Costco Food Court Review

I’ve got a secret to admit!

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

I have something to admit – as much as I love Costco and Costco food, until recently I had never eaten at the Costco food court! Maybe I did when I was a kid, but I sure don’t remember it. It never even really crossed my mind to eat at the Costco food court until I started this blog. Now I can say I’ve pretty much tried everything from the Costco Canada food court menu, except the chicken Caesar salad because I went during a time when romaine lettuce wasn’t available. I’m going to give you a run down on what I thought of each item. Let’s begin!

Costco Chicken Strips and Fries ($6.49 Canadian)

First off, Costco fries are DELICIOUS! They’re actually came really hot, crispy and thick. Our chicken strip combo came with 4 chicken strips, sauce for dipping and a generous serving of fries. The chicken strips and fries both were nice and hot. Definitely one of the items I enjoyed more during my food court experience. The chicken appeared to be white, tender, chicken breast meat. I’d say this is pretty much your standard chicken strips and fries meal that you would get at a restaurant or fast food establishment. What sets the Costco chicken strips and fries apart from others is the price. They’re very generous with the serving size considering the cost.

Costco Food Court Pizza ($2.19 Canadian per slice)

There’s three different kinds of pizza you can choose from in Canada. Pepperoni, ham and pineapple and cheese. Generally I don’t love ham and pineapple pizza but the ham and pineapple was definitely the favorite. The pepperoni was okay but the pepperoni meat was actually quite hard and the pizza crust was also really hard, almost as if it’d been sitting out too long. The ham and pineapple had a softer crust and more toppings. The pineapple tasted nice and fresh.

Costco Turkey Pesto Provolone Sandwich ($5.49 Canadian)

So for those who haven’t had this, it’s basically deli turkey meat on a ciabatta bun with a bunch of melted provolone and pesto on top. For some reason I thought it would be more like real deal turkey meat and not the processed turkey deli sandwich meat. I have to say this had a TON of turkey on it, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a higher protein option. It definitely scores points for being full of meat and protein. The sandwich had two small slices of tomato on It but other than that no vegetables. Overall I found the sandwich to be a little too much for my liking, it was quite salty and greasy from the melted cheese as well it lacked vegetables and the ciabatta bread is quite thick and filling.

Costco Hot Dog Combo ($2.10 Canadian)

Here it is, the beloved Costco hot dog combo. For $2.10 Canadian, you get a big hot dog and a drink. This is probably the cheapest combo known to man. We regularly purchase the Costco Kirkland Signature Beef Wieners that they use in the Costco food court hot dog combo. However my husband doesn’t quite do them justice like Costco does. The food court hot dog tastes much better in Costco than at home. I generally don’t eat these hot dogs but I definitely would get one next time I’m at Costco because they do taste delicious. The bun is soft, the hot dog is cooked perfectly, they have condiments available such as ketchup and mustard and if you like they’ll even give you a small container of onions.

Costco Ice Cream ($1.65 Canadian)

I saved the best for last. The Costco ice cream in Canada is amazing. You can choose between vanilla, chocolate or swirl. I like the plain vanilla, Sean likes the chocolate so we ended up getting swirl. The Costco ice cream is delicious and as good as any other soft serve you can get that you pay way more for, this was $1.65 Canadian per ice cream. Even though we were both stuffed we kept eating our ice cream because it was that good. It’s not overly sweet and I found the chocolate and vanilla flavor was light. Sean and I both agreed we’d make it a habit to get the soft serve in the summer anytime we’re at Costco.

Sampling the selection at the food court was a pretty fun way to pass time while waiting for our tires to be put on! The pizza didn’t live up to the hype so that was disappointing but I’ve heard that the pizza in the United States is far better than in Canada. I will definitely be eating more of the frozen yogurt and if I needed a quick dinner or lunch I wouldn’t hesitate to have the hot dog combo again!

Do you eat at the Costco food court? What do you like to order?

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13 thoughts on “Costco Food Court Review”

  1. I used to love Costco’s ice cream sundae after shopping, but lately it’s been going down hill. This afternoon’s was the worst. It tasted like it had freezer burn, slightly different color and not as soft, and a big hole in the center of the cup. Very disappointing.

  2. One time I went to costco and my dad insisted that we eat first, so we went to the food court and ordered Ice cream sundaes. Little did I know, that was one of the worst decisions I’ve probably made. When we printed our receipt, it was all messed up but my dad and I just thought it was a bug, nothing else. We waited over 20 minutes for our order, but it never got prepared. My dad insisted on going up to the counter and confront the cashier about it. I told him just to wait a little bit, “I’m sure our order would be ready soon.” Though we waited another 5 minutes and our order still wasn’t ready. So my dad went up to the cashier and asked her why our order isn’t ready yet. The cashier said it wasn’t printed out fully, she asked one of her co-workers to check the order but they never ended up checking the order. By that time my dad and I were angry about how they messed up a lot of peoples orders. They never refilled the printing paper even though a customer already brought it up. They never checked our order either. So we had to go up to the person who was asked to check out order. She told us she would check it out now. After a couple minutes of waiting and total order chaos, we finally got our sundaes. When we sat down and ate our sundaes I thought nothing of it. I just complained to my dad about how bad the customer service was. He agreed with me fully. After, when we were done eating, we went to go grab ingredients for my mom. As we walked down the aisles, my stomach felt a little queasy. I thought nothing of it and continued to shop. Though my stomach was filled with air. After, we went to go checkout our items, my stomach was growling. It was like it was sending me a warning. But, then again, I thought nothing of it. I just thought that I needed to let some gas out. As we loaded all our stuff into the car, it happened again, Another growl. I asked my dad where we were headed next once he started the car. “Walmart,” he said. It took about 10 minutes until we arrived at our destination. Walmart, my favorite place. Well at least I thought it was.
    When I got inside, i kept farting. I told my dad I needed to use the washroom. He said he would wait for me so I ran to bathroom, hoping to hold my farts in. I could feel the Ice cream digesting fast. I could feel a volcano about to erupt. I clenched my buttcheeks together hoping that would prevent the volcano. When i arrived at the washroom, I dashed to a stall, pulled my pants down and questioned every decision I’ve made. I could feel a hot, liquidy sensation coming down like lava. I was scared to look down. My butt was burning, It just wouldn’t stop coming out. At that moment I heard a group of people coming in. “Oh no,” I mumbled to myself. How the heck am I supposed to stop the liquidy hot smelly sensation from escaping this hell hole. All you could hear was the toilets water splashing every second. I tried my best to contain the disaster but oh boy, the stall was like a sauna. The entire washroom was like all the garbage in the world compressed together. I gave up on trying to contain all that poo together. So I decided I would let the whole thing rip. I flushed the toilet and pushed out all I could. I grunted and grunted through that journey and finally after 10 minutes of unbearable suffering. It stopped. Luckily, the group of people who were in there left. So I could finally come out of the washroom acting like nothing happened. I felt so much better after that. My stomach was in relief., my buttocks felt relaxed. And I felt so much happier.

    • Ahhhhh you made my day , Just one question … if you and your father ate same ice cream … why didn`t he also get sick and ice cream doesn`t usually burn . I found you story inspirational . I thought you were gonna say you reached Walmart bathroom and all stalls were occupado and you had to resort to using a sink . Now that would have been a mess and a sight .

  3. I’d like to know what kind of oil the Costco food court in Burlington, Ontario uses to cook their fries. If anyone could tell me that’d be great. Thank you

  4. The only problem I figured was that they fry the chicken and the fries in the same oil which was so contaminated for me because I don’t eat chicken and that was the Scarborough branch.

  5. Are there any items gluten free?? If the fries are indeed cavendish they contain wheat and barley. Would be nice to have a gluten free option. They dont offer salads at the Canadian central costcos

  6. I don’t like the ice cream. Too artificial tasting for me, but then I’m comparing it to what I make at home so perhaps that’s not a fair comparison. I really wish they had a healthier option. I seldom eat anything there anymore and if I do, it’s the chicken wings. They used to have a really nice salad with chicken and cranberries. I was sad when they took it off the menu.

  7. I like the chocolate yogurt at the food court the U.S. I thought the yogurt in Canada was ice cream, so I don‘t eat it here. I am wondering if your reports are about Canadian Costco’s. Thank you for the great job you do on the food reviews.


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