Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls Review

Costco beef sausage rolls – flaky and crisp pastry filled with a light beef filling center.

Image of the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls box sitting on a table
Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls

I’m reviewing the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls from Costco today. I’ve seen these at my local Costco for quite some time and decided to pick them up to review.

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Location in Store

You can find these in the refrigerated section near the fresh pasta and other refrigerated appetizer-type products. The item number is 5052001.

Closeup image of two Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Sausage Beef Rolls cooked and cut open on a plate so you can see the inside
Ground beef filling in the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls


The first thing that struck me about the Beef Sausage Rolls is that they’re lighter than I expected. I heated my Beef Sausage Rolls in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes and the pastry turned out beautifully.

The pastry is crisp, light and flaky. I found the lightness of the filling more surprising – it isn’t heavy or greasy at all. The lightness and texture of the filling reminds me a bit of turkey stuffing. I wasn’t surprised to see that toasted wheat crumbs are the second ingredient listed for the filling, because the filling has that stuffing-like sponginess. 

Image of two Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Sausage Beef Rolls cooked and on a plate
After cooking the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls

In terms of flavors, nothing really stood out to me. The pastry shell is slightly buttery, but otherwise doesn’t taste like much. The flavor of the filling isn’t overly meaty, likely because of the wheat crumbs. I didn’t notice the flavors of some of the other filling ingredients listed – specifically onions, green peppers, tomato paste and white wine vinegar.

The filling tastes like seasoned beef that’s been heavily diluted with bread crumbs.

Image of the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Sausage Beef Rolls in their plastic packaging that comes inside the box. Five rolls per plastic section.
Two seperate packages of sausage rolls with five sausage rolls in each pack.


I paid $9.99 Canadian for the pack of 10 sausage rolls. Not exactly cheap but not extremely expensive either. There are two plastic sections of rolls in the pack, each section has five sausage rolls.

Image of the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Sausage Beef Rolls Heating Instructions
Cooking instructions for the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls


The sausage rolls need to be kept refrigerated and the best before date is about a month from the date we purchased them.

We heated them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes and they turned out crispy and golden brown. I think if you have an air-fryer these would be a perfect appetizer to air-fry! I don’t recommend the microwave method as I feel they would get soggy.

Image of the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchens company story that is on the packaging of the beef sausage rolls
Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls product description.

If you’re not going to eat your sausage rolls before the expiry date you can definitely freeze these. They make an awesome appetizer for a cocktail or holiday season party.

Image of the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls Nutrition Facts
Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls Nutrition Facts.



One sausage roll is 330 calories, 19 grams of fat, 31 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fibre, one gram of sugar, nine grams of protein and 450 mg of sodium. That’s quite a few calories for one sausage roll! Especially if you have one along with a bunch of other appetizers before dinner.

Image of the Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls Ingredients
Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls Ingredients.


Not the healthiest ingredients list, palm oil as well as palm kernel oil and canola oil. Most of the ingredients are pretty much what I’d expect to see in a grocery-store-bought sausage roll appetizer.

Image of the two Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls before baking them in the oven
Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls before baking in the oven.


Taste: 6/10

Cost: 6.5/10

Convenience: 9.5/10

Nutrition: 1/10


Give it a try!

I found the Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls a little more bready and a little less meaty than I would have liked

Have you tried these? What did you think of them?

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16 thoughts on “Costco Prairie Creek Kitchen Beef Sausage Rolls Review”

  1. They are pretty bland and my last bite of one of there contained a piece of plastic about 1.5 ” long. I will be contacting the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  2. I have been buying these sausage rolls for years and something has changed. The colour in the pastry is now pinkish and the rolls taste different. They used to taste really flavorful, not anymore. I will not be buying them again. There was even 2 rolls that were smaller then the rest, weird.

  3. I live in Woodbridge and love love these for years now and all of a sudden i cant get them at Costco they didnt have them. Can you buy them anywhere else?

  4. I just bought these from Costco Yesterday. I do like how easy they are to reheat but I do agree with most of you saying that there is barely any flavour. I feel like they need to add more spice and beef to this roll. The pastry itself is soft and flaky. Not sure if I will be repurchasing these again.

  5. I bought a pack of these sausage rolls and cooked them this evening for company. They are disgusting and taste nothing like a sausage roll. I gave some of the so-called beef to my dog, and he sniffed it and walked away. It did not look like ground beef, and it did not taste like ground beef. It looked like dark brown clay without any flavor. Don’t they have staff to taste their products before selling them in the store? I threw the whole package into the garbage where it belongs.

  6. We bought these last week and tried a couple yesterday. Absolutely tasteless. No flavour, no spice! I picked out some of the meat and there was really no meaty taste what so ever. I think wheat crumbs should be the first ingredient for the filling because that was all I could taste. Very disappointed with these “beef” sausage rolls. The funny thing is, I am certain I bought these from Costco before and they were good and flavourful, not sure if they changed the recipe or just forgot to add the beef an spice on this batch.

    • I agree. Tasteless. I am English and have been on the search for a good frozen sausage roll. I make my own sometimes but would like have a stand by. You know, for when you have unexpected but welcome guests. I definitely will not waste my $10 on these again.

  7. I would highly recommend these tasty, 100% beef sausage rolls as one of the hot appetizers on your tray, heat as directed. It depends on how one heats these (for non-frozen, air convection for approx 12 min works great, a couple min longer if frozen), only until you see the tops bubble slightly. Very moist filling inside with an crisp, light pastry outside. After heating, cut each one in half to have 2 mini rolls, or cut in three’s – quite economical, as you get 10 in the 2 pack. They were really very handy to pull out of the freezer and heat up beautifully in the air-fry oven. These are very tasty and light, with a just right, mild seasoning,
    Great with a bit of mustard or a barbeque dip, and a glass of refreshment.
    Thanks to Prairie Kitchen, these beef sausage rolls are “without” cheap filler soya protein, or cheap pork filler that is popular in other brands. They are “not over-salted”, nor do they have that pork lard taste.
    Suggestion: to heighten the beef flavor, perhaps add powdered beef bone broth to the meat filling. Other comment is about the canola and palm oils, if somehow a pastry could be made with less oil to cut back on calories per roll.
    Otherwise, these are the best one’s for taste on the market by comparison, that are made right here in Alberta. Support buying local business by buying Prairie Kitchen.

    • Someone must own stock in this company because you sure are laying the BS on thick! These “beef” sausage rolls taste like garbage and belong in it too.. Don’t waste your money, you couldn’t pay me to eat these again!

  8. I returned these back to Costco. They were ridiculously dry and everyone in our household and our European friends agreed they were disgusting.

    I suppose if you never had genuine beef sausage rolls from a European Deli you have nothing to compare them too.

    • Ha. These were terrible. At our office Xmas party they were barely touched. Most of the product went to waste, It certainly wasn’t a favorite.


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