Costco Rana Tagliatelle, Seasoned White Chicken & Mushroom Sauce Review

Costco carries convenient fresh pasta! Family dinner done in the microwave.

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Today I’m reviewing pasta from Costco! The Rana Tagliatelle Seasoned White Chicken & Mushroom Sauce. This was a product I had to make a case for! Once glance at it and Sean muttered “I’m not eating that”. I get it, he hates mushrooms and also doesn’t love any kind of creamy sauce. I always win though so not only did this end up in our cart to review today but Sean ate it this past weekend! I’ve reviewed a few pasta products from Costco in the past including the Costco Kirkland Signature Mediterranean Pasta Salad, Costco Garofalo Organic Pasta, Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Penne Alfredo and the Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna!

I found this product in the refrigerated section by the other fresh pasta. The item number is 1182348.

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Fresh tagliatelle pasta, creamy mushroom sauce and seasoned white chicken all come in the Rana pasta kit from Costco. The sauce has Portobello mushrooms, parmesan cheese, white wine and heavy cream (all the good stuff). The tagliatelle is a durum wheat semolina fresh pasta and the chicken is very well seasoned.

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This actually turned out to be pretty tasty! Sean even liked it despite his lack of love for mushrooms and creamy sauces. We both commented that the pasta tasted very fresh and despite being microwaved was cooked to a perfect al-dente state. The mushroom sauce didn’t actually have much of a strong mushroom flavor and was seasoned well and flavorful, extremely creamy, thin enough to evenly coat the pasta. The chicken was my least favorite part, slightly tough and little processed tasting but it had a nice smoky flavor.

The chicken reminds me of the Costco Fresh Additions Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Bites if you’ve ever had those before.

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I paid $13.49 Canadian for the 1.14 kilogram package of tagliatelle, mushroom sauce and chicken. The best before date was about 2 weeks from the date I purchased the fresh pasta from Costco.

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In the package you get one large black microwaveable tray and three seperate packages of the mushroom sauce, fresh tagliatelle and seasoned white chicken. $13.49 is not bad for the kit but this only fed two adults (one having quite a large appetite). I think you’d struggle to feed two adults and two teenagers with one pasta kit but two adults and two little ones would be doable.


Talk about convenient! Dinner is ready in the microwave in just eight minutes. All you have to do to prepare the pasta is layer your pasta, sauce and chicken in the black tray, microwave it and mix it up.

This Rana Tagliatelle Seasoned White Chicken & Mushroom Sauce is perfect for nights when you don’t feel like cooking or need to get dinner on the table and mouths fed fast!

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One prepared cup of tagliatelle with mushroom sauce and chicken is 270 calories, 13 grams of fat, 590 mg of sodium, three grams of sugar, two grams of fibre, 14 grams of protein and 24 grams of carbohydrates. Who eats only a cup of pasta? Definitely not me!

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This isn’t really that healthy nor is it vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan. It does have a decent amount of protein and even if you had two cups it wouldn’t be outrageously high in calories or fat.

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Taste: 8/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 4/10


Give it a try!

I gave some of the Rana Tagliatelle Seasoned White Chicken & Mushroom Sauce to my parents and they absolutely loved it. This is a quick, convenient, delicious and gourmet microwaveable meal to serve the family!

What’s your favorite pasta to buy from Costco? Leave a comment if you found this review helpful!

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26 thoughts on “Costco Rana Tagliatelle, Seasoned White Chicken & Mushroom Sauce Review”

  1. Hi I just purchased this product. Can it be cooked on the stovetop? My microwave(which is also an air fryer) is not powerful enough for it.
    Suggestions please ?

  2. Really liked this ! I had a very expensive pasta last week in Banff and this tasted very close ! About the large tray it comes in , I for SURE am keeping it for a serving dish or to use in my pantry to hold packaged food .

  3. We love Costco meal shortcuts! With this one we had mixed reviews. The noodles and flavor of the mushroom sauce was pretty good, but agree with some previous posters that the grilled chicken was overly salty and a little off. I ate around and left my chicken leftovers in my bowl and fed them to my patient pup. We did add a fairly decent amount of sautéed mushrooms (baby bella’s – crimini’s) to this batch to bulk it up and would definitely include a healthy addition of spinach which was mentioned by another reviewer which could reduce demand over and/or need for the chicken going forward.

  4. Neither my husband nor I liked this. Some of the meat was chewy…and that was a big turn off. The taste was ok, but not our favorite sauce.

  5. We’re having this tonight. I was a little worried that the sauce was red, but if it turns out good, then I’ll be happy. My favorite dish from Costco is the roasted vegetable cauliflower crust pizza. Very yummy.

  6. I bought this a couple of weeks ago and wished it was just a little larger portion. It was almost enough for 4 servings (2 meals for both my husband and myself.) The next time I bought it, I sautéed a few mushrooms, then threw in some fresh spinach at the last minute and added a little leftover chicken. Threw all of that in with the packaged ingredients and cooked per package directions. This made plenty for 4 generous servings and was delicious. The added spinah upped the nutrition as well. Definitely on our regular Costco list!

  7. I have had this three times now.
    The first time was at a Potluck.
    Love it!! Although my Dr doesn’t want me having that amount of sodium and saturated fats!! 😐
    It is easy to make & delicious.
    9 stars out of 10. Yum!

  8. Unfortunately, it is not being sold in Costco in Newfoundland, Canada any longer.
    How about Costco in other parts of Canada?

  9. I bought this because of the 3.00 off, thought it was worth a try. Now I am looking it up as I threw away the wrapper because I LOVED it and must buy it again. If you haven’t tried it, you might just check it out. YUMMY !!!

  10. I made this tonight for dinner. We loved it! I’d buy several to put in the freezer if they can be frozen to use later—is this possible??

  11. I bought the family size Tagliatelle grilled white chicken and portobello mushroom sauce from Costco, Burlington, Wa. I found it to be delicious. However, I can not conceive of buying more after I found a large plastic tray, to be used once and thrown away, inside the package. I find this to be real “short-term gain”, “we make it easy for you” thinking of how to do business in this world of plastic and landfill. Where are all of the manufacturer’s brains, when coming up with a business plan to sell their product? I will miss the taste of a finely, processed product. More importantly, why does Costco encourage this business plan to even exist by buying products such as this?

  12. We love both this product and Spudlers Smoked Bacon Breakfast Hash. Why does Costco bring such great items in one or two times and then discontinue them? At least the Spudlers item may be available from either Giant Tiger or Walmart. But I haven’t found another food store that carries the seasoned white chicken and mushroom sauce.
    This is very annoying especially when we have only one smaller Costco store in Medicine Hat.

  13. I got one to try as well and didn’t realize it was a microwave dish! My microwave was too small to cook this, so it was interesting.


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