Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie Review

Classic apple pie is in the bakery section at Costco and it’s pretty tasty!

Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie on a table with the lid on showing the label
Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie.

I’m reviewing the Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie today! I love apple pie, slightly warm with a big scoop vanilla bean ice cream so when I saw it at Costco I wanted to pick it up.

I’ve reviewed numerous pies from the Costco bakery! The Costco Kirkland Signature Shepherd’s Pie, Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Pot Pie, Costco Kirkland Signature Pumpkin Pie, Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble Pie, Blueberry Cheese Crisp Pie and Apple Crumble Pie.

Location in Store

The pie is located in the bakery section and the item number is 26550.

Top down image of the Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie on a placemet.
Golden, crispy crust.


As the name suggests, this is Costco’s take on the classic plain apple pie. Calling the pie a homestyle pie isn’t quite enough to make it taste like a homemade one, but this is a very solid grocery store apple pie. 

Side image of one slice of Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie on a white plate.
Looks so good!

The pie crust is fairly thin and decently flaky. The flavor isn’t great, but it’s not bad. It doesn’t have that nice buttery flavor that homemade pie crust does. It’s pretty plain. There’s a dusting of sugar on top and that adds some sweetness. You don’t really notice it that much when you’re taking bites of crust and filling together, but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion. The bottom of the crust seems well baked. Not crispy, but certainly not soggy.

Closeup image of a bite of Costco homestyle apple pie on a fork.
There’s an decent amount of apple pie filling1

The filling is definitely the highlight of the pie. It’s loaded with apples and just a hint of spice (cinnamon). It tastes like it should. The flavors from the filling dominate each bite of pie and make it very satisfying to eat. 


The Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie costs $8.99 Canadian.

Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie with the lid off on a placemat
Looks as good as homemade!


The best before date on the pie is three days from the date the pie was packaged on. The pie slices easily and can also be frozen either in slices or whole.

It comes in a plastic resealable container and I notice it gets quite a bit softer the more days it sits on the counter. Apple pie is a comfort dessert that both adults and kids enjoy.

Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie Ingredients from pie
Apple pie ingredients.



1/12th of the pie is 320 calories, 15 grams of fat, 220 mg of sodium, 45 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fibre, 26 grams of sugar and two grams of protein.


When you bake a pie from scratch you can choose exactly what goes into your pie filling and pie crust and generally it’s a few simple ingredients. When you buy a pie from the grocery store it’s not surprising to see ingredients like soy and palm oil as well as a few hard-to-pronounce food additive sounding ingredients.


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Give it a try!

Overall the Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie is a good but not great version of the classic pie. I highly recommend warming it up and enjoying it with a side of vanilla ice cream. 

Do you have a favorite cookie from Costco?

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17 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Homestyle Apple Pie Review”

  1. Thank you for your review. I literally today just bought the pie for the first time. Smelled so good I couldn’t walk away from it. Plus I love apple pie.
    I had a piece as soon as I got home. Your review was smack on!! I have to say my pie doesn’t seem to have a bottom crust. Or it is super thin. What was disappointing, it is very runny. Which made me think there is no pie bottom lol. Eitherway it’s bought and it will be eaten up eventually.

  2. Hi,
    I wonder if you could tell me what kind of apples Coscto uses in their Homestyle Apple Pie #26550 ?

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  3. This is the best pie ever for store-bought you cannot beat this pie for the price point and the amount of pie you get, this pie has outstanding taste. I’ve never tasted such a great apple pie from a store. I’ve had apple pie from one particular grocery store the apples were so hard it’s like they weren’t even baked. I even like the pie crust this pie has and a lot of store-bought pies the crust I do not like.

  4. Question: Is the size and weight of this pie comparable to Costco’s much loved, hot seller, pumpkin pie, or is it smaller?

    I, didn’t notice/see, any info on it’s weight, either in your review, or listed on the label closeup photo, plus, there is no widely familiar sized object, beside the pie that would give an indication of it’s size/weight.

    (Which is always a great idea, if you want to show others, how big it is.)

    l, was a Graphic/Advertising Artist, for many years, and whether in ads or reviews, food products, should always list/show size, and or weight, and preferably both, so others will know how many, they may need to purchase for their event/gathering/or family dinner. (Not being critical, just trying to be helpful, as I, love your reviews. I, was trained to always, be aware of such things/points, when designing ads.)

    Thank you, in advance, and thank you again for all of, your great, and extremely helpful product reviews.

    Take care.


  5. Coincidentally I just recently bought this pie. Well I pretty much agree with everything you said about it the one thing which really burned me up was the fact that mine was stuck to the aluminum pie plate and scraping it off made a mess of it, especially the first piece. I have seen this problem with pies in general from a number of places and I have trouble understanding why its is so difficult making a pie which doesn’t end up superglued to the pie plate. When I was young my mother used to make wonderful apple pies from scratch and they were easy to cut and remove and not stuck to anything.


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