Costco Olivia Marinated Butterfly Shrimp Review

Costco has quite a few frozen party appetizers to choose from. There are actually multiple shrimp options to choose from! Are these Costco Olivia Marinated Butterfly Shrimp worth picking up over some of the other choices?

Image of the Costco Olivia Marinated Butterfly Shrimp box, sitting on a table.
Costco Olivia Marinated Butterfly Shrimp.

There’s no denying that Costco has a ton of frozen appetizers. I’ve reviewed quite a few and have enjoyed many! One product I’ve seen at Costco for a long time but haven’t tried are the Olivia Marinated Butterfly Shrimp. Sean isn’t the biggest fan of shrimp, but I really enjoy them so we bought these!

Other shrimp appetizers from Costco are the Kirkland Signature Tempura Shrimp, Kirkland Signature Breaded Panko Shrimp, P.S.I’s Grande Gourmet Coconut Shrimp, Authentic Asian Hand Wrapped Shrimp Wonton Soup and the Partini Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos.

Location in Store

You can find these in the freezer aisle at Costco, near all the other frozen appetizers. The item number is 1151330.

Closeup image of a hand holding one cooked butterfly shrimp with a plate of cooked shrimp in the background.
The shrimp are pretty greasy and garlicky!


These marinated shrimp are so aromatic! My house smelled so strongly of garlic when I was baking these. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy these but I have to say I really like them. They’re super oily and garlicky and have a very subtle sweet flavor.

Top down image of a white plate with six cooked shrimp on it.
You can see the shells are still on the shrimp.

You need to remove the shell off the shrimp before you eat them but it comes off very easily. Sean actually ended up taking a bite of shell because wasn’t aware there was a shell on them. The texture of the shrimp is really nice, not mushy and not too hard, just soft and tender.

Closeup image of a hand holding one cooked butterfly shrimp without the shell on with a plate of cooked shrimp in the background.
Ready to eat!


There were 18 shrimp in my box and I paid $12.99 Canadian, which isn’t bad. The shrimp aren’t big but they’re not super small either. The box states there are 16 to 20 shrimp in each box.

Image showing raw shrimp on a baking tray lined with parchment paper sitting on a stovetop.
Before baking the shrimp. The shrimp are raw.


The shrimp is raw so it’s really important they’re fully cooked. There are four different cooking methods on the box. A barbecue, broil, pan-fry and bake method. We baked ours and they turned out great. The shrimp need to be kept frozen until they’re being cooked and can be thawed in the fridge beforehand.

Image showing the cooked shrimp on a baking tray lined with parchment paper sitting on a stovetop.
Just out of the oven.

The shrimp comes in a plastic bag inside the box and unfortunately, the bag doesn’t reseal. I transferred my uncooked shrimp into a Ziplock freezer bag.

Image of a plastic bag with the raw shrimp. Showing how the shrimp comes packaged.
The shrimp comes in a plastic bag.

They’re done when the internal temperature has reached 72 degrees celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Image of the cooking instructions from the back of the box.
Cooking instructions.

The shrimp have a best-before date of about two years from the date they were produced and are a product of Vietnam. I like these as an appetizer but could also see them as a side with steak or even as your main with some rice and vegetables on the side.



Around three or four shrimp (a 100 gram portion) contains 120 calories, five grams of fat, 650 milligrams of sodium, four grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, three grams of sugar and 15 grams of protein. The sodium is high but I like how much protein there is for not that many calories or fat!

Image of the nutrition facts from the back of the box.
Nutrition facts.


These Costco Olivia Marinated Butterfly shrimp don’t have the healthiest ingredients. There’s palm oil which kind of has a negative reputation because it’s high in saturated fat.

The shrimp are dairy-free but not soy or wheat free, which is too bad. If I were at a party and wasn’t eating gluten I’d assume these shrimp are gluten-free but there is wheat in the yeast extract.

Image of the ingredients list from the back of the box.


Taste: 8.5/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 9/10

Nutrition: 6/10


Must buy – if you like shrimp!

The Costco Olivia Marinated Butterfly Shrimp is delicious and versatile. I think they’d be a great appetizer to serve at any party or get-together.

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?

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9 thoughts on “Costco Olivia Marinated Butterfly Shrimp Review”

  1. I had these twice and loved them, Next time i went to Costco they didn’t have them and i asked when it was coming in and they said it was discontinued. I would like it if we could order them again.

  2. I went to Costco in Fife WA and they were out of the Olivia Marinated Shrimp and they didn’t know when it will be back. I was so bummed because I drove out there specifically for this item and was disappointed. My question is. Where can I find this item.

  3. These were delicious! However my husband is celiac unable to have wheat. Not sure why these can’t be gluten free. It would be an easy change and more people could enjoy them.

  4. These are one of our quick-prep meals. we baste it with kikkoman teriyaki base & glaze after baking to add more flavor. or sometimes we add shredded cheese to it prior to baking to turn them into garlic parmesan cheese.

  5. No thanks. They’re ridiculously salty.

    I now only buy items at Costco that I never tried before after sampling them. There are too many [online] reviewers with different “palates” or their sense of taste is partially compromised after becoming infected with covid.

  6. Hello, Enjoyed your reviews. One small point,on any Seafood today it is helpful to clearly state if the product is farmed or wild. That is a very important consideration in my decision to buy foreign sourced seafood.
    Col. B

  7. I tried these a couple of years ago for a New Years Eve spread of goodies just for the two of us. I liked being able to bake them from frozen without needing to thaw them. We both looove shrimp and found them quite tasty but definitely on the quite salty side. Glad we tried them but wouldn’t buy again. This year I have a box of the tempura shrimp waiting for New Years. Should I read your product review before or after we try them? 😉
    Cheers and thanks!


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