Costco Salt Spring Coffee Review

Costco carries a variety of coffee beans. This Salt Spring Coffee is an organic, fair trade dark roast. These coffee beans smell amazing, but I could say that about most coffee beans! What really matters is whether they make a tasty cup of coffee!

Costco Salt Spring Coffee bag pf beans sitting on a table.
Costco Salt Spring Coffee

Today I’m reviewing the Costco Salt Spring Coffee. I don’t do many coffee bean reviews because we usually buy our beans from our favorite local roasters. I’d eventually like to work my way through the entire Costco coffee selection and I’ve never had Salt Spring Coffee before, so it seemed like a good place to start.

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Location in Store

You can find this at Costco in the aisle with all the other coffee beans and teas. The item number is 975400.

Costco Salt Spring Coffee beans bag sitting on a table with a brewed cup of coffee in front of it.
This coffee is very smooth and easy to drink!


It’s definitely a dark roast. Without anything added, it has a decent balance of richness and sweetness. It’s a plain, easy-to-drink coffee. I didn’t notice any obvious tasting notes like chocolate or cherry

I always prefer my coffee with cream, and I found that adding cream to this one had it’s usual effect. It enhances the richness a bit and eliminates some of the bitterness/harsher notes (not that that was really an issue with this coffee).

Image of a brewed cup of coffee on a table.
I love a big cup of coffee!

Like most of the Costco coffees I’ve tried in the past, this is a solid, enjoyable dark roast that seems like the kind of coffee you’d be served in diner with breakfast. There are a couple of local diners that we go to and I’m pretty sure one buys their coffee beans from Costco!
I tend to prefer lighter roasts with more complex flavors, but I don’t think any coffee drinker out there will mind a cup of this. 


The 908 gram bag costs $16.99 Canadian at Costco. The price is reasonable for an organic, fair trade coffee!

Image of the Costco Salt Spring Coffee beans in the bag, top down image.
The beans need to be ground.


You can serve this either hot or cold, I think it would make a tasty, smooth cold brew. I tried it warm but prefer cold brew in the summer! Some people don’t prefer to buy whole beans because it takes extra time to make coffee and I totally get that. I’m a Nespresso user myself on work days,

Costco Salt Spring Coffee recommended brewing ratio from the bag.
Brewing ratio recommendation.

The best before date listed is on the bag of beans is six months from the date we purchased then, If you don’t have a coffee bean canister already I recommend getting one to keep the beans fresh.

Image of coffee equipment on a counter, a kitchen scale, kettle, coffee cup and filter.
All of my supplies to brew a great cup of coffee!



If you enjoy black coffee there’s only like five or less calories. When sugar and cream is added that the calories, fat, carbohydrates and sugar change. I used to live off of International Delight in my coffee, especially when I worked in the hospital and started work at 7 AM or did nights, but I realized over time that my morning coffee was really like a dessert.

Product description of the Costco Salt Spring Coffee from the bag.
The coffee claims to be rich, full bodied and roasty.


The only ingredient is whole coffee beans! There are a lot of varying studies and opinions on how healthy coffee really is, so I’m going to leave the healthy versus not-healthy aspect to the reader to decide.


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 2/10

Nutrition: N/A It depends on how you drink your coffee and your personal views on the health benefits of caffeine.


Give it a try!

I like this coffee! I’m someone who prefers a coffee that’s less bold, less acidic and super smooth and this is all of those things!

Have you tried this coffee from Costco? What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “Costco Salt Spring Coffee Review”

  1. Thanks for these coffee reviews. Looks like this coffee is roasted in Richmond, BC. Not sure if that is local for you but at least it’s in Canada. I’m new to Costco, so am going to follow you for more tips. I’ve been a Starbucks French Roast person for a long time but lately it’s been tasting bitter instead of the fresher dark roast taste I get from a cup of Pike’s Place from an actual Starbucks location. Also the 12oz bags of SB FR I get at Safeway may even taste different. Not sure, it could all be in my head, but am going to try out some of the other coffee options at Costco. Thanks again from Portland, OR!


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