Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies Review

These cookies from Costco are simple, flavorful and delicious!

Top down image of the Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies Tin sitting on a table
Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies

Today I’m reviewing cookies that I’ve seen at Costco many times in the past but haven’t picked up before. The Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies. They come in a tin so it’s hard to know what you’re actually getting!

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Location in Store

You can find the Isabelle Assorted Cookies in the aisle with the cereal, jam and other boxed cookies (like Oreo cookies). The item number is 408905.

Top down image of the Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies all on a plate, all the different varieties.
Each flavor of cookie is unique and different.


There are seven different kinds of cookies in the box! I tried each cookie separately and overall enjoyed them all. The Isabelle cookies aren’t a soft, freshly made, bakery-style cookie. They’re crisp shortbread cookies.

Orange Delight – A light, crisp whipped shortbread cookie with a mild but pleasant orange flavor.
Coffee Leaf – A light, crisp whipped shortbread cookie with a fairly strong coffee flavor. You have to like coffee to enjoy this cookie!
Shortbread – A slightly heavier shortbread cookie with a very buttery flavor and a good amount of sweetness. They’re good, but not as good as homemade shortbread.

Side view image of the Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies all on a plate, all the different varieties.
The seven different kinds of cookies.

Breakfast Tea – A light, crisp shortbread with a strong tea flavor. I’ve had breakfast tea before, and this is how it tastes! I was surprised by how much I liked this one. 
Lychee Tart – This is more like a soft cookie than a tart. It’s soft and slightly moist with a small void in the middle that’s filled with a lychee filling that reminds me of the lychee jellies I’ve had in bubble tea in the past. 
Coconut Almond Cookie – A crisp, light shortbread with a nice mild coconut flavor. I didn’t notice the almond as much. 

Image of the Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies, back of the tin showing the different kinds of cookies.
All the different varities of cookies that come in the Costco Isabelle Cookies.

Vanilla Almond Sandwich – Looking at this one reminds me of a Girl Guide sandwich cookie, and so does the taste! The cookie layers are a plain, light and crisp shortbread. The vanilla filling is delicious. Again, I didn’t notice the almond flavor. 

The Vanilla Almond Sandwich cookie was my favorite, but the Lychee Tart and the Orange Delight weren’t far behind.

Top down image of the Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookie Tin with the lid off showing that the cookies come individually packaged in plastic.
The cookies come sealed in plastic.


I paid $12.88 Canadian for the 450 gram tin of cookies. Which isn’t bad! The flavors are unique and you get a nice tin you can reuse to go along with the yummy cookies.


The best before date is eight months from the date I purchased the cookies. The cookies come in a tin and are sealed individually in little plastic packages in the tin.

There’s so many different kinds of cookies in the tin that there’s sure to be a cookie for everyone to enjoy! The cookies are made in Taiwan and prepared in the United States. I think both kids and adults would enjoy these!

Image of the Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies nutrition facts
Nutrition Facts



Three cookies is 130 calories, seven grams of fat, 15 grams of fat, zero grams of fibre, six grams of sugar, one gram of protein and 35 mg of sodium. That’s not that many calories for three cookies in my opinion!

Image of the Costco Isabelle Assorted Cookies ingredients


The cookies contain wheat, soy, egg, milk and almonds. They are not gluten-free and contain a few ingredients some individuals try to stay away from such as hydrogenated palm oil and palm oil.


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Give it a try!

I actually liked all of these cookies a lot more than I expected to.

Do you have a favorite cookie from Costco?

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