Costco Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Review

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is known to be one of the safer salmon options due to its low toxicity and mercury levels. The Costco brand – Kirkland Signature has a couple of different frozen salmon options with the Alaskan salmon being the most expensive. I enjoy salmon weekly, is this one from Costco tasty enough that I’ll repurchase it?

Costco Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon bag on a table. Top down image.
Costco Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.

I have to admit, I’m kind of tired of salmon. I’ve been eating salmon two to three times a week for probably the last year and a half to two years. It’s a healthy high protein option for pregnancy so I consumed a lot of it over the last 10 months! I wasn’t thrilled about recently buying this big bag of salmon from Costco to review but I figure if anyone can do a decent job reviewing salmon, it’s me.

Closeup image of the bag.
The salmon is individually vacuum packed and quick frozen.

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Location in Store

You can find the salmon in the freezer aisle at Costco near the other fish and seafood. The item number is 221177.


The taste of the salmon is really nice, not at all fishy like some sockeye salmon but still very rich in flavor. I used some simple applewood seasoning and it enhanced the natural flavor of the salmon without totally overpowering it. This salmon stands up well to grilling, it’s moist and tender but not mushy or fall apart flaky.

A piece of grilled salmon on a white plate.
After grilling.

The first few bites of this Costco salmon are really good, the salmon doesn’t even taste like it’s been frozen. But I’m glad I finished the entire portion. I found so many teeny tiny bones eating this that my overall enjoyment of the salmon totally tanked. I was constantly pulling bones out of my mouth or accidentally swallowing bones.

Closeup image of a forkful of salmon showing the texture.
The texture is tender and the salmon is moist.

The bag says “may contain bones” but I wish it read “contains small bones”. I know someone individuals are fine with the small bones but it just really dampens my salmon-eating experience! I’m sad about the bones because I like the flavor of this salmon and feel like the overall quality is pretty high but I don’t think I’ll repurchase it.

Image showing two individually packaged portions of salmon frozen. One skin side up.
Each portion of salmon is individually packaged.


The 1.36-kilogram bag of salmon that contains seven to nine individual portions costs $42.99 Canadian. Which isn’t cheap! The bag I purchased has eight pieces of salmon in it. Salmon generally isn’t cheap and wild Alaskan sockeye salmon costs more than farmed salmon.


The salmon comes frozen and each piece is individually vacuum sealed so it’s really easy to make just one portion! My husband doesn’t eat salmon so I love that I can just grab a portion to defrost and make for lunch or dinner.

One piece of salmon being barbecued, fish side up.
Salmon made on the grill is delicious.

The best before date on the bag is about 15 months from the time we purchased the salmon and it needs to be kept frozen until you’re ready to thaw the salmon. If you’re like me, you’ll use the quick thaw method and use cold water to thaw the salmon because I never remember to take it out. You can also thaw it in the fridge for 8 to 10 hours.

Salmon cooking instructions from bag.
Thawing and cooking instructions for the Costco salmon.

There are three ways to prepare the salmon listed on the bag, grilling, sauteeing and baking. Because it’s summer I grilled my salmon to try but in the winter I usually bake it. This isn’t seasoned so you can be creative and use all sorts of recipes to enhance the flavor of the salmon with seasonings and sauces.

Image of the salmon on the grill, skin side up.
On the grill.



In one 170 gram piece there are 290 calories, 15 grams of fat, 80 milligrams of sodium zero grams of fibre, sugar and carbohydrates and 36 grams of protein. That’s an awesome amount of protein! Salmon is not low in calories or fat like chicken or other fish but it’s loaded with healthy fats so, despite the higher calories and fat, it’s a nutritious option.

Take note, the sizes of the portions of salmon vary so you may be consuming more or fewer calories depending on the weight of your portion.

Salmon nutrition facts from the bag for one portion.
Nutrition facts.


The ingredients list is short and sweet, there’s only one ingredient which is wild sockeye salmon. Salmon is full of Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA which benefits the heart as well as the brain and it’s also known to decrease inflammation. Wild salmon is said to have fewer toxins and mercury than farmed salmon, making it viewed to be safer although farmed salmon is generally much cheaper than wild.

Salmon ingredients from bag, one ingredient only, sockeye salmon.
One ingredient only!


Taste: 7/10 If it didn’t have so many tiny bones I would be rating it much higher.

Cost: 6.5/10

Convenience: 6/10

Nutrition: 10/10


Give it a try!

I recognize that I may have just gotten a bad batch or portion with all the bones. I did love the flavor of the actual salmon.

Did I get a bad bag or did you also find lots of bones in your Costco salmon?

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20 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Review”

  1. Sounds yummy and nutritious! I read all the reviews to decide on whether to make a purchase or not, and now I think I definitely will. It’s so healthy for you and I think five dollars a portion is a deal compared to what you have to pay for a piece of steak.
    (and I have always loved a good steak!) Any coupons available? Interesting recipes???

  2. We frequently get the wild salmon and rarely find any bones. The individually wrapped pieces are very convenient…it gets 5 stars from mus

  3. I love this Costco Wild Sockeye Salmon, and I haven’t found one single bone thus far. It was about $48.00 for the bag of 9 pieces: $5:30 a piece.

  4. I just got an email from Costco that this salmon is $10 off until July 30, 2023. The retail price is now $47.99 so with the $10 off it will be $37.99. I think I will buy a bag at that price.

  5. I always buy costco wild sockeye salmon frozen mainly and sometimes fresh ones that’s my main protein, would you have coupons or discounts that you can send me pls to use in my next purchase, sometimes very seldom goes on sale could you notify me by my email if you have any discounts or promotions or coupons tnks for this excellent product

    • On sale now till Jan 21. I bought on New Year eve for 29.99. Grilled today for dinner. So fresh and yummy. Will come back tomorrow to get another bag

  6. Congratulations Natalie, sounds like you are a new mama!

    Do you ever season the salmon prior to cooking it … if so, what type of seasoning do you use?

    As well, are we supposed to eat the skin on the salmon? Do you eat it? I’m not sure I’d like the taste.

    I find sockeye salmon very strong tasting and have not liked it in the past, but I want to eat it because I know it is very nutritious.

    • Hi Bina! Thanks so much! I am a new mama :). I usually season my salmon with salt and pepper before baking it then squirt some fresh lemon juice on top. I don’t eat the skin, I think it’s pretty nutritious but I just can’t bring myself to eating it.

    • Hi Bina – Wild sockeye should taste fresh, never fishy when flash frozen like this. I find some COSTCO portions contain a few bones, but it’s to be expected at this price – barely $10/lb US is a great buy with fresh $16-18! Skin is very nutritious and I think you will enjoy the texture with proper preparation. Always thaw and pat completely dry. I like thyme or tarragon and a bit for red pepper flake with my generous salt and pepper. Always sear flesh side down first in a high temp oil (like avocado) and finish by letting the skin side get crispy. The last 2 minutes, baste with a pat of butter and a squeeze of lemon (acid) for brightness, not to cover the flavor. It should be moist and flakey w a crust 🙂

  7. I paid 49.99 at the Prince George BC Costco. I love the flavour and it was perfect for air frying 👌🏼❤️ I will purchase it again. Excellent packaging too.

  8. This was an awesome review. I’ve never liked salmon but have adopted a new diet recently into which I want to incorporate it, as I have mostly just tried salmon when others have made it rather than season and prepare it myself. I did some research regarding farmed vs wild and settled for this exact product. I do agree with you and the other commenters regarding the pricing, but based on the health and nutritional value, I think it’s worth it. Hoping for little to no bones when I try my first portion soon!

  9. This is one of my family’s favorite Costco products! Wild salmon is so much tastier, healthier and safer than farmed Atlantic salmon. And while it may be pricey, it’s much more affordable at Costco than anywhere else. We think the quality is terrific and rarely ever find bones. Try another bag and you’ll hopefully have better luck. Thanks for your great reviews!

  10. Love your reviews Natalie !
    I have always had a few bones in these salmon pieces. As you said, they are great aside from the bones.

  11. We had this salmon for dinner last night. We’ve had it about once every two weeks for years, but also use canned salmon as well on top of salads, along with the Mahi Mahi and the haddock Costco sells (much prefer the loins, when available, to the fillets).
    Yesterday, I found about 5 bones in my salmon portion – my husband didn’t have any. Sometimes we find bones (annoying), but not all that often. Otherwise, we are happy with the Kirkland Salmon; and will continue to purchase it, even at the expensive price.

  12. Hello,
    Thanks for your review. I have been eating this salmon for many years and I rarely find any bones at all and so I think it is safe to say that you may have got a boney batch.
    All the best.


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