Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod Review

Are you a fish lover who’s looking for convenient meal options? Costco carries an abundance of frozen fish, including this Miso Glazed Cod from High Liner. The glaze makes this particular cod more convenient than most frozen fish options because you don’t have to worry about seasoning it or anything. You just cook it, add a side dish or two and you have a nice meal. Is the Miso Glazed Cod good though? Read on to find out!

Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod  box sitting on a table.
Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod.

I’m the only one in our house who eats fish regularly. I don’t mind fish. It’s not my absolute favorite protein, but I recognize the health benefits and find it tasty enough. I picked up this Costco Highliner Miso Glazed Cod thinking it could be good for work lunches.

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One fillet of cod cooked and served on a white plate.
Ready to eat!

Location in Store

This cod can be found in the freezer section of Costco beside the other frozen fish products. The item number is 1338053.

Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod  cooked and served on a white plate, top down image.
The Costco Miso Glazed Cod is light, flaky and moist.


Firstly, I’ll point out that the glaze runs off the cod when you bake it. After it’s done cooking, there’s only a small amount of glaze left! The cod itself is very mild in flavor. You can taste hints of soy and sweetness from the glaze.

Closeup image of one bite of Costco Miso Glazed Cod on a fork/
There’s no need for a knife with this Costco cod.

The cod is light, flaky and moist, and I love how it doesn’t have a fish flavor at all. Our house didn’t smell like fish while I was cooking it, which my husband appreciated! Overall, I like the texture and taste of the cod. I don’t mind that most of the glaze cooked/ran away, because I enjoy just a hint of extra flavor.


I paid $19.99 for the 907-gram box of Miso Glazed Cod. There are six pieces of cod in my box. The size of the pieces varies a bit; some are bigger than others.

Image of bag of High Liner Miso Glazed Cod, six cod fillets in one bag.
I had six fillets in my bag of varying sizes.


The cod needs to be kept frozen and has a best before date that’s about 13 months from the date we purchased it. The miso-flavored cod pairs well with a fresh side salad and rice or asparagus and baby potatoes.

Costco Miso Glazed Cod Cooking Instructions from box.
Cook from frozen, don’t thaw beforehand.

There are both baking instructions and barbecue instructions listed on the box. I went with the baking instructions and popped my cod into the oven on a baking tray with parchment paper lining it. I baked the cod at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 22 minutes. As I said before, the glaze on the cod tends to run off as it cooks, so expect your cod to have much less glaze on it at the end than it does at the beginning! The mess on my baking sheet was kind of annoying – I should have used foil like the box recommends instead of parchment paper. If I’d wrapped foil around my baking sheet, there wouldn’t have been any cleanup needed.

Costco Miso Glazed Cod Cooking Instructions from box.
Cooking instructions.



One fillet contains 130 calories, one gram of fat, three grams of sugar, 25 grams of protein, 55 milligrams of cholesterol and 450 milligrams of sodium. These cod fillets are low in calories and fat and high in protein, which is great.

Costco Miso Glazed Cod Nutrition Facts from box.
Nutrition facts.


I thought the Costco Miso Glazed Cod was gluten-free, but after a quick glance at the ingredients list, I discovered that wasn’t the case. The third ingredient listed is sugar, which isn’t ideal. If you want straight up, really healthy fish, buy it without any seasoning and use a tad of extra virgin olive oil and some salt, pepper and lemon juice for seasoning.

Costco Miso Glazed Cod Ingredients from box.


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 6.5/10

Convenience: 8/10

Nutrition: 8.5/10


Give it a try!

The High Liner Miso Glazed Cod is a quick, convenient and tasty frozen cod from Costco. The biggest negative about this product is that the glaze doesn’t stick to the cod when cooking it. Make sure you wrap your baking sheet in foil!

Have you tried the Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod? What did you think of it?

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29 thoughts on “Costco High Liner Miso Glazed Cod Review”

  1. The perfect way to cook the miso-glazed cod is to place it on a piece of foil that’s about 3/4 inch larger than the cod in each direction, then pinch the corners to make a “boat” for the cod. Place the “boated” cod onto a baking sheet; bake as directed. It will come out perfectly with loads of juices/broth that you can then pour onto your rice you’re serving with i.

  2. Had this product tonight for dinner. My wife prepared it to package instructions. We are cod lovers. I found the cod to be lacking in flavor (not even close to what is described), definitely not flakey, as cod should be (in fact, it was mushy), and with a distinct, fishy taste. Didn’t care for it at all.

    Will be returning it to Costco for a refund.!

  3. Agree with most everything you say except for the fishy smell. I though the house had a more pronounced smell than other Frozen options, for example the Costco Salmon. All in all I will but it again. Thanks GM for the review. PS I put the individual fillets in little foil boats on the baking sheet to both preserve flavor and minimize mess.

  4. Hello Natalie,

    Stumbled on to your website this morning when looking for some info on the pricing of their maple syrup. I had been telling a friend about it and had said that I knew it was a bargain but wasn’t sure of price. That’s about the only thing I don’t like about Costco; the near impossibility of finding out the warehouse price of an item.
    Anyway, once on your site, I saw the link to your review of the miso glazed cod which I had looked at while shopping but hadn’t bought yet. After reading your review, I am going to try it now, thanks!
    That’s not really the reason I am writing though. I thought you might like to know about something I have been using for years. I bought a box of sheet pan size 16 x 24” parchment paper from a restaurant supply store almost 10 years ago now to mainly use in my studio when I am doing certain operations where I need a non stick surface or even just a temporary surface that can get quite messy and then be crumpled/bundled up and tossed.
    I periodically grab about a 1/8 or 3/16” thickness of sheets to take home for use there. They are so much better than from a roll. It doesn’t tend to roll back up when you want it to lay flat. If it’s too large for the sheet you will be using it on (as mine usually is) you can just fold it or cut/tear it but it’s so cost effective that unless I’m going to be doing a bunch of bulk baking like around the holidays for seemingly endless trays of cookies, I usually just fold it.
    And what reminded me when I read your review is that when I do fish, I always just place the paper on the sheet pan I’m using with the excess paper hanging over edge, place the piece(s) of fish in the middle and fold it over in such a way as to be able to twist the two ends of paper to seal up the fish- en papillote style. Works a treat, keeps the fish super moist and clean up is as easy as tossing away the paper.
    It’s also the only way I cook fresh sweet corn now; place a shucked ear on a sheet, start rolling it up, twist the ends up and fold in and then microwave for a couple/few minutes depending on your stove’s power and how you like your corn cooked.
    I can’t remember now what I paid for a box of 1000 sheets but I want to say about $35. Almost any wholesale restaurant supply will allow anyone to shop there.
    Anyway, sure you’ll find it as handy as I have for these and many other uses just as I have.

    Thanks again for the go formative review.


  5. The fish is very good the first time I tried it I had an allergic reaction I just thought it was a fluke so I said I’ll try it again no it’s the fish like I said I love it but it makes me break out

  6. A little pricey but I found it to have good fresh caught-taste. To me miso is a subtle taste so I didn’t mind spooning glaze onto the fish.

  7. Going to make this tonight for the first time. Maybe I will do it on the grill in a pouch as directed which should retain the sauce? We will see……

  8. Thank you for posting this review. I lost the packaging box while still having a full bag of miso cod :0). I then found your blog through Google and got the instruction (from the box shot). I baked three portion for 20min at 400F exactly and they turned out juicy and tender. My observation: 1) timing needs to be precise and it also depends on the type of oven you use. An extra minute can dry the fish and vice versa, a minute less can leave the fish raw in the middle. You need to experiment. 20min seems working well for me. 2) Don’t use convection baking as it will make the fish dry.

  9. How do you get the glaze to stay on the fish? I followed the instructions as directed for cooking in the oven. The sauce either melts off and majority burns away. Even in the photo she posted it’s the same story. Im surprised no one else has mentioned this ! 🙁

    • I wrapped them in aluminum foil and popped them in the air fryer. ALL of the glaze was in and around the fish when finished. Took about 6 minutes in the air fryer and they were perfect. Cooked all the way through and still moist inside. Not the most economical way to buy fish (even at Costco) but fast and easy for those busy “fast food” nights. I have also chopped up the fish and used it as a stir fry ingredient. Simple, easy and tasty.

  10. I was completely drawn to the photo of the cod on the product box + the sound of Miso and Teriyaki. It looked and sounded absolutely fabulous.
    Each time I cooked these, though – they didn’t end up looking anything like the photo on the box, and they were totally tasteless. Whatever glaze is on the cod becomes watery and doesn’t enhance the fish. Cooking instructions say 18-22 min at 400. I’ve cooked these twice, and both times the center was not cooked all the way because the pieces are so thick.
    I do not recommend this product.

  11. Just had it at the end of october. Unfortunately i’m stuck with 5 more pieces. Maybe i’ll rinse/soak them and make cod cakes.

    Is it moist? yes. is it flaky? sure. It has little to no flavor as expected from a miso marinade for anyone that has had it at a restaurant. very disappointing.

    • I totally agree. I love miso-glazed fish that I’ve had in restaurants, but this was bland, bland, bland. I just ate some and I had to douse it in soy sauce just to give it some flavor. Cod doesn’t have much flavor to begin with and the miso glaze didn’t do much to improve it.

  12. I tried to cook it in a small waterless pan with mixed veggie on top for myself. Essentially steaming it since I don’t want to wait for the oven. I used the same 18 mins and it came out a bit overcook but still delicious. I will try a couple minutes less next time to see how it goes.

  13. Bought this at Costco because they didn’t have plain cod fillets….terrible product when cooked in the oven….mushy, processed tasting and had a little ‘stink’ to it even while frozen….I won’t eat another piece….its going back to the store.

  14. I would like to comment on the High Liner Miso Glazed Cod – a frozen product #1338053. I discovered this product in our Costco store. This Miso Glazed Cod is a delicious product and the best-tasting frozen cod we have tasted. To our dismay, Costco no longer carries this frozen cod product. Our Costco Admin. office told us that they are not carrying it any longer. We are so disappointed and hope Costco will reconsider carrying this product. Thank you

    • COSTCO did the same thing with High Liner lemon, pepper, garlic cod….no longer carry it. It was even better than the Miso Glazed !!!! Evidently they do not like Canadian fish???? They only seem to carry “good cod” for Lent and then it all disappears. You would think their marketing people would follow the sales, evidently NOT.


  15. I haven’t been following you for very long, so it’s possible I might have missed your review of the Jane’s Tavern Battered Cod. I love fish products and the Jane’s is probably my favourite. The one you describe here is a healthier choice, with about half the calories of the Battered Cod. I decided to comment because the first time I baked the Jane’s product, I also saw the white film on the outside of the fish. However, after verifying the cooking time and checking the internal temperature of the fish with a food thermometer, I convinced myself it was not anything dangerous. Since that time, I almost always see the film – except when I overcook, and I find it either burns away or gets embedded into the surface as a darker crust. So, providing you’re not undercooking, I wouldn’t worry about that white film.

  16. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Jack! I will definitely try the Jane’s Tavern Battered Cod! I finished my box of this cod and noticed the white film each time I cooked it but chose to ignore it as it tasted fine! Thank you for following my blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Stay healthy.

    • The white film is referred to as “white vellum”. It is a membrane found immediately under the skin layer. It is a little unsightly but harmless. It occurs when the skinning machines are set a little too shallow to increase fish yield $$$.


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