Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup Review

Costco’s French Onion Soup isn’t super flavorful, but it’s convenient and enjoyable!

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup box sitting on a table.
Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup

Today I’m reviewing the Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup. I was actually given this French onion soup by my parents a few years ago to try. They purchased it from Costco and ranted and raved about how good it is.

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Location in Store

You can find the soup in the freezer section at Costco. The item number is 301883.

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup prepared in a soup bowl closeup image of a spoonful of soup.
So yummy!


The first thing you notice is that the soup is loaded with cheese, onion and pieces of bread! I love how crispy and golden brown the cheese gets on top from baking the soup in the oven. Each serving of soup is fairly small, but it’s a very hearty soup.

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup soup prepared in a soup bowl and served on a white plate.
The cheese on top becomes golden brown and crispy.

The flavors are mild, but pleasant. You notice the different textures of the cheese, onion and bread as much or more than the flavors. The cheese is nice and chewy and the onions add a bit of crunch (though not a lot as they’re well cooked).

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup prepared in a bowl, closeup image of the top baked cheese.
Baked to perfection!

I can’t imagine too many people not liking this soup. It’s a mild yet extremely satisfying comfort food that’s perfect for fall and winter. I think it works best as an appetizer, but I’m sure some people out there would love it as a main course!

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup frozen and in the bowl ready to go in the oven.
Still frozen prior to going in the oven.


The Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup costs $12.49 Canadian for six soups. Keep in mind you’re probably paying a bit for the fancy vacuum seal packaging.

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup in vacuum sealed pack sitting on a table.
How the soup comes packaged.

I feel like French Onion soup is something that’s rare to find in a grocery store and also there’s a high probability it won’t taste very good. I enjoy the taste of this soup therefore I would love to purchase this when on sale.

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup creative ways to use the soup from the box.
Ways to use the Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup.


Each soup in the box comes separately vacuum-sealed in plastic and frozen in a cylindrical shape. This is convenient for a single person who just wants to make one soup for themselves. To heat these in the oven, I used special bowls that my mom gave me that are oven-safe and have a large handle on them.

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup cooking instructions from box.
Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup cooking instructions.

If you really love French Onion soup it might be wise to invest in some nice soup bowls. The soups are frozen with the cheese on top so as the soup heats the cheese stays on top of the liquid and remains crispy. It’s a pretty convenient product because all you need to do is heat and serve it.

I recommend cooking the soup in the oven as I feel like the cheese gets brown and crispy that way. All this requires is putting your soup in an oven safe bowl, turning the oven on and sticking them in the oven for 45 minutes. I always follow the instructions for the recommended oven method that takes longer, so I’m not sure how well the quick method that uses the microwave and the oven works.

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup nutrition facts label.
Nutrition Facts.



This French Onion Soup isn’t the healthiest option, but also isn’t the worst. One soup contains 220 calories, 11 grams of fat, 17 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fibre, four grams of sugar, fifteen grams of protein and 770 milligrams of sodium. That’s quite a bit of sodium!

Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup ingredients label.


The Costco French onion soup is neither gluten-free nor dairy-free. It contains wheat, barley and milk and may contain soy too.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 7.5/10

Convenience: 9.5/10

Nutrition: 2/10


Must buy!

If you like French onion soup, I think you’ll like this Costco freezer version. It’s not as good as restaurant quality but it’s still really comforting and enjoyable.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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29 thoughts on “Costco Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup Review”

  1. Disappointed. Not up to the Costco standards for soups. It’s a concentrate said to serve 6 and we barely got 2 and it was watery at that. Also pricey. Not in the same league with broccoli cheddar, clam chowder or lobster bisque.

  2. Awful product! Soup has a sweet taste unrelated to the onions. Weird consistency. The oven bake method does not produce a cheese layer on top as advertised. The cheese is tasteless, doesn’t melt, and sticks to the spoon and bowl while trying to eat the soup. Very disappointed. Not worth the money.

  3. These accidentally got put in the fridge and not the freezer. Three days later I realized this. Would it be “bad” now and should I throw it away? After reading the ingredients, I would think it be fine to eat still. TIA to anyone that might be able to help me with this!

  4. The soup is absolutely amazing. I microwave it for three minutes, then I add some bread crusts or Crostini broken up. I also add Two slices of Swiss cheese on top of each one and then bake it for another 20 minutes. Throw it under the broiler for a few seconds and the Browns up nicely

  5. I read on another blog that this is a seasonal item. I should have bought several when I saw then the one time my local Costco had them a few months ago. Just one more reason to look forward to fall, I guess. I’m thinking about buying another small freezer to really stock up on these when they come back, as evidently they sell out almost immediately. Trader Joes consistently has an inferior and inconsistent version that is as someone else noted, not as good. Not nearly as good as these. Costco should carry them year round.

    • No, I did not like this soup at all. Tried cooking it in conventional oven as well as microwave, and a mix of each way. The ‘bread’ was dissolved into mush, the cheese was still little beads, and there were no onions anywhere. It was way too salty for us, and we will not buy this again. So much easier, tastier and much less expensive to make it homemade.

  6. Myself, I love this French onion soup! What I do, is I line the bottom of a French onion soup bowl with more shredded, mozzarella cheese, then I put the frozen cylinder into the bowl, and then the bowl, into a preheated kalorik max air fryer oven, and I bake it for 40 minutes at 400°, preheated! Then, once the cheese melts down, to an even level, with the top of the bowl, I, take the bowl out, and put croutons in the bowl, on top, pushing them down a bit, into the juice, and then, I, cover it with more mozzarella cheese, covering the top! Back into the, air fryer oven, it goes, baking for 5 more minutes, then I, using the air fry setting, after I put the soup back into the oven, for about an additional, 3 to 4 minutes, to make the top all golden brown! Then, I let the soup cool for about 10 minutes, as it retains it’s heat, very well, under all that, fabulous, extra cheese! Then, I feast on all the cheese and the soup and the croutons, and the onions! It’s, absolutely fabulous! I like anywhere from a quarter pound of cheese upwards of 1/4 pound, of cheese, in my one bowl of french onion soup! LOVE IT! IT’S MMMM, MMM, GOOD! Myself, I’ve been buying this French onion soup from Costco for years! I, also buy it myself, when it goes on sale, for roughly 3 dollars off, the regular price! (It’s also extra delicious, if you sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese on top, in the last minute of browning/broiling, the cheese on top!) Excellent!

  7. Love onion soup but after making these I threw them down the drain and the rest went to the green bid frozen on garbage day, as I disliked them. Do not recommend them no way

    • The same for us. We love soup, and it has been chilly here so we thought we would give this a try. It was awful. Not worth the time, cheese was chewy, the croutons were mushy, could barely see them. We will not buy this item again.

  8. I bought this before at Costco and it was wonderful….so much better than Trader Joe’s version. My Costco apparently stopped stocking it. Any idea where I can find it.

  9. We always keep these in our freezer. My son makes them in the instant pot. If you do that, please make sure you put in at least 4 or they will burn. 😉 We love these!


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