Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails Review

Frozen Canadian lobster tails delivered straight to your door!

Top down image of two cooked Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails with a side of garlic butter in the middle on the plate.
Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails

I’m switching it up today and doing a review for a food product from Costco that we ordered online! The Costco Seacore Canadian Lobster Tails. You can order them online here.

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Image of the box of frozen Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails arriving on the front step to our house.
Our shipment has arrived!

Location in Store

Costco does bring in frozen lobster tails to their stores but they’re not available all the time and can be a little hard to find around the holiday season so that’s why we decided to order from

Side image of one cooked Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tail with a side of garlic butter on the plate
Moist, tender and flavorful.


These lobster tails from Costco were delicious! Despite being frozen and not fresh, they didn’t smell or taste fishy at all, which is so important to me! They were tender, flavorful, salty, juicy and just so good. They were very easy to separate from the shell as well!

Side image of thawed Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails on a plate before cooking them.
Thawed and ready to cook!

Both my lobster tail and Sean’s were only a few bites, they aren’t that big so we really savored each bite! I like my lobster tail plain and Sean had his with melted butter.

Image of the box of Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails frozen in the box they come in with the lid off, Top down image so you see all the lobster tails.
What the frozen lobster looks like when you open the box.


We paid $289.99 Canadian for the 5 pounds of lobster tails. Costco’s price includes shipping and delivery. Each lobster tail is three to four ounces. We got about 21 lobster tails. It was a little hard to count each lobster tail in the box as a few of them were frozen into clumps. Anyway, nearly $300 seems very expensive, but lobster tails ARE expensive!

Top down image of the Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails in the box they come in with the lid off, showing that the lobster tails are in a bag within the insulated box.
Opening our shipment of Costco frozen lobster tail!


The lobster tails are frozen and are a product of Canada. They all came in a single unsealed bag inside a styrofoam cooler in a big box. There’s dry ice in the cooler with the lobster tails, but it was nearly all gone when the box arrived.

To defrost the lobster tails we took them out in the morning and thawed them in the refrigerator. We found a recipe on how to cook the lobster online and used this recipe here. Lobster tails aren’t the easiest to cook but the taste is worth it! Lobster goes well with steak or can just be enjoyed alone!

Image of the shipment box of the Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails with the dry ice safe handling instruction paper on top of the box.
The box comes with safe handling instructions on how to deal with the dry ice. Our dry ice was pretty much melted.



Lobster tails are low in calories, less than 100 per lobster tail, high in protein, about 14 grams of protein per lobster tail, less than a gram of fat and zero grams of carbohydrates! If you add a ton of oil or butter you’re going to have a lot higher calories and fat.


The lobster tails have one ingredient, frozen lobster tail. Lobster is high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates so it’s great for individuals watching their carb and fat intake.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 3/10 (lobster tails are really expensive, but Costco’s price is fair)

Convenience: 3/10 (the shipping was extremely easy, but cooking lobster tails is not)

Nutrition: 10/10


Give it a try!

If you like lobster tail and are considering having some for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day you may want to consider having it shipped directly to your home!

Do you like lobster tail?

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6 thoughts on “Costco Seacore Frozen Lobster Tails Review”

  1. Lobster tail from costco 6 pack, found some black mold look on the meat end on 3 of the 6, cut black spots off, hoe we don’t get sick. If i don’t comment later, i guess it will be ok.

  2. We just tried the “Wild Warm Water Lobster Tails” from Costco (purchased 4/11/23) and found them to be very bland, not sweet like normal. We were wondering if this is because they were warm water lobsters (from Honduras) versus cold water?

  3. I used to be a Costco member years ago but I am thinking about going back. I like there selection of different things, because they buy in bulk, so cut the cost. To be a member is actually cheap when you think about it. And the membership is cheap

  4. I see someone has done well with their investments or cocowest was playing Santa and gave you a nice bonus so maybe that’s why you’re not being critical in your reviews these days. 🤣

    Those tails look slightly overcooked too.


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