Costco Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus Review

A new hummus variety pack from Costco that’s sure to intrigue both hummus and chip lovers!

Costco Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus container on a placemat with a top down image.
Costco Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus

Today I’m reviewing a new Costco product I was beyond excited to try, the Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus. I’m a hummus fanatic and dill pickle and salt & vinegar chips are my favorite chip flavors so this seemed like a perfect snack item for me!

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Location in Store

You can find this hummus in the refrigerated deli section at Costco, near all the other dips and cheeses. The item number is 5055102.

Costco Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus top down image with lid off. Ketchup at the top, barbecue at the bottom, dill pickle on the left, salt & vinegar on the right.
Ketchup at the top, barbecue at the bottom, dill pickle on the left, salt & vinegar on the right.


First of all, this hummus is not my favorite and I probably will not purchase it again. The only flavor I mildly enjoy is the dill pickle flavor. The salt & vinegar tastes like salt & vinegar flavor but I just don’t love the combination with hummus and it also had a hint of sweetness that turns me off.

The barbecue has a nice smoky flavor but I find it’s rather sweet. The ketchup flavor is also too sweet and has an added seasoning or flavor I really dislike.

The texture of the hummus is nice and thick, no complaints there.


The chip flavored hummus from Costco costs $8,99 Canadian for the 1 kilogram container of hummus with four different flavors of hummus.

Side view image of the Costco Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus container.
The hummus needs to be kept refrigerated.


The best before date listed on the hummus is about six weeks from the date I purchased it and needs to be kept in the refrigerator. It’s usually recommended to consume hummus within three to five days after opening it but I always stretch it to at least a week.

If you enjoy this hummus it pairs well with vegetables, crackers and plain chips. All four flavors of hummus come in their own separate compartment so if you don’t like one flavor you don’t need to worry about it mixing with the others!

Costco Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus nutrition facts label.
Nutrition facts.



The calories are the same for all four dips, 80 calories in two tablespoons. The fat content per two tablespoons ranges from four and a half grams to seven grams, carbs range from four to six grams, fibre is one to two grams. There are one to two grams of sugar per serving depending on flavor and two to three grams of protein. Sodium is 230 milligrams to 270 milligrams, ketchup flavor has the highest sodium.

Costco Summer Fresh Classic Chip Flavours Hummus ingredients.


The salt & vinegar flavor contains gluten which I find surprising. Hummus is usually a go-to gluten-free snack. Similarly, all the flavors of hummus have a lot more ingredients than regular plain hummus, such as sugar. Hummus is usually a healthy snack but when you add a bunch of extra ingredients and flavor it makes it less healthy.


Taste: 5/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 6/10


Walk on by!

I love hummus but just can’t finish this one up. I enjoy one of the flavors but that’s it.

Would you try this classic chip flavored hummus?

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