one rock hard pieces that I think are dried raisins, and in both case they’ve caused a front tooth crown to literally break the tooth at my gum line. The first was a crown (that replaced a “real” tooth), and the second was the temp put in awaiting the new crown. Not fun. I’m considering moving on to something else even though I (and my wife) have enjoyed them for several years.

  10. If Aussie bites are placed in the fridge and over 8 months have passed since the expiration date, are they safe to eat?

    • Had mine in the fridge now for 4 months and just ate 1/2 of one and it was good as ever. The reason I stopped for 4 months is I got a kidney stone and Aussie Bites are full of high oxalates and sugars and salt which all make stones bigger. I’m just now starting to eat bad things in small amounts… I can remember a time when I ate 6 of these a day for a couple weeks…. miss those days.

  11. I love these little Aussie bites. I just had to for lunch ,And it filled me very satisfying and pack with nutrition. I feel that 260 cal is not bad for all the nutrition that you’re getting, plus it did fill me

  12. je ne les trouve pas chez Costco Laval est-ce qu’il en vende encore
    J’ai déja acheté et bien aimé
    Elles se trouve dans quelle section ??

    • I purchased from Sam’s Club and Costco and found small pieces of nut shells in the containers. Not a good thing for your teeth.

  13. Thanks for the info as I can’t seem to make the Costco flyer to get any bigger so I could what was in them. I might buy these too. As I see that there are some stuff that are in these muffins I should not have but I will try them and if they make me go to the bathroom to much I will have to pass them on to someone else. As I can’t use Flax seeds, chia seeds & Quinoa as if I eat too much at once I will be in the washroom most of the day.
    Thanks for telling us what is in them!

    • Hello Judith I’m so sorry to hear you might have spent a lot of time on the toilet eating this product, what was the stool like? Extremely runny or or too compacted? Could be variety of health problems causing this
      With love


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