Costco Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes Review

Natural tasting sweet dried mangoes!

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

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My husband Sean absolutely loves anything mango! We’ve had the dried mangoes from Costco years ago but they weren’t Kirkland Signature and Sean ate them all up pretty quick so we haven’t bought them since! Recently we picked up the bag of Costco Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes so now I can post a review on them!

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These are delicious! Sweet large strips of very chewy and slightly soft organic dried mango. If you like mango you’ll love the taste of these. There’s nothing added to them, just straight up dried organic mango that actually tastes very natural! I can’t really say too much about what they taste like…because they taste like mango. Some people (like my dad) don’t enjoy the texture of fresh soft mango. So if you enjoy the flavor of fresh mango but not the texture these might be something work checking out.


This big bag of dried organic mangoes is not cheap. $22.99 Canadian for a 1.13 kg bag.


These are a super convenient snack or dessert or addition to your breakfast! The bag reseals so the mango stays fresh and all you have to do is open the bag and enjoy!

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These are full of natural sugar. There’s no added sugar but if you’re closely watching your sugar intake you may want to steer clear of these. It’s hard to say how much 1/2 cup is because of the shape of the mangoes!

These Costco Kirkland Signature Organic dried mangoes are absolutely delicious and it’s easy to eat a ton of them and blow your sugar intake for the day out of the water. I’d repurchase these as a treat because both Sean and I love mango!

Taste: 9/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 9/10

Do you prefer fresh or dried mangoes? Would you buy these? Why or why not?

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10 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes Review”

  1. The Kirkland dried mangos are disgusting. They are mushy and bitter. I got a chunk of pit in one and nearly broke a tooth. They had a different brand and they were amazing. My wife and I agreed they were horrible and we returned them. It was the first time we’ve ever returned food to Costco. Yuk

  2. We love and hate these. Every other bag is way too sour and just tastes like crappy mango scraps that were already gone bad or wouldn’t ripen so they dried them to make them look edible. Sometimes a bag is half sour and sometimes it is all terrible sour crappy mangos that hurt my teeth and my mouth and my tummy. Why do you keep eating? You ask. Because every third or fourth time we get a back it all tastes like candy. So I’m searching for one of those among the sours.

  3. I buy these at least three bags at time just to make sure I have enough. Costco availability is not to be taken without risk. I keep three bags ahead. Maybe four.


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