Costco Keto Izza 3 Meat Keto Pizza Review

Frozen keto pizza has hit the shelves at Costco!

Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza box sitting on a brown table.
Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza

Today I’m reviewing Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza! This is made by the brand Molinaro’s, which sells pizza crust as well as frozen pizza at Costco! As soon as I saw this frozen keto pizza at Costco, I had to grab it to pick up for any readers who follow a low-carb or keto diet!

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Location in Store

You can find this pizza in the freezer section at Costco near all the other frozen pizzas. The item number is 1582573.

Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza whole folly cooked pizza on a plate, top down image.
Fully cooked and ready to slice!


This is a three-meat pizza with pepperoni, bacon and beef crumble. The cheese is mozzarella cheese and tastes good but it didn’t get as melty as I like my cheese to be, even after baking it for extra time.

A slice of the Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza. Closeup image.
The pizza has a ton of meat, not as much cheese or sauce.

Overall, the pizza is pretty good! You mostly taste the meat and cheese and don’t really notice the crust. The crust texture is quite soft under the topping. The edge of the crust is quite crispy, but not as dry and crispy as it looks.

The crust has very little flavor. It kind of just tastes like nothing and is fairly light. It doesn’t have the noticeable aftertaste that some keto products have, so that’s nice.

Side view of a slice of Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza, closeup image.
The crust is very thin and quite flavorless.

It’s hard to really see the sauce just looking at the pizza, but there’s an okay amount of sauce on it. I like how flavorful the beef crumble and pepperoni are and really love the bacon! Probably because it’s full of salt!


The price is $16.99 Canadian for a box of two individually-wrapped 550 gram frozen pizzas.

Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza cooking in the oven directly on the rack.
In the oven to bake.


The keto pizza needs to be kept frozen and the best before date is almost six months from the date we purchased it.

To cook the pizza, preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the packaging, place the pizza directly on the middle rack of the oven and bake for 12 to 15 minutes.

Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza oven cooking instructions from box.
Cooking instructions.

We cooked the pizza for longer than 15 minutes and the cheese still didn’t become really melted. If you really like super melted cheese, you might want to broil it for a few seconds or cook it a little longer than 15 minutes until it’s to your desired meltiness. Be careful though, because it seemed like the cheese on my pizza was starting to brown a bit rather than melting toward the end of the cooking time.

Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza Nutrition Facts from box.
Nutrition facts.



One-third of the pizza contains 470 calories, 30 grams of fat, 22 grams of fat, 16 grams of fibre (which is a ton), two grams of sugar, 29 grams of protein and 950 milligrams of sodium. Keto foods are generally high in protein and fat, which this certainly is!

Costco Keto Izza Keto Pizza ingredients from box.


The pizza isn’t gluten-free, but it is keto certified (obviously). It contains wheat, barley, oats, milk and mustard and may contain soy and egg.


Taste: 8/10 (Relative to other keto products and frozen pizzas I’ve tasted.)

Cost: 6.5/10

Convenience: 9/10

Nutrition: 1/10 (I’m scoring this as someone who isn’t on a keto diet, but people who are will probably look at it differently.)


Give it a try!

Overall, the Keto Izza tastes like a very meaty, average to above-average frozen pizza. I wouldn’t buy it again unless I was on a keto diet, but I could see people who are absolutely loving this keto-friendly pizza from Costco.

Would you try this? If you have tried it, what did you think of it?

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30 thoughts on “Costco Keto Izza 3 Meat Keto Pizza Review”

  1. I have bought this pizza a few times and it is extremely bland, but yesterday when I unwrapped the pizza I notice there was plastic pieces on the pizza which were curved and cut in an almond shape, these pieces were slightly curved and were white with a bit of blue on each one. There were several pieces. Will never buy again and tbh it has completely turned me off Costco. Have one of these pizzas left and will defrost, leave in the wrap and see if there are these pieces of hard plastic in the other one.


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