Costco Kate Spade Blanket Review

This Kate Spade blanket from Costco is so soft, cute looking and such an amazing price!

Costco Kate Spade Blanket
Costco Kate Spade Blanket

I saw that Costco was carrying cute Kate Spade blankets for a ridiciulously reasonable price so I asked my friend to pick one up for me, thanks Meesh!

Today I’m going rogue and not reviewing a Costco food item, I’m reviewing this Kate Spade blanket from Costco because I like cute things like this that are a steal of deal.

Other non-food items I’ve reviewed are the Costco LazyPants Hoodie & Jogger, Costco Lole Lounge Pants, Costco Skechers Shoes and Costo Tuff Athletics T-Shirt.

This can be found in aisle with bedding, towels and pillows. The item number is 1494359.

Costco Kate Spade Blanket
Costco Kate Spade Blanket


The blanket is really cute, it’s slightly fluffy looking, the color I chose is white with grey polka dots and there’s a small rectangular “Kate Spade” label on the blanket.

Costco Kate Spade Blanket Washing Instructions
Costco Kate Spade Blanket Washing Instructions

They come in four different colours, teal, coral, white with grey polka dots and grey with white polka dots. I think the brighter teal and coral would be really fun as an accent blanket in a living or family room!


I got my queen sized blanket on sale for $18.99 Canadian. The regular price is $23.99. This is a really reasonable price considering if you search Kate Spade blankets on Amazon they’re over $100.

Costco Kate Spade Blanket
Costco Kate Spade Blanket


This blanket is queen sized and it’s totally true to size. It completely covered our queen bed with lots left hanging over, if you want a light, super soft, top blanket for your bed this is perfect.

Costco Kate Spade Blanket
Costco Kate Spade Blanket

I don’t need any blankets for my bed so I decided to use my Costco Kate Spade blanket on the couch and it is a little big but I just wrap it around myself!

Costco Kate Spade Blanket
Costco Kate Spade Blanket

You can also get the Kate Spade blankets at Costco in king size.


So so soft! You just want to rub your face against it because it’s so soft, fluffy and velvety feeling. This is not a heavy blanket by any means, it’s nice and light but still unbelievably luxurious and comfy feeling.


Look: 10/10

Cost: 10/10

Sizing: 7/10 (I wish they had smaller than queen)

Feel: 10/10


Must buy

You can’t beat the price for a super soft, cute, beautiful blanket.

Did you buy a Kate Spade blanket? What did you think? Share in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Costco Kate Spade Blanket Review”

  1. It sheds like crazy! On dark sheets you can really see how much shedding is going on and it keeps on doing so 4 washes later. Love this blanket but shedding drives me nuts

  2. I bought one for myself in the queen size and my 3 yr old took it for her room. So i went and bought the King size one for my bedroom and love it.

  3. Thanks for the review. The Costco’s where I am are restricted from selling non essentials. I’m hoping these blankets are available once the lockdown is lifted. I have my eye on the grey polka dot version.


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