Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas Review

Do you feel like being on a keto diet limits your lunch options? If so, these Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas may open up a few new possibilities! Are these tortillas good enough to make you forget about the real thing?

Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas package on a table, top down image.
Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas

Keto products are something I enjoy trying and over the last two years or so I’ve noticed Costco starting to carry a ton more keto products. Like these Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas.

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Empty Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas package, top down image.
There’s 15 tortillas in the bag.

Location in Store

The keto tortillas can be found in the bakery section at Costco and the item number is 1614173.

Costco Orowheat Keto Tortilla on a white plate with nothing on it.
They look how they taste, pretty bland!


The tortillas are nice and soft which makes them easy to roll up! They also are strong enough to add quite a few toppings without the wraps falling apart or getting soggy.

Costco Orowheat Keto Tortilla open faced with lettuce, strawberries, chicken and avocado in the middle.
In this wrap there’s strawberries, salad, chicken and avocado.

They’re a normal thickness, maybe slightly on the thicker side which is a good thing in my opinion When it comes to flavor, they really don’t have much. They’re pretty flavorless so the flavor you get that’s noticeable is coming from whatever you’ve put in your tortilla. They don’t seem to have the aftertaste that I find a lot of keto products have.


The package comes with 15 tortillas and costs $6.99 at Costco which isn’t bad considering a lot of keto products are pretty expensive!

Costco Orowheat Keto Tortilla used to make a wrap rolled up and served on a white plate.
My finished wrap using the keto tortillas!


The keto tortillas have a best before date of about three weeks from the date I purchased them. You can easily freeze them if you’re not going to use them right away but if you freeze them I recommend separating them if you plan to just eat one or two at a time. That way they won’t all freeze together.

Recipe for a turkey bacon ranch wrap using the Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas.
There’s many ways to use the tortillas!

You can use these for quesadillas, lunch wraps, breakfast wraps and put whatever you like in your tortilla! Since they lack flavor you don’t need to worry about your ingredients clashing with the flavor of the wraps.

Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas product description from the back of the bag.
One tortilla has six grams of net carbs.



One tortilla is 90 calories, three grams of fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of fibre, zero grams of sugar, four grams of protein and 240 mg of sodium. The high amount of fibre cancels out some of the carbohydrates, so the total is six grams net carbs per tortilla. The fat isn’t very high compared to a lot of keto products that have quite a high fat content.

Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas Nutrition Facts from bag.
Nutrition Facts.


These may be keto but they are not gluten-free. The ingredients list states they may contain soybean and sulphites but I don’t see any dairy products or eggs listed for those that are allergic to dairy and eggs. I wouldn’t say these are the healthiest tortillas because they have chemical additives like potassium sorbate.

Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas ingredients from bag.


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 6/10


Give it a try!

If you’re not on a keto diet I would just stick to regular corn, white or whole grain tortillas but if you’re on the keto diet and have been craving quesadillas or wraps, definitely try these keto tortillas from Costco!

What keto products from Costco do you absolutely love?

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23 thoughts on “Costco Orowheat Keto Tortillas Review”

  1. Just tried a KETO wrap with only some plain (0 Carb) hard cheese and it spiked my blood sugar a lot. They seem to taste exactly like regular tortilla wraps. Not sure if these are actually keto. Other Keto Bread products/brands don’t do this for me.

  2. We buy these all the time. Love them. Only thing is we live 5 hours away from Costco so we have to stock up and even then we run out. Wish we could order them online.

  3. I like these tortillas a lot! Surprisingly good and they appear to be vegan so I can feed them to my vegan son as well as to my husband who’s on the Keto diet. All the comments about false advertising etc., are unfortunate. A lot of keto products on the market can pull you out of ketosis if you eat too much of them. I should think that more people would be grateful that this product even exists. For those missing bread products they’re truly a Godsend!

    • I like them a lot too. They are small 7″ so I usually eat 2 with low carb fillings. I replace them for noodles in lasagna and they work well. Other veg noodles work well too. Like u said, they freeze well and u don’t have to eat them daily. Great review

  4. Very upset! I bought these because they said Keto and I was so happy I could eat them. Turns out they use wheat and I am gluten intolerant. Keto does NOT have any kind of wheat. Paying the price now because I trusted the word KETO. This is definitely false advertising on the part of the company making them.

    • Keto is whatever you can eat and stay in ketosis. It is not a lifestyle, it is not a specified list approved by high-minded people, and it has nothing directly to do with gluten. I can at two of these and stay in ketosis: guess what, they are keto.

    • Keto can have wheat. As long as you don’t eat too many carbs and stay in ketosis it doesn’t matter what you eat. It had nothing to do with gluten.

    • Keto can have wheat. It is usually high in carbs because of the wheat. That is why people on keto don’t usually eat it, but there is nothing wrong with eating a bit of wheat. It has nothing to do with a low gluten diet.

  5. I was disappointed by the comments. I just started the keto diet, and I found this product so helpful. I have to stop using it since if it is not keto-friendly, it will severely hurt my health extremely.
    Therefore, I would be grateful if the commenters could provide me with any scientific evidence to back up their claims

  6. Is there not something against false advertising? I’m so disappointed in these. Basically a regular tortilla but twice the price and absolutely not KETO. Arrrggggg.

    • They are keto by strict definition, which is low enough carbs to keep you in ketosis. Whether you are picky about the ingredient mix is up to you (and the people below apparently) but it doesn’t make it false advertising. I like to cut one into triangles and bake them with the oil of your choice and seasoning, makes a pretty serviceable nacho chip.

  7. why why do you put the crappy oil in these, canola oil is sooo inflammatory, these are not even close to a good keto diet, if your going to lable something thats keto do some research on what ingedients are good following a keto plan. Most of us are looking for clean ingredients so labelling it keto you will lose a lot of us, we’re really fed up with you trying to get away with this, no thanks, i will make my own!

  8. I really enjoyed these tortillas. They are very soft and hold my ingredients without tearing. I am trying to cut carbs a little and these work perfectly. The high fibre content is good. I don’t eat Keto, but every bit helps. I hope Costco keeps these in stock!

  9. These are definitely not keto and I’m calling bullsh*t on their nutritional analysis. If you add up the carb, fat and protein grams, these have 120 calories each, to start. Most critically, where is all that fibre coming from? None of those ingredients are high fibre.

  10. To each their own but these are not Keto. There are no healthy fats and they contain wheat flour. Soybean is inflammatory and canola is not a healthy fat. It’s a “no” all round for me. Ingredients matter on Keto.


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