Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart-Shaped Macarons Review

Costco is carrying these heart-shaped macarons for Valentine’s Day!

Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons box sitting on a table.
Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I found these Le Bon Patisserie Heart-Shaped Macarons during my shopping trip last week! Today I’m reviewing them for anyone curious to try them or thinking about picking them up.

Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons out of the carboard box still in plastic and sitting on a table.
15 raspberry flavor and 10 vanilla in the box!

Costco carries another brand of macarons, the Tipiak French Macarons which people seem to enjoy. Last year during Valentine’s Day Costco released a Kirkland Signature Raspberry White Chocolate Heart Cake that was really delicious so I recommend that cake if you see it,

Location in Store

The macarons are located in the refrigerated section at Costco near the other refrigerated desserts, deli meats, cheese and fresh pasta. The item number is 1478707.

Four Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons on a white plate, two raspberry and two vanilla.
Ready to eat!


Both macarons have very light shells, but a lot of heavy, dense filling. The shells are more or less the way a good macaron shell should be – crispy on the outside and chewy.

Closeup image of one raspberry Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macaron.
The macarons are so cute!

The shell of the raspberry macaron has a very mild raspberry flavor. The filling is extremely sweet and has a strong, very artificial raspberry flavor. When you have a bite of the raspberry macaron, you mostly notice the flavor of the filling. The texture of the filling seems more noticeable than it should too just because there’s so much of it. 

Closeup side view image so you can see the filling of the raspberry Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons.
You can see lots of raspberry filling!

The shell of the vanilla macaron also has a pretty mild flavor. There are some red sugar crystals on the outside that add some sweetness and texture. Again, the flavor and texture of the filling dominate, but the vanilla filling isn’t quite as sweet or artificial tasting as the raspberry filling. For that reason, I like the vanilla macarons a bit better, which surprised me as I’m a huge raspberry fan. 

Closeu[ image of one vanilla Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macaron.
There are red sprinkles on the vanilla macaron which add texture and sweetness.

The Le Bon Patissier macarons aren’t as good as the Tipiak macarons. The Tipiak macarons taste a lot closer to high-end bakery macarons to me, mainly because they have less filling and the filling in them generally seems to be better quality.

Sideview closeup image of one Vanilla Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macaron so you can see the filling.
Vanilla macaron with vanilla filling.


The box of 25 macarons costs $16.99 Canadian which is really reasonable! Macarons at our local bakery cost $2.25 per macaron.

Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons product description for the back of the box.
These macarons are made specifically for Valentine’s Day!


The best before date listed on the macarons is just over three weeks from when I purchased them. They need to be kept refrigerated. I find they’re best enjoyed shortly after opening the package as they can go a bit stale.

You get fifteen raspberry and ten vanilla macarons in the box and they’re a product of Belgium. I think kids would find these really fun and they’d be great to bring to a school party or to work!

Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons nutrition facts label.
Nutrition facts.



Two macarons contains 130 calories, seven grams of fat, 16 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, 15 grams of sugar, three grams of protein and 15 milligrams of sodium. 130 calories for two macarons is not bad but there’s a decent amount of fat and sugar so if you’re diabetic or watching your blood sugar levels try not to eat 20 in one sitting.

Costco Le Bon Patisserie Heart Shaped Macarons ingredients label


Also for my gluten-free readers, these are gluten-free because macarons are made with almond flour instead of wheat flour. The macarons are not dairy-free though. They contain almonds, milk, egg and soy.

I definitely wouldn’t call these macarons healthy, they’re full of sugar and have a few chemical/food additive sounding ingredients at the end of the ingredients list.


Taste: 7/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 1/10


Give it a try!

These macarons are tasty enough if you just look at them as cookies and they’re a fun treat to have around for Valentine’s Day!

What do you think of macarons? Do you like them? Would you try this?

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    • I saw that too! To my dismay I can’t eat them because of that. It’s strange that it says it contains wheat, but the ingredients do not say “wheat”. Very interrsting’


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