Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks Review

Gluten-free and vegan! Bite-sized cookies from Costco that are soft, sweet, chewy and delicious!

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks image of the bag sitting on a table
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks

Today I’m reviewing the E&C’s Heavenly Hunks Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies! I had to pick these up as soon as I saw them in the snack section and noticed that they are gluten-free and vegan.

Similar products to the E&C’s Heavenly Hunks at Costco are the the Costco Universal Bakery Aussie Bites, the Costco MadeGood Red Velvet Mini Cookies and the Costco MadeGood Granola Minis.

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks image of three heavenly hunks on a plate
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks

Location in Store

You can find the heavenly hunks in the snack aisle at Costco. The item number is 1426238.


These are quite tasty. They’re sweet, soft and slightly chewy! I usually think gluten-free snacks aren’t very appealing but these are really good. They’re kind of like a cross between a granola bar and a cookie.

In my opinion, I think they taste more like a granola bar than a cookie. They’re quite sweet. The texture is more dense and moist than most cookies or granola bars. I don’t find them to have a lot of dark chocolate, but you can still taste it slightly.

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks closeup image of one heavenly hunk with a bite taken out of it
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks

To describe them shortly: they’re a hybrid between a chocolate chip granola bar and chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. I really enjoyed the flavor and texture of these and will have no problem finishing my bag!

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks close up image of one heavenly hunk
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks


I paid $7.99 Canadian on sale for the 567 gram bag. The regular price is $9.99 Canadian. There’s roughly 20 heavenly hunks in one bag.

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks product description on bag
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks


These are awesome for a snack, dessert, mid-morning or late-afternoon snack. The bag reseals which helps keep them fresh.

I have heard from some readers that they find their Costco heavenly hunks go moldy shortly after opening them, to prevent this I recommend either storing them in the fridge or freezer. They freeze just fine.

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks vegan, NON GMO, Gluten-Free
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks

The best before date listed on the bag is 11 months from the date we purchased them but I know for sure they wouldn’t stay fresh or not go moldy in 11 months after opening. for that long.

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks Nutrition Facts
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks Nutrition Facts



One cookie is 110 calories, five grams of fat, 14 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fibre, seven grams of sugar, two grams of protein and 40 mg of sodium.

Costco E&C's Heavenly Hunks Ingredients List
Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks Ingredients List

These are gluten free and vegan. However, I can’t say the ingredients list is exactly healthy. They have a decent amount of sugar as well as palm oil.


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 7.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 2/10


Give it a try!

I actually really enjoy these Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies! I find them pretty addictive! I think kids and adults both will love these and I bet a family could get through a bag pretty quickly.

Have you tried these? What did you think of them?

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18 thoughts on “Costco E&C’s Heavenly Hunks Review”

  1. How about some data about the Heavenly hunks minis? (They are 4 small pieces in a sealed foil bag and I carry a bunch of bags around in my glove box and i have never noticed any changes.

    But I can definitely see how the original large Hunks could go bad if not refrigerated.

    PS: All six of us in my 4 generation household totally loves them – from a 4 year old to two 80 year olds!!! And yes, my local Costco in Lincoln, Nebraska, is often sold out of both sizes.

  2. I love love love Heavenly hunks and have several unopened, still within date bags. Recently the last few bags smelled off when I opened them and didn’t improve with refrigeration. It’s a taste like fermentation of maybe the sugar or the oats.

  3. FYI. The Exp. date on a package is how long it can be sold on the shelf in the store. Once a consumer opens the package, the date becomes meaningless. That said, if a consumer buys it and leaves it “unopened” and keeps it in the same conditions that the store did, then a reasonable assumption would be that it will retain its freshness without mold until the exp date.

  4. Just picked up another bag as it was on sale. I noticed the ingredient list includes Vitamin E. That begs the question ‘Why?’.

  5. I had purchased and very much enjoyed the heavenly hunks a while back but when purchased late Sept 2021 the smell and taste was terrible and smelled like chemicals. They sat for 6 weeks as I planned to return them to Costco and see that the exp date 05/18/2022 is misleading as they are totally moldy (in Arizona).

    • We just opened a bag and they taste horrible! I though it was me, but my husband tasted it and agreed, something is terribly wrong. I hope we don’t get sick. Taking every bag back we purchased! (In AZ too!)

  6. I saw the dark chocolate Heavenly Hunks at Costco & decided to give them a try…. Needless to say they are Absolutely Delicious & my kids even like them too. Guess I’ll be taking another trip to Costco tomorrow to purchase a few more bags! Lol.

  7. I got these to try after another customer recommended them to me while in store. I thought they were great, but my SO didn’t like the very prominent brown rice syrup flavour.

  8. We just came home with a bag of heavenly hunks oatmeal dark chocolate from Costco. These tasted more like ‘hell hunks’ as the had a sharp bitter taste like mold. Do not buy Lot : 091420 0258 best before 2021/09/14

  9. Hey Jenn! So I’ve heard from others that they’ve found these go moldy pretty quick which I didn’t find because I ate them too fast but others suggest freezing them once open to prevent that from happening! Thought I’d pass it along

  10. I bought these after reading your review in July. They were amazing and just like that they disappeared at Costco. Now, they are back and on sale – going to buy 2 bags this time!

  11. These are AMAZING! I wasn’t too sure about them but thought to give them a shot and absolutely loved them. There’s just the right amount of sweetness and a unique, very slight hint of cinimon I believe. Not enough that I’m too confident about it being cinnamon but that’s what I like about it.


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