Costco El Monterey Egg, Sausage, Cheese & Potato Breakfast Wraps Review

Microwaveable, convenient frozen breakfast wraps from Costco!

A top-down photo of the Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps bag
Convenient frozen individually packaged breakfast wraps!

Today I’m reviewing the Costco El Monterey Egg, Sausage, Cheese & Potato Breakfast Wraps. I’ve seen these breakfast wraps at Costco for a really long time but haven’t reviewed them before.

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Location in Store

You can find these El Monterey breakfast wraps in the freezer section at Costco. The item number is 1226702.

A top-down photo of the Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wrap on a plate with the packaging beside it
My breakfast wrap after microwaving it for one minute 30 seconds!


My wrap came out of the microwave hot, even after letting it cool for the recommended two minutes. You have to be careful with the first couple of bites!

The tortilla is soft and chewy and a little on the thick side. I could do with a little less tortilla. The filling is flavorful with a decent amount of spiciness; it might be too much for people who are sensitive to spicy foods, but I liked it.

A photo of the Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps with a bite taken out of it showing the inside.
The inside of the breakfast wrap after I took a bite out of it!

The filling seems to be mainly eggs and cheese, but I notice plenty of sausage and potato chunks too. The cheese is probably the most noticeable flavor in the wraps.

Overall, I don’t love the taste and I find the wraps really heavy, mainly because of the tortilla, but the cheese and potato contribute to this too.

A photo of the Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps packaging
Costco El Monterey Frozen Breakfast Wraps


I paid $12.99 Canadian for the bag of 14 breakfast wraps. This isn’t cheap but it’s less expensive compared to buying a breakfast wrap from a restaurant or fast food joint.

A photo of the Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps Cooking Instructions
Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps Cooking Instructions


One nice thing about the breakfast wraps is how well they’re wrapped and how they stay together as you’re eating them. My wrap didn’t leak or come apart at all. The wraps are microwaveable and are only take one minute 30 seconds in the microwave.

Be cautious taking the wrap out of the microwave as it’s very hot after heating it in the microwave. Each wrap is individually packaged, they need to be kept frozen and the best before date is about 14 months from the date we purchased the wraps.

Breakfast wraps are convenient for busy mornings. Additionally, because the wraps are individually packaged you can easily pop one in your bag to bring to work or school to heat up.

A top-down photo of the Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wrap cooked and holding it in hand
My breakfast wrap, ready to eat!



One wrap is 290 calories, 13 grams of fat, 32 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, one gram of sugar, 10 grams of protein and 580 mg of sodium. That’s quite a bit of sodium to start the day!

A photo of the Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps Nutrition Facts
Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps Nutrition Facts


The Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps have a long ingredients list with unhealthy ingredients like soybean oil, vegetable oil, corn syrup, sugar and processed cheddar cheese. Honestly if you can make a breakfast wrap at home and skip these that would be far healthier.

A photo of the El Monterey Breakfast Wraps Ingredients
Costco El Monterey Breakfast Wraps Ingredients


Taste: 6/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 1/10


Give it a try!

Honestly I can’t say I love the Costco El Monterey Egg, Sausage, Cheese & Potato Breakfast Wraps. They’re convenient but the taste just isn’t worth the calories and unhealthy ingredients.

Have you tried these? What did you think of them?

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12 thoughts on “Costco El Monterey Egg, Sausage, Cheese & Potato Breakfast Wraps Review”

  1. These are horrible. You cannot really taste anything in general except for the gravy in them. No sausage, egg, cheese ,or potato flavor. I can’t believe they market this embarrassment of a product. I don’t waste food ever, but these are trash. Also poor nutrition.

  2. One of the worst things I ate in my life..slightly better then the instant breakfast I ate in the states
    I had to eat it as I had nothing else. I can’t believe there allowed to sell this.. egg texture is unique almost slimey … I really haste wasting food.. I tried grilling instead of microwave which made it paliable family wants me to throw it out but I’m going to try and deep fry it next to see if that works 🙂

  3. Wow! Should have read the reviews before I bought them. I also found her tacos quite gummy and the 1-1/2 minutes definitely was not enough to heat them through, will try 2 minutes and see if that is better. Would not buy them again.

  4. Despite the picture depicting it being stuffed with eggs, it is in fact mostly wrap and potatoes. I have a hard time tasting cheese, egg, or sausage. 2/10

  5. These people are out of their minds. They must have no taste buds at all. The borrittos are absolutely delicious and are packed with product and flavor.

    • Everyone at the office loves these. What gravy are they talking about? It’s eggs, melted cheese and potatoes. I can taste pan fried potatoes like I make for Sunday breakfast. Absolutely delicious.

  6. I liked the idea of the ease of popping this in the microwave, but refused to pay over $17 to try. They finally went on sale at my local Costco so I happily bought this last week. I found that these needed 2 minutes in my microwave to be cooked through & that you definitely should wait 2 minutes before eating. When all is said & done, I would not recommend this product nor buy again. They seemed rather tasteless to me, as well as the tortilla itself can get rather gummy. I will stick with my home made breakfast burritos.

  7. I also bought them on sale at Costco and they maybe had 1-2 tsps of filling…95% was the wrap. Costco usually has good food but this was absolutely awful.
    If I wanted plain wraps, I would have bought plain wraps.
    Definitely NOT worth the money!

  8. Even though the review wasn’t great, I still bought it on sale. I am sad to say that you are completely right and it’s not worth it despite the ease of use. I’ll make sure to follow your recommendations more closely in the future. Now I have to figure out what to do with the 13 left!

  9. I like the Chicken Taquitos that Costco sells by them, they are really tasty and convenient. Frozen burritos have never ever once impressed me so I would skip these.


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