Costco Clothing – Tuff Athletics T-shirt Review

I love this t-shirt from Costco that’s long in the back, simple and stylish!

Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt
Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt

It’s time for a random clothing review! I only review a few clothing items because I try to focus mainly on food but considering my wardrobe is like 99% from Costco I thought I’d review this Costco Tuff Athletics T-Shirt I bought recently that I like!

This can be found in the clothing section, the item number is 5110100.

Other clothing items I have reviewed are the Costco Wome’s Lole Lounge Pants, Costco LazyPants tie-dye hoodie and jogger and Costco Skechers Shoes.

Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt
Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt


This t-shirt is casual but can be dressed up or down depending on what you’re wearing! There’s a seam running down the back to add a bit more texture, it has cute cuffed appearing sleeves, and the back is longer than the front which I appreciate as a bigger-bottomed girl!

Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt
Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt

The Tuff Athletics T-Shirt from Costco is actually not very thin, it’s a thicker t-shirt and I could definitely wear it in the winter under a cardigan or by itself in the summer so I’ll keep it in my “all year long clothing” drawer. Because it’s thick that means it’s not at all see-through! It looks great with cropped joggers and capris or jeans and flats. It even goes well with dress pants.

Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt
Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt


I paid $14.99 Canadian for the Tuff Athletics T-shirt from Costco. Not bad at all for a high quality shirt!

Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt Washing Instructions
Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt Washing Instructions


I’m 5’5 and about 130-135 lbs and can be a size small or medium in tops. I purchased a size small and it fits just a bit loosely which I like. I could squeeze into an extra small I’m sure, but medium would be too big. The small fit just right – not skin tight and doesn’t stick to you, which I like! Another shirt to add to my “I can go out for dinner in this shirt and eat as much as I want”.

The back of the shirt goes to almost the bottom of my butt and the front hits at the top of my thighs.

Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt Fabric
Costco Tuff Athletics T-shirt Fabric


This shirt feels soft, thick and comfortable! It’s not too hot and it’s not at all a thin t-shirt. It hangs loosely on my torso and doesn’t at all feel restrictive.


Look: 8/10

Cost: 10/10

Sizing: 8/10

Feel: 10/10


Must buy!

I feel comfortable with my appearance in this shirt and it’s also super comfy! It reminds of Lululemon tops for a fraction of the cost. I’ll definitely be wearing this t-shirt a lot.

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  1. I appreciate the reviews! I enjoyed this one as I sometimes find Costco clothing to be hit or miss…and a lot of my current wardrobe is also from Costco! 😊


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