Costco Tipiak Limited Edition Spring French Macarons 2022 Review

Have you ever had a macaron? Macarons are a delicate, fancy, crisp, chewy and soft cookie that come in various flavors. They originate in France and are made using almond flour. Macarons are also hard to make! In a bakery a macaron might cost two or three dollars each, but Costco is selling the Tipiak Macarons for a fraction of that. Are these macarons from Costco as good as a bakery version?

Costco Tipiak Limited Edition Spring French Macarons 2022 box sitting on a table.
The box is pretty nice-looking and protects the delicate macarons well!

Today I’m reviewing the Costco Tipiak French Macarons Limited Edition Spring 2022 box. Check out my previous reviews for the Costco Tipiak Macarons, Costco Tipiak French Macarons III, Costco Tipiak French Macarons II and Costco Tipiak French Macarons.

Product description from the box of the Costco Tipiak Macarons.
Tipiak is a family owned company and their macarons are made in France!

Location in Store

You can find the macarons at Costco outside the produce room in the cooler or in the dessert section in the bakery in the cooler. The item number is 1158138.


There’s six different flavors of macarons, blueberry, pistachio, lemon & yuzu, raspberry, peaches & cream and intense chocolate.

Top down image of the six kinds of macarons on a white plate.
Blueberry, intense chocolate, lemon & yuzu, raspberry, peaches & cream and pistachio!

My favorite flavor is probably the blueberry or the raspberry. Both the blueberry and raspberry flavor are pretty artificial tasting but I still enjoy them. The peaches & cream is also delicious. It has a strong nice peaches and cream flavor and is fairly sweet and is a bit artificial tasting. It reminds me of Quaker Peaches & Cream Oatmeal in a good way.

Closeup photo of a macaron on a plate.
Peaches & cream, blueberry and raspberry are my favorite.

The lemon & yuzu doesn’t just taste like lemon, it has the tartness of lemon but not overly lemon in flavor. Has the additional citrus flavor of the yuzu. I would rather have this than a plain lemon macaron.

All six flavors of the macarons on a white plate.
With six different flavors there’s sure to be one to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Intense chocolate is rich, kind of like a brownie and quite chocolatey. Almost like a brownie flavored macaron. They’re good. The pistachio macarons aren’t as flavorful as the other flavors, but they’re still fine.

All the macarons in the box are light and crisp and taste nice and fresh. The ganache inside isn’t overly sweet, but is creamy and flavorful. These are basically like a light, flavorful, crisp, chewy and slightly soft cookie with a ganache filling.


The Costco Tipiak French Macarons cost $20.99 and you get a box of 36 macarons. This might seem expensive to some people but for authentic French macarons, it’s actually quite reasonable.

Image of a Costco Tipiak French Macarons on a macarons tower.
This macaron tower is beautiful! Imagine this at your next party.


These macarons from Costco need to be kept refrigerated, to enhance the flavor, let the macarons sit for about 30 minutes at room temperature before eating them. Once you open the box it doesn’t really reseal either so it’s best if you can eat these up sooner than later! They have a best before date of about three weeks from the date I purchased them. Also, the macarons have a protective plastic shell that helps prevent them from cracking.

Costco French Macarons photo showing them out of the box showing the plastic shell they come in.
The plastic shell helps protect the macarons.

I think that the macarons are perfect for a for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday or just to enjoy at home if you’re a macaron fan.

Serving suggestions for the Tipiak Macarons.
Keep your macarons in the fridge until you’re ready to enjoy them!


Three macarons is 160 calories, seven grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, 18 grams of sugar and 50 mg of sodium. That’s not that many calories and fat for three cookies! They are a bit small though so it’s easy to eat three or even more.

The nutrition facts for the Costco macarons.
Nutrition Facts.


Macarons are made with almond flour and egg whites which means they’re gluten-free. The ingredients list for the Tipiak Macarons seems pretty typical to me for a store bought macaron, not healthy ingredients but I wouldn’t expect to see healthy ingredients in a cookie!

The ingredients list for the Costco Macarons.


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 8.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Give it a try!

When I consider their taste, cost and convenience I think these macarons come pretty close to bakery bought macarons. They’re definitely not as good but are a great alternative option.

Which flavor do you think would be your favorite?

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17 thoughts on “Costco Tipiak Limited Edition Spring French Macarons 2022 Review”

  1. When will they return to Costco? It is so frustrating to find something you absolutely love love love only for it to almost instantly go out of stock. Please don’t do that to us. Please get them on your shelf and let us know that they are there.

  2. These are delicious and right up there with macarons you would find in many nice bakeries. They are naturally flavored – no artificial flavors or colors. If you are used to artificial flavors, I imagine the taste might seem mild. I think they are to die for, and I also find the vibrant colors beautiful, which isn’t always the case with naturally colored sweets. I recommend serving them while they are still very cold (about 10 minutes out of the freezer or straight out of the fridge) for the best experience. I absolutely adore these!

  3. How long do they last? Cuz I’m thinking about shipping them to my sis and it will take about 10 days to get there.

    • They need to be kept refrigerated so I don’t think it would work unless you ship them refrigerated which is $$$

  4. They really have no taste, or very little artificial flavour like you said, I previously bought some belgian macarons from Costco and they were really delicious, the only good point in these is that they aren’t very sweety, but really wouldn’t recommand them because how tasteless they are.

  5. Left a comment earlier but appears to be removed. Logged into & searches for macarons but no such luck. I would like to buy some for my wife s because she used to buy them in Italy. Went to an Italian bakery & they charged me $16.50 for 6 of them but had a selection of 18. Thank goodness I only got 6. Had I known it cost that much I never would’ve bought any. Saw this when I google searched & says Costco has them at a decent price but i when I went to the website & searched. No macarons. Am I going to be wasting my time looking for them if I goto Costco in Brampton Ontario canada?

    • Hi Tommy! I hope you find them at Costco, I would call ahead to whichever Costco you’re going to and ask if they have the item number that’s on the post in stock. I definitely can understand not wanting to pay a ton for macarons. They’re really expensive here too at the local bakeries.

    • My mom used to work at costco in Brampton Ontario and saw them all the time! They are also on sale now until April 3, 2022!


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