Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast Review

This Costco pot roast is very convenient but small and fatty!

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast box sitting on table unopened.
Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast

During the winter I like to have a few quick and convenient comfort meals in my freezer for nights where I feel like hibernating at home and not cooking! The Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast seems like a great convenient comfort meal.

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Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast product/company description on box.
Certified Angus Beef.

Location in Store

You can find the is Costco beef pot roast in the refrigerated section near all the refrigerated appetizers and desserts. The item number is 27956.

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast pieces of pot roast on a white plate with a baked potato beside it.
The pot roast goes well with a baked potato!


The Costco 44th street Beef Pot Roast is pretty tasty! It’s a tender, well seasoned, pre-cooked beef pot roast. Trying to plate it and cut it is tricky because it’s so tender that it basically just falls apart. It’s very flavorful, though a little on the salty side!

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast closeup image of pieces of beef on a white plate.
The meat that’s not fatty is very tender.

The meat is pretty fatty and you’ll probably find a few pretty large chunks of fat in the pot roast. When you first put the pot roast and gravy in an oven-safe dish, there are noticeable white chunks of fat. I try to carefully remove them with a spoon. I definitely don’t get all of them, but I try to get a few of them and that helps a bit.

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast entire cooked pot roast plated on a white plate sideview image.
The entire beef pot roast after cooking it.

The meat that’s not fatty is really enjoyable. It’s just too bad that the roast is so small and fatty as there’s not a lot of edible meat in each pot roast package.


The regular price for the Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast is $23.99. I purchased mine on sale for five dollars off. $23.99 is pretty expensive for two very small pot roasts, so you might want to watch for a sale as I did!

One pot roast barely feeds just my husband and I, but that’s because my husband is a BIG eater (you already know this if you follow the blog). Still, the serving size is probably more appropriate for two people than say a family of four.

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast preparation instructions.
Costco beef pot roast preparation instructions.


This pot roast is so convenient! Basically all you do is pop the pot roast in an oven-safe dish and heat it up in the oven. You also even boil or microwave the pot roast if you prefer. The only thing that took a little time for me was scooping out the little chunks of fat that come in the package with the pot roast and gravy.

The best before date is about four months from the date that we purchased the pot roast. The 44th Street Beef Pot Roast comes with two beef roasts, each in its own vacuum-sealed pack.

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast after cooking, top down image of pot roast in oven safe dish.
After cooking the pot roast in my oven safe dish.

You can freeze the pot roast after purchasing it and defrost it in the fridge overnight prior to cooking it if you’d like to store your pot roasts for longer than four months or so. You might want to do this if you don’t plan to use your pot roasts within a couple of weeks as I think they’ll keep better/fresher in the freezer rather than sitting in the fridge for months.

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts.



One-quarter of the pot roast contains 240 calories, 15 grams of fat, one gram of sugar, one gram of carbohydrates, 25 grams of protein and 500 milligrams of sodium. An entire pot roast only contains 960 calories, but again, they’re not very big!

Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast ingredients.
Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast Ingredients


The ingredients list states that it contains wheat, soy and milk, so it’s not gluten-free or dairy-free. I’m really disappointed this isn’t gluten-free and dairy-free because I feel like a few small changes could make it so that gluten-intolerant and dairy-intolerant individuals could enjoy this!


Taste: 7/10

Cost: 4/10

Convenience: 9.5/10

Nutrition: 4/10


Give it a try!

I think I’ll buy the Costco 44th Street Slow Braised Beef Pot Roast In Rich Gravy when it’s on sale and probably once a year! The part that’s not fatty tastes great and is so convenient!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts on it?

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23 thoughts on “Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast Review”

  1. We buy this frequently from the Ancaster, Ontario store. We have never found it particularly over salty (in comparison to many other processed foods). We always heat it in the oven as we prefer it that way over doing it in the microwave. The only issue last time was that one of the roasts was much smaller than the other. That’s definitely a quality control issue. But normally one roast is enough for the two of us, served with vegetables and mashed potatoes.

  2. My daughter bought this pot roast and put it in my fridge. I forgot about it and it’s now 3 or 4 weeks in fridge. Is it ok or should I have frozen it?

  3. My daughter in law bought this for us about 3 or 4 weeks ago and put it in our fridge. She said it doesn’t have to be frozen. Is this ok?
    I am wondering if I should have frozen it?

  4. Am I the only one that thinks the manufacturer’s cooking instructions are absolutely hilarious?? They do the same thing for the ribs they make. I had a good laugh reading both!

  5. The preferred method to heat and serve this pot roast is using the microwave oven. If you don’t use the microwave method, you won’t experience the melt in your mouth tenderness. This pot roast can be a bit salty, as others have said. Email the company and voice your concerns.

    Like the package instruction recommends, serve with some root vegetables. I recommend carrots, and brussel sprout, fresh homemade from scratch mashed potatoes and salad (homemade light oil and vinegar or lemon juice as your dressing).

  6. We usually buy when on sale, at least one two. We can’t make our own pot roast because none of the recipes online have worked despite using an oven and meat thermometer.

    There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive pot roast only for it to turn out dry. If someone has an idiot proof recipe with thorough instructions, it would be appreciated if it can be shared.

    Anyway, the makers of this roast no longer provide a tray like they used to. The best method to reheat is by microwave. Using the stove method doesn’t do it justice.

    One time we bought this roast and it was ridiculously salty. I complained to the company. It seems they do have a quality control problem and some customers are unlucky and have very salty or very fatty roasts. However, it’s the fat that really gives the flavour and the melt like better texture. A bit less salt overall wouldn’t be a had idea.

    This roast is best served with mashed potatoes, not baked potato. That’s the consensus by many folks who we served it to. Unfortunately, the gravy issues on the thin side.

  7. Everyone in the house absolutely loves this pot roast! 3 growing boys, need to make both at once, never any leftovers.
    Delish with mashed potatoes.

  8. Yes, We had this pot roast several times over the years. We generally make our own pot roast. But I find this is very convenient since it’s already cooked. Just pop it in the microwave. But yes it is extra salty, and can sometimes have a little too much fat.

  9. Today was the second we have had this roast. I give it more than a 10. Over the top amazing. I made Yorkshire Pudding to go along with it roasted potatoes, asparagus, Brussel sprouts and mashed turnip.

  10. We went looking for this pot roast combo today in Burlington Ontario.

    Looked around it wasn’t there seem they did stop selling this even though it was advertised in out January 2022 flier and is said to be available- somewhere. Disappointed shopper. Why can’t the marketing folks get together with the purchasing folks and confirm what is going on?

    Makes you wonder how much reality these marketing folks get and why they dropped such a get option

    I did note all the stuff packed full of salt and sugar were still making their way to customers carts though!

  11. Why don’t you sell this anymore .I paid for a 1 yrs store card from Costco’s so i could buy this and now after buying it 2 different times now they stopped selling it………………………………………………………………..Why??????????????????????

  12. Update: Boiled the sliced cherry potatoes and carrots in salted water for 5 min before putting them both in the dutch oven and following normal instructions. mixed them in the sauce halfway through and they came out buttery and wonderful

  13. We love this, but on occasion only. When I make a pot roast in the oven or even crock pot, instant pot it never turns out good despite following instructions exactly and using an oven thermometer. As such, I stopped trying. Pot roast is too expensive to experiment to get just “right”. As such, we think this is the next best (unhealthy) alternative. The contents don’t feed many people. It can be overly seasoned (too salty) at times depending on the batch processing. The added ingredients on the label as shown are unnecessary. Let’s keep it simple, but no. That’s the disadvantage of commercial prepared entrees and meats. Overall, I’d recommend this but add a lot of fresh vegetables on the side to help offset the overly seasoned roast. If you can provide your pot roast recipe, please do so.

    • You might enjoy “Alberta Pot Roast” You can find the recipe online under “the Recipe Circus”. I tweak the recipe by doubling the amount of beef broth, onion & seasonings as we like more gravy. Pls don’t omit the marjoram as I think it’s what makes this one distinctly different. Many yrs ago my Dad popped by when I had this simmering & altho he couldn’t stay for dinner he said “I don’t know what you’re cooking but please be sure to share that recipe with your Ma—that smells amazing!” It quickly became a family fav.


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