Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Review

Costco is carrying this German-style pork schnitzel meal that’s convenient and ready in minutes!

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Review box
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel

Today I’m reviewing the Ventera German Style Pork Schnitzel from Costco! I was looking for an easy and convenient dinner option during a recent trip to Costco so I picked this up. I’ve seen it at my Costco for awhile and have wanted to try it so now that I’ve tried it, I’m reviewing it!

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Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Ingredients side of box
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel

Location in Store

The pork schnitzel is found in the refrigerated section near the fresh pasta, falafel and tofu. The item number is 5055555.

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel prepared and on a plate with sauce on top
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel


I thought that this Costco Ventera German-Style Pork Schnitzel would be a convenient and delicious comfort meal, but I have to say, I don’t love this. It’s a bit more work to prepare than I thought it would be, which would be fine if it tasted amazing but it doesn’t!

The sauce isn’t great, it’s a mushroom sauce and is very creamy, salty and buttery but tasted greasy and heavy. I don’t love the mushroom flavor, it’s a bit plastic tasting to me. I regret pouring so much sauce on the pork because the pork isn’t bad but the sauce was just too much.

Go easy on the sauce and taste it before you pour it on to see if you like it! The pork is decent quality, is very thin and flat. There are some fatty chunks in the pork too.

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel close up of schnitzel with a bite taken out of it
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel

The breading is a bit uneven despite my best efforts to coat each piece in breading entirely. It did turn out crispy though after cooking the breaded pork in a fry pan with some olive oil for a few minutes on each side.

Both Sean and I had a bite or two and couldn’t eat anymore. I can’t say I love the taste of this pork schnitzel from Costco. We put the sauce on the pork and both didn’t like the sauce, had we not poured so much sauce on we probably would have ate the pork alone.

If you like mushroom sauce and you know you like German pork schnitzel you could try this and see what you think. I’ve had schnitzel before and enjoyed it but this sauce tastes much different than sauce I’ve had previously, and not in a good way!

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel prepared without sauce on top
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel


The Costco pork schnitzel costs $15.49 Canadian for the 1 kg package that contains pork, sauce and breading.

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Cooking Instructions
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Cooking Instructions


Sean walked into the kitchen after opening this to take photos and said “I got bad news for you, this is going to take more to prepare than you thought”.

I didn’t realize I’d have to bread the pork and cook it in the fry pan, I thought I could just microwave the Costco pork schnitzel or pop it in the oven haha. Next time I’ll have to pay attention to the cooking instructions.

To prepare the German-style pork schnitzel you had to bread each pork cutlet in the breading provided. Then heat a large skillet with 1/3 cup of oil and cook each pork cutlet for two minutes per side.

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel ingredients to prepare
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel

The sauce is easy, you just microwave the pouch and pour it on the schnitzel. The schnitzel from Costco can be served with vegetables, rice, potatoes or a salad.

The best before date on this schnitzel from Costco is just over a month from when we purchased it and it needs to be kept in the refrigerator. You can freeze this product if you’re not going to have it by the best before date. The box recommends thawing in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours prior to heating it.

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Nutrition Facts
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Nutrition Facts



One slice of pork schnitzel is 220 calories, 12 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fibre, one gram of sugar, 15 grams of protein and 380 mg of sodium. Keep in mind, one slice is not that much, I think most individuals would eat two or three slices.

Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Ingredients
Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Ingredients


This Costco schnitzel is not gluten-free or dairy-free. I find it interesting that the pork has sugars added, I don’t understand why that’s necessary.


Taste: 5/10

Cost: 5/10

Convenience: 6.5/10

Nutrition: 4/10


Walk on by!

My honest review and opinion of this Costco bought pork schnitzel is that it just isn’t tasty, the sauce was the main thing I didn’t like. Next time I’m craving schnitzel I’ll go to a local restaurant.

Have you tried this? What did you think of it?

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18 thoughts on “Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel Review”

  1. We LOVED this! It took no time at all to bread it and I used a big frying pan. I pounded the pork to be sure it was tenderized, first. Mashed potatoes with a little of the sauce on potatoes (not the meat). Will reheat in the airfryer!

  2. I agree with the review, I would never buy this again. The breading was NOTHING like the photo on the package, it was basically bread crumbs and some flour, and didn’t adhere to the pork AT ALL. When turned over while cooking in the pan, it came off in big chunks, leaving bare pork. Not the nice coating seen in the picture. There was NOT NEARLY enough sauce, and it was way too salty. Skip this one, at Costco, and get some nice sausages instead.

  3. Wait am I in Bavaria ! Yes it takes a little time to prepare but the time is worth the result. This is not fast food Schnitzel. Don’t miss out on this delicious meal. We loved the taste, the smell and the food quality. We will buy it when it is available at COSTCO.

  4. Can I leave a zero star rating or a negative stars?? I wanted ready to eat for a quick dinner but this requires breading the pork which is never quick, plus $19 for a small amount of protein I still have to bread is overpriced

  5. We absolutely loved this dish! Pork was tender and we absolutely loved the sauce. Flavor was fantastic. Ours not greasy at all. For those of us used to making dinners from scratch, this was a breeze! Thank you Costco for carrying this product.

  6. I loved tthe Ventera Port Schnitzel. It was totally awesome and I am so disappointed you no longer carry it! Please bring it back!!! I rate it a 10+
    Charmy LeaVell

  7. This is so tasty. It does take a lot of prep work though. I skipped the salty, mushroom gravy and enjoyed with brussels sprouts and baked cinnamon apples. So delish. Have already bought it for next time!

  8. We tried this pork schnitzel and loved it!
    The pork was tender and the coating was very flavorful. The gravy was excellent with bits of mushrooms in it. Unfortunately I looked for it at Costco immediately and found that they do not carry it except during October.

  9. My husband and I loved this.
    My husband rarely eats meat. He ate 6 slices. Sometimes these packages mealies are hit and miss. This was so delicious. Went back to by more a s they did t have it😞

  10. I bought it thinking it would be a fast option. Turns out you have to bread and fry it yourself. Which isn’t much faster than making it from your own pork loin, which is much cheaper. Was willing to pay for the convenience of a pre made schnitzel, and that’s what it looks like at a glance, but it is quite pointless to deal with a bunch of extra packaging only to be essentially making schnitzel from scratch. IMO.

  11. I absolutely loved this product and would buy it again and again. I found the sauce was delicious and it was easy and quick to make for a delicious schnitzel!

  12. I guess this is everyone taste buds we really liked it I did it over egg noodles really good, I agree a little bit of work butvworth it we have three more in our freezer
    Sorry we enjoyed it

  13. I purchased the VENTERA PORK SCHNITZEL from Costco a few days ago and couldn’t wait to prepare it. It was the best Schnitzel I have eaten without actually being in Germany. Having spent a considerable amount of time over the past 40 years in Germany, I have become a great fan of Schnitzel and I have found the Ventera Pork Schnitzel to be excellent. I rate it 10 out if 10.


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