Costco Dom Reserve Singles Tuna Poke Review

I’ve never seen frozen poke until I stumbled across the Dom Reserve Singles Poke in the freezer section at Costco! When I think of poke I think of fresh-caught, raw fish, not something I’d defrost in my fridge from the freezer! We’ve recently had fresh poke from Costco in Hawaii and although skeptical I bought this tuna poke to try. So how does this freezer aisle version compare to the fresh stuff?

Image of the Costco Dom Reserve Singles Tuna Poke box sitting on a table unopened.
Costco Dom Reserve Singles Tuna Poke.

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Image of the back of the box of the tuna poke showing product description.
The tuna is wild-caught.

Location in Store

This is located in the freezer aisle at Costco, the item number is 1618523.

Side view close up image of a bowl of tuna poke sitting on a table.
Ready to try!


The first thing that I noticed when I opened my first pack of tuna poke were that a couple pieces looked a little bit gristly. Unfortunately this turned out to be true. There were a few gristly pieces in my pack. It reminded me a bit of the Kirkland Signature pokes that I tried recently, though I think they were actually a bit worse.

Top down image of a bowl of tuna poke sitting on a table beside a fork.
You can see the black sesame seeds on the tuna.

On the positive side, I didn’t notice any fishy smell whatsoever from my poke. It just smelled like soy sauce.

Closeup image of a fork with a piece of tuna poke on it with a bowl in the background.
The poke has quite a bit of sauce on it!

The poke seemed pretty saucy when I took it out of the pack and the flavors are consistent with that observation. You taste the sauce more than the fish. The top three ingredients in the sauce are soy sauce, sugar and sriracha, and the flavors are consistent with that. It has a sweetish soy sauce taste with a moderate amount of heat. The sesame seeds add some flavor, but more so texture. The lime is noticeable too, though not necessarily in every bite.

Closeup image of a fork with some tuna gristly poke on it hovering over a bowl of poke.
Some pieces are a bit gristly.

When you get a good piece of fish, the poke is very enjoyable. It’s tender and tasty. The gristly pieces still taste good, but they’re obviously not nearly as enjoyable to eat. Aside from the gristly pieces, my biggest complaint is that the sauce is a little bit overpowering, particularly the heat. It works alright in frozen poke like this, but if you had fresh, delicious fish, you’d want to let it shine a bit more.

Top down close up image of a bowl of tuna poke.
Next time I’ll have it with some rice!


There are five packages of poke in the box and it costs $19.99 Canadian at Costco. This isn’t cheap but seafood in general isn’t cheap and you’re paying for the convenience.

Image of five vacuum sealed packs of tuna poke sitting on a table.
There are five packets of tuna poke in the box.


The poke needs to be kept frozen and when you’re ready to eat it, thaw in the refrigerator over night. Once it’s thawed you don’t need to cook it, you can just pour it into a bowl and eat it right away. You can eat it as it comes but there are also a few serving suggestions on the box if you want to add a few extra ingredients

Image of a recipe for tuna poke with mango and sticky rice from the back of the box.
Tuna poke with mango and sticky rice recipe.

The best before date on the tuna poke is almost a year from when we purchased it. Once the tuna has been thawed the box suggests eating it within two days and does not recommend freezing it again.

Image of a recipe for tuna poke with avocado and red onion from the back of the box.
Tuna poke with avocado and red onion.

If you don’t like raw fish or you’re sensitive to certain textures you may not love this but if you know you like raw tuna you’ll probably enjoy it!

Image of the handling instructions for the poke from the back of the box.
Thawing instructions for the poke.



One pouch contains 160 calories, one and a half grams of fat, eight grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fibre, seven grams of sugar, 29 grams of protein and 570 milligrams of sodium. Although it’s a bit on the salty side the amount of protein is amazing for only 160 calories and one and a half grams of fat.

Image of the back of the box of tuna poke showing ingredients, nutrition facts and handling instructions.
The tuna is marinated in lime & soy sauce with sesame seeds.

The carbs are also very low, I’m a bit surprised there’s sugar in the poke but it makes sense because there’s a mildly sweet flavor.

Image of the nutrition facts for the tuna poke from the back of the box.
Nutrition facts.


Unfortunately the poke is not gluten-free due to it containing soy sauce. It’s dairy-free though and doesn’t contain any nuts. The ingredients list is really straight-froward with wild-caught responsibly sourced tuna, poke sauce, sesame oil and black sesame seeds being the main ingredients.

Image of the ingredients list for the tuna poke from the back of the box.


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 8/10


Give it a try!

Although I find the sauce a bit much when you get a non-gristly piece of tuna this is really enjoyable. For a frozen poke it’s decent!

Have you tried this Dom Reserve Singles Tuna Poke from Costco? What did you think of it?

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