Costco Merci European Chocolates Review

Nicely wrapped Christmas chocolates from Costco that make a perfect gift!

Top-down photo of the Costco Merci European Chocolates box sitting on a table. The Merci European Chocolates are another Costco Christmas chocolate.
Costco Merci European Chocolates

It’s time for another Costco Christmas chocolate review! Today I’m reviewing the Merci European Chocolates. I’ve seen Merci chocolates around for a long time (years) but have actually never tried them until now! I picked up a box for us to enjoy at home over the holiday season.

Image of Costco Merci European Chocolates box product description that comes on the back of the box
Costco Merci European Chocolates for Christmas.

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You can find the Merci Chocolates in the seasonal treat aisle at Costco. Near all the other Christmas chocolates, the item number is 318527.

Image of the eight different varieties of Costco Merci European Chocolates unwrapped and on a plate
The chocolates are long, thin and bar-shaped.


There are eight different kinds of chocolates in the box. I tried each kind separately and kept notes on how each one tasted.

Image of the eight different varieties of Costco Merci European Chocolates shown on the back of the box
The box comes with eight different kinds of chocolates.

Hazelnut-almond – There are small pieces of the nuts that add crunch and texture. It tastes like a cross between a chocolate-covered almond and a hedgehog chocolate. It was a bit on the dry side. 
Dark-Cream – A plain but tasty chocolate. It tastes like a dark milk chocolate or a cross between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I found it rich and delicious. 

Praline-Creme – The filling in this one has a different color and texture than the shell; it’s not a solid chocolate. It’s one of the sweeter chocolates. There’s a slight hazelnut flavor, but it’s not overly noticeable. 

Image of the eight different varieties of Costco Merci European Chocolates unwrapped and on a plate with a bite taken out of each
All eight different kinds of chocolate shown here.

Dark Mousse – This chocolate also has a filling. It has a sweeter taste vs. the Dark-Cream chocolate, but almost tastes like a regular milk chocolate to me.
Milk Chocolate – This is a plain, sweet solid milk chocolate. As a chocolate lover, I really enjoyed this one. 

Coffee and Cream – There are two layers. You can definitely taste the coffee! It also has a bit of a creamy flavor, so it delivers on the name. 
Marzipan – The soft marzipan filling is very sweet. I like marzipan, but I found it a bit too sweet. It’s still tasty, but not my favorite. 
Hazelnut-Creme – The hazelnut filling is slightly soft and tastes similar to Nutella. It’s a little less chocolatey than the filling in hedgehogs chocolates.

Image of the eight different varieties of Costco Merci European Chocolates shown in the box, 54 chocolates in total.
Quite a big box of chocolates for a reasonable price!


The box comes with 54 individually wrapped chocolates. I paid $13.39 Canadian for the box. This isn’t bad at all considering there are so many chocolates in the box!

Image of the Costco Merci European Chocolates in the box, three rows of 18 chocolates
Costco Merci European Chocolates – 54 chocolates in the box.


I love that each chocolate is individually sealed because it makes them easy to share and offer to guests. There are also eight different kinds to choose from which I like, someone is sure to find at least one they want to try. Merci chocolates are a nice gift idea as well.

The best before date is about six months from the date I purchased them. The box recommends storing the chocolates in a cool, dry place.

Image of the Costco Merci European Chocolates nutrition facts
Costco Merci European Chocolates Nutrition Facts



In three Merci chocolates, there are 210 calories, 13 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, 17 grams of sugar, three grams of protein and 20 milligrams of sodium. I can easily eat three of these chocolates or more, so I have to kind of restrain myself!

Image of the Costco Merci European Chocolates ingredients
Costco Merci European Chocolates Ingredients


Typical cheaper quality store-bought chocolate ingredients like sugars, fructose, glucose syrup and palm oil. Obviously, these aren’t a healthy food choice. They contain wheat, milk, hazelnuts, almonds, soy and may contain peanuts, other trees nuts and eggs.

Closeup photo of the eight different Merci European Chocolates on a plate.
The box comes with eight different flavors but doesn’t have an even number of each flavor.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Give it a try!

I’d never had these chocolates before, but I really liked them! I really liked all of the flavors. Even the marzipan one wasn’t bad. 

Do you have Costco Christmas chocolate? If so, which kind is it?

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1 thought on “Costco Merci European Chocolates Review”

  1. While you may call these ingredients “cheaper quality store-bought chocolate ingredients”, they are actually quite common around the world especially Europe with “finer” praline chocolates. The fact that fructose is used is a better choice.

    If you compare these chocolates with Lindt Truffles, they add more liquid sugars to solidify the product. Lindt balls are very soft.

    But you’re right though, for such expensive package et al, these chocolates could have less of the cheaper ingredients.


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